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American Headway 5 Teachers Book Amp Test gI read this book about 20 years ago and it still haunts me I think about that poor littleirl begging for her mommy and I still et choked up Even though it was hard to read its "Wonderfully Written It Gives You All The "written It ives you all the you needwant I had No uestions at the end of it This was also the book that led me to read many of Aphrodite Jones books First off these 4 irls were so stupid I don t care how scared or young I was nobody was oing to make me be a part of a murder One thing I didn t like is that Aphrodite focused too much on Melinda loveless and her family SHANDA SHARER was the victim and hardly any pictures of her was in this book and she was hardly talked about as well Marjorie Loveless was a stupid woman who didn t care about her kids all she cared about was herself And Gary Loveless was so sick and deranged was he held too much as a kid or was he not held at all How he treated his wife kids women in Never Let You Go general it was uncalled for In my opionion he wanted to be a woman so bad that he hated himself for not being one and he took out that hate on everyone Sick and sad 35 StarsThis bookained my attention due to the cover factor since it was a 90s vibe as well as pictures of some Fidel Castro girls who at that moment I didn t know who they were Here are my thoughts on the bookPlotDevelopment Unfortunately I cannot rate the plot because is based on a true crime story which means the plot is not invented but modified even though it needs to be real that doesn t mean they can make it interesting The story is about fourirls Melinda Laurie Hope and Tony they committed a crime against Shanda Sharer of twelve years old Here is where it comes How comeThe development is well created the author tries to tell you the story as if it were another book out there It is divided in three parts the first one is about how the Secrets Of Yantra Mantra And Tantra girls committed the crime which I thought it was reallyood and made me felt a lot of things and senses The second part was about the background of the irls sadly this part destroyed all my interest on the book because than the half of the part is based on Melinda who Melinda s parents were how did they met the born of her sisters the relationships between them Melinda s family and later on we see a little bit of the rest but I think it is not very supportive and sometimes I thought I was lost but I wasn tCharacters I cannot rate the characters because they were not fictional they were actually real people so in this case I will omit my opinionEnding I didn t know the case THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME FOR ME READING IT was the First Time For Me Reading time for me reading I think it was a proper time for the irls to spend in jail I think the ending is Broken The Divine 3 good but I d like to have read actual information about itWriting The writing is reallyood Aphrodite Jones knows how to write true crime in a manner that seems you are reading a book The only thing I will say is that everything was perfectly clear and detailed that I m not sure if it was real but I trust on the author and I really liked her workGenre True Crime I think this book has everything also with photos included which I think it totally support the research and the story the author is telling Cruel Sacrifice by Aphrodite Jones is a true crime story about the now infamous and tragic Shanda Sharer murder It is written with input from the killers family court testimony Psych. On a freezing January in 1992 five teenage irls crowded into a car By the end of the night only four of them were alive The fifth had been tortured and mutilated nearly beyond recognition Her name was Shanda Sharer; her age twelve When the people of Madison Indiana heard that ,

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Cruel SacrificeMatter of this event and the media attention it received this is one of two books written the other called Little Lost Angel by Michael uinlen Now that I have read both I would suggest either reading this book first or skip altogether and only read the otherI have watched Aphrodite Jones on television for years and usually enjoy the process and methods she utilizes with criminal cases but was not impressed here Shanda Sharer was a 12 year old babyI have a daughter and at 12 she was still my baby who endured an unimaginable death that I will not describe here because I don t like it on GR when reviews explain the entire book Once I read those I can forget the book entirely I already know everything Anyway Ms Jones briefly very briefly describes the events about Shanda then she isn t mentioned again until around page 135 Instead we learn every single life experience of one of her murderers in particular including the entire marriage of that person s parents I know the purpose is to show how life events can play a role in someone s actions but it just became too much It is obvious that the author didn t have the cooperation of the Sharer family unlike the obvious that the author didn t have the cooperation of the Sharer family unlike the author By the time the trials occur she has spent so much effort describing every salacious event continuously I am numb to them and that saddens meThis book is very raphic and also includes crime photos Even in the photos Shanda doesn t take precedence Please skip this version and read Little Lost Angel instead I came across this book simultaneously through Jones Wikipedia page after watching a TV show she hosts on the Investigative Discovery Network This is a story that doesn t seem like a real event but it happened and I can t believe that people like this exist Then again my obsession with true crime proves that it happens a lot The Consulting The Faithful girls went to a McDonald s restaurant at 930 am for breakfast where they laughed about Sharer s face looking like one of the sausages they were eating I remember hearing Shanda s mum s thoughts on the murder on Dr Phil in a highly emotional episode where she and her other daughter confront one of the recently paroled killers This case is truly horrific and disturbing the fact that three teens could take a youngirl and light her on fire and beat her up and do a number of other horrific things to her is beyond sick but this book doesn t just talk about that Instead to her is beyond sick but this book doesn t just talk about that Instead ives a view into the murderers backgrounds as well and shows why Shanda was their target at the time True Crime Commemoration 13Setting not kidding My hometown I know all of these streets buildings landmarks This was such a tragedy You know Truman Capote not even close Though considering I ot this out of a 50 bin I can t really complain either No I canThe story was interesting but the writing was repetitive and written like a really long somewhat dull article very informative little sensitivity Also I was a little pissed off about lesbianism being passed off as both perverse and as an identity issue If this had been about a heterosexual teen love triangle I doubt the book would have been written This happened just across the river from Louisville KY and my Uncle lived very close to the place where it happened AMAZINGly horrific murders by TEEN A Elisa Le Gusta Chiara girls I don t think that many people understand that evil can be found inirls. Nalist Aphrodite Jones reveals the shocking truth behind the most savage crime in Indiana history a tragic story of twisted love and insane jealousy lesbianism brutal child abuse and sadistic ritual killing in small town Americaand of the young innocent who paid the ultimate pri. Iatry notes and interviews from people indirectly involved in the lives of the teenage irls who committed this horrible act Jones involved in the lives of teenage irls who committed this horrible act Jones is well known author who has researched and written about many different crimesThe beginning of this story details the night of January 10th 1992 when four teenage irls tricked a 5th into etting in their car and proceeded to spend the rest of the night engaging in beating torturing and eventually burning alive the Felicity Jones Rendezvous Jones Sisters 2 girl they d tricked They were 15 and 16 their victim Shanda was 12The main perpetrator and the onlyirl who actually knew Shanda was Melinda Loveless The second part of this story is dedicated to her childhood with a main focus on her perverted father and the families troubles as a result of him The Loveless family story takes up a third of this bookThe final part of the story tells of Melindas main accomplice Laurie Tacket and her childhood with a strict religious upbringing accounts from friends regarding her instability and information about time she spend receiving mental health care before the crime There is also detail at the end regarding the court cases of the 4 irls including part of the actual confession written by Toni LawrenceThis is a book that is terribly hard to read Shanda s murder Toni LawrenceThis is a book that is terribly hard to read Shanda s murder tragic and ruesome beyond words and I had to freuently stop and take a breath during the parts telling of the details of her death I had researched this case prior to reading the book so I had an interest at When Jesus Became God getting a behind the scenes look so to speakFor me this book was spoilt by placing such a large emphasis on the Loveless family After reading the details of Shanda s murder a murder Melinda planned and carries out over the most trivial things the last thing I wanted to see were her families excuses as to why their daughter was a beast It felt as though Jones was looking for excuses for theirls actions rather then reasons The loveless family information was provided by Melinda s mother and their is uestion as to how fabricated the abuse wasThere seemed to be no input at all from Shanda s mother Jackie Vaught which I found to be in poor taste and a bad decision on the authors part Jones even Captured By Fate Max Amp Kate 1 goes as far as to accuse Jackie of capitalising and enjoying the media that came with her daughters murder There was also not enough on the court cases as I would have liked to seeIave this book 4 stars because of its highly interesting topic however I believe Jones attempt at writing this was poor and only her access to testimonies and other things in the case saved this book In terms of how she put it together I was disappointed and its unlikely I will read another book by this authorI was left with the feeling that Jones was interested in Illuminae The Illuminae Files 1 getting this book out while the media attention was there rather then telling the story of Shanda s murder and respecting her memory Besides this the story is a compelling read of how far people cano with the wrong influences and how uickly teenage situations can spiral out of control I had very mixed feelings about reading any book about Shanda Sharer My career professionally crossed paths with this case years ago and I wasn t sure I wanted any reminder None the less recently I came across an older Dr Phil episode about Shanda s mother and the culprits so I decided that was my cue Because of the heinous. Brutal murder had been committed in their midst they were stunned Then the story became even bizarre The four accused murderers were all irls under the age of eighteen Melinda Loveless Laurie Tackett Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence Here for the first time veteran true crime jour.
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