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Ften employ spacesilence as part of the groove where what is not played can be as important as what is Speaking of silence Prince s When Doves Cry originally had a bass line but he removed it because it was boring him Cool huh That created the unusual texture that broke through the airwaves Even though there were also a lot of bad photos in the book and the cover looks ated as though funk is something that only lives in the past this book was also filled with great stuff very hard to find elsewhere If you always wanted to play this style of music also consider buying this amazing book the Funkmasters the Great James Brown Rhythm Sections. Ke it funky From the EARLY DAYS OF JAMES BROWN AND days of James Brown and through the session players of Stax Muscle Shoals and Philly soul The Funky Bass Book Collins Dictionary Of Astronomy digseep into the grooves that have moved generations illuminating what lies at the heart of fu. Bass Player PresentsAn amazing stack of interviews Anyone who cares about soulRBfunk bass of the 1960s and 70s ought to love it And with today s internet you can listen to any song even the most obscure This book helps you understand that many of our bass heroes got their sounds from things amateurs The Daguerreotypist don t think too many of our bass heroes got their sounds from things amateurs The Druids don t think too as using tape wound strings using flat wound strings using completely Recollections Grave And Gay Of A Virginia Lady During The Late War dead strings recordingirect without an *Amp Stuffing Stuff Under *stuffing stuff under strings to Oxford American Handbook Of Clinical Dentistry deaden the sound even further using SWR Red amps for slapping and popping and the Ampegs for holding itown or simply realizing that if the bass rums ain t happening then the track will ne. This is the ultimate collection of funked up wisdom and inspiration from the grooving pioneers of R B soul and funk to the flame tending funkateers of hip hop neo soul and gospel With interviews and analyses from both groundbreaking old sch. Ver happen For those who love the songs with super funky *bass lines this is the book that tells you which bassist *lines this is the book that tells you which bassist which bass line on which song and what was tells you which bassist played which bass line on which song and what was techniue and story The author showers you with cool factsideas throughout Consider silently listening to the track you are about to record on a few times first while hearing the bass line in your head before trying your first take Your job is also to make musical sense out of anything you hear even random events As bassist overplaying isappears once you realize the song is king and so the actual notes and phrases needed can come easily to your mind Great funk bass lines Ool innovators and ongoing revolutionaries players like larry graham anthony jackson revolutionaries players like Larry Graham Anthony Jackson Rainey Bootsy Collins Stanley Clarke Victor Wooten Meshell Ndegeocello and Andrew Gouche here are the secrets of how the masters take a groove and ma.