[PDF/EBOOK] 1 2 Kings Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible author Peter J. Leithart

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Ties it in to today s world Some might find the tie in to be forced but I found it to be astute In the series preface RR Reno writes of the Brazos commentary series Theology has lost its competence in exegesis Scripture scholars function with minimal theological training Each ecade finds new theories of preaching to cover the nakedness of seminary training that provides theology without exegesis and exegesis without theology This volume is an exception to that

Paradigm Within Biblical Scholarship Peter 
within biblical scholarship Peter has written a marvelous commentary on 1 2 KingsLeithart shows in manifold ways that there is much in Kings than we customarily understand He writes a Christian reading of 1 2 Kings must regard it not primarily as historical prophetic or sapiential but as evangelical It is Leithart s stress on the evangelical aspect of the books that sets this commentary apartAs anyone familiar with Leithart s exegetical method should expect this book is full of theological foundations that are explored later in Scripture Common themes emerge from earlier books in the Bible and Leithart shows how they are expanded in Kings and then reach their fulfillment in ChristFor example he writes of David and Omri More subtly the Writer Of Kings Indicates That of Kings indicates that is a David like king who initiates a counterfeit of the Davidic Ghostly Murders Stories Told On Pilgrimage From London To Canterbury 4 dynasty in the northern kingdom Virtually everything that is said about Omri here has some parallel in the life of David He also writes extensively of the parallels between ElijahElisha and JohnJesus We naturally understand and see the parallels between Elijah and John but Elisha and Jesus are natural parallels as wellHe writes Like John Elijah is a lone voice in the wilderness but Elisha is surrounded byisciples Jesus s ministry is a ministry of life giving miracles cleansing lepers Mark 140 45 raising ead sons and restoring them to their mothers Luke 711 17 relieving istress Similarly Elisha raises the How Israelis And Palestinians Negotiate dead 2 Kgs 418 37 provides a meal for one hundred men from twenty loaves of barley bread 442 44 cleanses a leper 2 Kgs 5 He says much of this as well noting other parallels with the gospelsUltimately Leithart s commentary succeeds because he takes biblical theology very seriously and considers all of Scripture when trying to understand 12 Kings The book is rich with it and it oozes out of the text Like everything else I ve read from Leithart the book is a pleasure to read and a wonderful resource for further study of not only 12 Kings but all of Scripture for his exegetical method should be applied to the rest of the Bible as well and he helps his readers too this for themselvesThis is an indispensable commentary and should be on every pastor s bookshel. The continuing intellectual and practical viability of theological interpretation of the Bibl. 1 2 Kings Brazos Theological Commentary on the BibleLeithart will Leithart when he is good he is very good but when he is bad he is horrid Leithart s Brazos Commentary Is A Mixed Bag is a mixed bag s clearly a compilation of sermons on the text and as Leithart is wont to o filled chock full with Christological exegesis narrative connections theological and canonical readings About half of these are truly e Leithart has written a brilliant and accessible theological commentary that serves as a Christian reading of 1 2 Kings Each chapter usually corresponding to the chapter 1 2 Kings Each chapter usually corresponding to the chapter in Scripture contains several evangelical and ecclesial reflections showing how Israel s history is ultimately all about the gospel and relevant for the church today While he is uick to point out shadows symbols types and allusions to the rest of Scripture and rightly so he still takes the meaning for the original audience into consideration In other words he s not simply throwing in Jesus jukes at the end of each chapterLeithart s reading of the OT through the lens of the NT is breath of fresh air His reflections on Christ and the gospel are worth the price of the book and make it a must read especially for those who find the historical books ry and boring Just make sure to have a Bible handy as you read The chapters A Primer On The History And Philosophy Of Education don t have titles and there is no translation of the text provide which makes this book an excellent resource to have in your Logos library This is not a traditional Bible commentary in that itoes not go verse by verse through a book of the Bible nor oes it attempt to and Leithart sets all these ualifications out in the beginning But the commentary aims to read 1 and 2 Kings theologically And by and large It Is Successful Leithart is successful Leithart extremely good at inter textual readings of Scripture redemptive historical readings and this makes the brain synapses fire a plenty in this book That s good That s really goodHowever part of the goal of this commentary series is to be theological and in my judgment Leithart was not as successful This theological iscussions felt tacked on and not always very closely connected to the text In other places they were too brief leaving ideas inadeuately Frat House discussedReaders may also be aware of the Leithart kerfuffle in the PCA related to Federal Vision stuff Some elements of those viewso come through in the commentary at times but if like me you etermine not to read this as a way of learning classical Reformed theology then you ll be fine DESPITE this background I think there is plenty good in this commentary I learned a lot Leithart helped me get closer to the text of Scripture That s what I want out of a book like this and Leithart elivered Really very good A lot of application material given our 1 and 2 Kings like each volume in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible is esigned Oliticalcultural troubles today Some have criticized this book for being overly typological but they on t have a biblical mindset this book for being overly typological but they Op Mijn Hoofd don t have a biblical mindset is a wonderful book with a multidisciplinary hermeneutic that sees the forest and the trees Really enjoyed this Leithart s hermeneutical method is both illuminating and challenging On the one hand I gleaned so many new insights from him out of the book of Kings but on the other hand I am cautious about some of his interpretive maneuvers even as I seek to learn from his approach to Scripture Overall the commentary is worthwhile I generally find the historical books of the Old Testament hard to understand andor to fit in to the broader text of the Bible This book which focuses on First and Second Kingsoes a good job of analyzing the text in epth and in fitting it in to the broader text of the Gospel The author brings out a lot of the parallels in the text as as a considerable amount of historical background Although there a lot of in epth theology in this book it is readable for the average person eithart employs intricate typologies to show IsraelJudah undergoes a How Animals Smell death and resurrection in this narrative pointing to theeath and Resurrection of One who will be the New IsraelWhether people like it or not and granted that it can be overdone typology is becoming the norm in biblical studies in all traditions post Liberal Reformed and Catholic And so it is common to see how for example David typifies Christ However there are intra textual types as well showing how later Israelite kings are antitypes of David and SolomonPros of the BookThe writing is typical Leithart masterful Leithart has also successfully interacted with the best of modern biblical theological and ethical scholarship He is the most underappreciated Reformed writer His interactions with Auinas O Donovan and Milbank provided for stimulating ethical reflections and the book leaves us hanging with the hope provided for stimulating ethical reflections and the book leaves us hanging with the hope a renewed Christendom I mean really if anyone can successfully interact and The Patriarch dialogue with John Milbank and Oliver O Donovan they automaticallyeserve our respectConsThis book cannot easily be translated into aids for sermon prep He Contemporary Social Issues doesn to verse by verse exposition but rather text by text While that is faithful to the flow of the passage most congregations Brian De Palma do not let you preach from two or three chapters at a time This commentary was so engagingI wholeheartedly enjoyed this commentary by Peter Leithart His observations are stirring My reading wasevotional and not scholarly in purpose and I found this book to stir up my heart uite considerably I love how Leithart takes an overarching look at what is going on in the world of the text and how he. O serve the church through aid in preaching teaching study groups and so forth and emonstrate. .