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Rules for scientific living which I found increasingly hard to live with and our marriage ended disastrously with his abduction of our three children I A small uiet beautifully written read Both funny and sad About resilience depression both personal and economic and a piece of Australian history I knew nothing about Certainly not an easy read In the beginning the book drew me in but with advancement Into Certainly not an easy read In the beginning the book drew me in but with advancement Into Work I Found Myself Struggling To Get A the work I found myself struggling to get a understanding of Australia s rural life in the 30s I do not say that it is badly written no There were portions I copied out and reread for the sheer beauty of the text But mostly I ust dug my way through made worse by the multiple interruptions of life where the reader has to attend to many things and his reading is in sparse little times in between I also did not feel that I could identify with the characters well enough It seems to me that the work is specific to a specific way of life in this case rural Australian farming and to identify with the core of the story I would have to do a lot of background study Sadly its not always that this is possiblethe only true foundation is a fact Tiffany 43It a rule to love to follow and to cherish I guess The other seven rules are eually applicable to life those little things that can cause the greatest difference It is a modest uiet book But it is also harsh and tragic Almost than any other author I ve read recently Carrie Tiffany has a way of getting right at the nub of an issue with her beautiful writing She draws you in making you feel as if you are trundling along on the train with Jean Robert Mary Mr Ohno the cows and chickens and then suddenly hits with something unexpected She uses phrases and sayings I haven t heard for so long and then there is an instant recognition of something I heard my Grandfather say a long time ago Plurry hell I had all but forgotten this then had to rush to the internet to find out what it meant An amazing revelation to me about the Vienna Boys Choir who were stranded in Australia at the outbreak of WWII Can this be true Why don t I know

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it I m awe of Tiffany s ability to transfuse her novel with so many interesting and somewhat obscure facts while maintaining such a streamlined plot I read it in ten minute snatches on the train or before sleeping and I suspect this is not the best way to appreciate this lyrical novel Highly recommended This is one of the best books you ve never heard of It came to my attention via my editor who is also Carrie Tiffany s editor The book won accolades and awards throughout the Commonwealth but never uite found an audience in the US The story takes place in rural Australia in the 1930s I picked up the book during a time when I was having trouble finishing books my mind ust wasn t getting traction anywhere This one drew me in immediately and I read it in a few days When a novel which is set in a place and time that has absolutely nothing to do with you can draw you in like that the writer immediately has my admirationI d put this in a loose category I have in my mind called Novels featuring female protagonists who are emotionally remote If this is a genre you enjoy or even try to write I d highly recommend this one If you liked Marilynne Robinson s Housekeeping I think you d like this one It is strange lovely and sad you ll never forget Idealism they settle in the impoverished Mallee farmland with the ambition of transforming the land through science In luminous prose Tiffany writes about the challenges of farming the character of small towns the stark and terrifying beauty of the Australian landscape and the fragile relationships among man science and nature Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living is a passionate and heartbreaking novel from an astonishing new writer.

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Everyman's Rules for Scientific LivingI found this book in the tip shop saw the prizes and awards listed and thought it might be worth a read I loved it Beautifully written Carrie notices things simple everyday occurances such as the way a man holds his shovel how the soil cracks underfoot She finds the beauty and art in the act of living The book centres around a perplexing relationship built on lust The isolation of Jean in this almost silent marriage facing the hardships of farming life in the Mallee is keenly felt I d ideally like to give this book 4 12 stars This book was an utter disappointment In Saeed Book Bank there is a shelf that has books which are thought provoking different and critically aclaimed I often find myself attracted towards it and that is where I found Everyman s Rules for Scientific Living I spent a good amount of money on this book only to find that it really did not belong with its neighboursIt was a dry ourney into the experimentation of Robert and Jean Pettergree One was interested in his religion of soil and the other in the world of womanhood Both their endeavours resulted in utter disastorI suppose what Ms Tiffany was trying to say was that one should stick to what one knows She picks up a man who knows the bookish science of farming and wishes to test his ideas on real soil and then makes him fail so miserably that I actually wondered what is this author trying to insinuate Thomas Hardy in his novel The Mayor of Casterbridge suggests that the mechanisation of the traditional art of farming will mean that the romance of the sower is lost However he too never suggests that this will lead to a decrease or determentation of the act He "Suggests Like Ms Tiffany That "like Ms Tiffany that society will suffer if they let go of that tradition completely but good will come off it economically Then I thought that maybe Robert is ust a crappy scientist He doesn t economically Then I thought that maybe Robert is ust a crappy scientist He doesn t anything and is going all in the wrong direction The amounts of fertilisers reuired etc are miscalculated or maybe he doesn t know simply how to farm However Tiffany makes no such suggestion so we are back at suare one What is she trying to suggest Science is all rubbish Facts mean nothing Science and *the practical world are not meant to mingle What I suppose I understand that a *practical world are not meant to mingle What I suppose I understand that a spent without love and passion is wrong but nowhere does Tiffany suggest that Robert lacked either the capacity to love or be passionate Indeed she seems to suggest bothHe is so passionate about the soil and his work on wheat that he declares it his religion His love for his wife is evident even if he fails to ever express it We find in him the melancholic love for his mother for the lost sibblings he never really got to know I could grasp nothing in this book and whatever conclusion I came to ust plain offended me I wonder if Ms Tiffany was trying to suggest that the world should not move forward on the basis of science and we should always be stuck with tradition If that is indeed true I wonder what made her think of such a thing in the present age and what she is trying to suggest for I am completely lost From Publishers Weekly The dusty farms of 1930s Australia are the backdrop for this rich and knowing debut novel about science love and the limits of progress The Better Farming Train commissioned by the Agricultural Department of the Province of Victoria travels throughout the country educ. In this sensual witty and startlingly original first novel Jean Finnegan searches for her place in a tumultuous world wracked by the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II Carrie Tiffany captures the frailty and beauty of the human condition and vividly evokes the hope and disappointment of an era Billowing dust and information the government Better Farming Train slides through the wheat fields and small towns of Australia. Ating agricultural communities Behind fourteen cars of stock and science and produce is the women s car home to Sister Crock stern infant welfare teacher Mary Maloney cooking lecturer and Jean Cunningham the curious headstrong narrator and "sewing instructor Jean avoids the men in the sitting car where everyone gathers during long train rides " instructor Jean avoids the men in the sitting car where everyone gathers during long train rides love she says I am not looking for it Nonetheless love finds her in the form of Robert Pettergree who has the unusual ability to identify the origin of any handful of soil by its taste Robert s belief in scientific progress exhibited in his eight maxims the Rules for Scientific Living is unshakable Determined to prove his theories Robert buys a farm for Jean and himself in the vast impoverished wheat district called the Mallee Despite drought mice economic depression and war Jean and Robert struggle to fulfill the promises of science and love This is a slow paced rather sad story and I didn t warm to the characters very much In spite of that I actually liked the book a lot and read it in ust over a day It s well written and the author successfully evokes another time and place I felt I was in Australia in the thirties feeling Jean s disappointment each time the wheat crop was poor and the test loaves didn t turn out well Maybe I could relate to it because I have a science background and I m also from a major wheat growing area of the world I ve often heard stories of crop failure on the Canadian prairies during the depression The Better Farming Train travelling to the isolated farming communities seemed like the kind of thing the Canadian government might have undertaken too I loved the black and white photos which added to the realism of the story Being a total city girl I don t often relate to books set in the countryside But I ve read both books by this writer now both set in rural Australia one in the 1930s and one in the 1950s and absolutely loved them both She has an unusual narrative style great sense of her characters and the fragile relationships between them especially her subtle portraits of Aussie farmers and uses language beautifully And you may even learn something that you would never normally come across such as how to sex chickens or increase the wheat yield in the MalleeI will read anything Carrie Tiffany produces in the future Run to your nearest bookstore don t walk run trip ANYONE WHO GETS IN YOUR WAY who gets in your way buy this and her subseuent book Mateship with Birds and devour *them both was rated as having one of *both was rated as having one of worst sex scenes in a book ever I can confirm it was pretty nasty tho not the worst I ve ever read However I did spend a large portion of the book after the scene thinking about how bad the MC s yeast infection must bethat aside I The Deadly Darling Shell Scott 14 just found this too boring to finish Or maybe I must not smart enough to appreciate it Who knows onto the next thing Carrie Tiffany s debut novel Everyman s Rules for Scientific Living made a stunning start winning the WA Premier s Award for fiction and being shortlisted for the 2006 Orange Prize the Guardian First Book Award and the Miles Franklin Literary Award I didn t read it when it was released though heard glowing reports of it But I was busy with my studies and I admit am sceptical about award winning novels as I ve often found them disappointing I also found the title offputting as my first husband had. Bringing advice to the people living on the land The train is staffed by irresistibly eccentric agricultural and domestic experts from Sister Crock the prim head of women's subjects to Mr Ohno the Japanese chicken specialist to Robert Pettergree a scientist with an unusual taste for soil Amid the swaying cars full of cows pigs and wheat a strange and swift seduction occurs between Robert and Jean In an atmosphere of heady scientific.

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