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The Pilot and the Puck-UpPippa Grant is becoming one of my favorite authors and With The Pilot The Puck Up It S Easy To The Pilot the Puck Up it s easy to why Joey and Zeus are the kind of characters I want to The Devils Music read about I want to take them home and put them in a glass case so I can see them every time I sit in the livingoom They e just that adorableJoey Fireball Diamonte is a woman who s used to playing in a man s world

it means she 
means she learned how to duck parry and weave yet still get her job done Right now her job is getting a bunch of ich dudes interested in her business There s no place anywhere for a hulking beast of a man who sometimes has uestionable taste in clothes andor friends Tell her body that though and you ll get a different answer She s leaping at me I catch her her legs go around my middle she attacks my lips with her mouth and fuck she s so strong and determined and delicious and I will fucking love this woman until the day the universe no longer exists Zeus Berger zeroed in on this chick s vibe the moment he saw her and he is NOT backing down She efuses to give him her name just Fireball and while she s plenty willing the first time around his moon isn t in Jupiter if you know what I mean You will I promiseNobody thinks Zeus can handle her especially Joey Although deep down Joey s got her own issues She definitely has a hard candy shell that has a few cracks which Zeus is than willing to break through if you know what I mean You will I promiseThese two are perfect for each other and that means the story is exuisitely written characters fully developed arcs well defined from beginning to end side characters fitting in and able to branch off seamlessly just everything about this book is amazing I m giving The Pilot the Puck Up 455 ubber chicken stars Doubled up on funny without losing any heart I think that Pippa Grant is trying to make me look like a liar I keep stating how much I don t For Valour The Air Vcs really enjoyomantic comedies but each time I Hearts Over Diamonds read one of hers I have to make an exception and each time the books get better and better Ieally thought that nothing could top my love for Knox Moretti I mean he s a sexy The American Disaster romance blogger what can be better than that Zeus Berger That s what It s ironic that my initialeaction to him in the other books and upon finding out that he would get his own story was How could Pippa Grant possibly make m First person Dual POV HAE StandaloneEver since eading Stud in the Stacks every single Pippa Grant book gets ocketed to the top of my faves list Filled with laughs heart felt emotion I can t put them down Call me Fireball I don t wear lipstickDamn girl could ve fooled me. He’s the biggest baddest most spider fearing motherpucker on the ice When you’re named after the king of the gods the world expects certain things of you Tough Damn ight Smart Don’t let the hockey uniform fool you Large and in charge Honey I’m the biggest baddest mother puckin.

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Think I need to know your secretI eat my enemies for breakfast and wear their blood the est of the day Joey is a bad ass Works and plays just as hard as the boys and typically bests them in almost everything She uns a company *that get this operates ZERO GRAVITY PLANESYeah TheseSeriously impressive Zeus
is a mountain 
a mountain of the biggest burliest *
get this operates ZERO GRAVITY PLANESYeah TheseSeriously impressive Zeus is a mountain One of the biggest burliest of the NHL Also a prankster and takes pleasure in making people uncomfortable We open the story with him in a dress and a fancy party so yeah you can make your own assumptions Both characters meet at this party her looking for an investor and him winning a at this party her looking for an investor and him winning a see dress He s so fascinated by her tough outer exterior and her killer body that he makes another bet He says he can get her even dressed like he is And it works for the most partAfter several instances of interrupted love making both would typically just cut and un at this point but for some Elephant Dance reason they don t want to They have a side that no one else sees but they see it in each other and that s making iteally difficult to walk away All in this eency weency slice of space where Zeus is teasing my climax harder and longer and deeper with those talented fingers making my world so small he encompasses the entirety of my existence while also making me feel like I own the whole fucking galaxy Their back and forth taunting of each other their intimately emotional scenes all of it was a win for me And seeing the layers beneath their own individual bravado was so satisfyingPlus Chase and Bro from Mister McHottie are featured heavily and I LOVE THEM Seriously Crush It read these books if youe in the mood for a pick me up They never fail to have me Geuze Amp Kriek rolling one second and swooning the next I just know this woman my Joey she s a miracle She s my fucking miracle Til next time cuties DNF 39%Here s what didn t work for meThe pilot Joey Fireball Diamonte is probably pushing thirtyuns her own business which has her hobnobbing with celebrities attended college and served a six year stint in the military And yet despite all those life experiences surrounded by men she s never gotten down and jiggy with one This manwhorevirgin trope has grown so stale it just tastes bad at this point Why aren t these heroines allowed to have had some fun What is the appeal of having a woman hold on to her virginity for a decade past the point where she turned legal only to lose it to some guy who has enough notches on his bedpost to draw a stick figure village Even mind boggling is that the only man who seems to waken her drowsy woman bits is the loud ass large dude who she likens to a wooly mammot. G est machine to ever own the ice I shoot I score In and out of the Barn Dance rink I don’t come early but I come often if you know what I mean And I always leave the ladies wanting Until that chick last night I’m no one thrust wonder and you’re damnight I’m going to prove to her I can. .
H and happens to at a golf country club wearing a dress and bra stacked with coconuts While I m sure the tone was aimed at Secrets Of The Heart Aincourts Hearts 3 romcom theomantic part was missing It seemed like the Wayans brothers got a hold of a contemporary The Lore Of The Old Testament romance book and turned it into one of their skits I mean the hero is described as smelling like man sweat beer and fried cheese in one scene and Joey is still considering letting him go down on her Yeah definitely of a parody of aomance than an actual one And don t get me started on Joey s undergarments Meanwhile we The Disambiguation Of Susan re told a few too many times that s she s badass which pretty much ensures that she s not She comes across as coldather than caring brash ather than ballsy and cocky ather than confident She treats her 26 year old sister like a child and I was starting to On Ritualism really wonder about her obsessive need to interfere in her sister s sociallove life It got to the point where her cock blocking was creepy One day when I pick a man good enough for her she ll give me nieces and nephews When I pick Okay let s add controlling and bossy to her characterization description too And then there s Zeus Berger 30 pro hockey player He s also cocky not to be confused with confident obnoxious and immature While he proclaims to not care what people think of him he sure goes out of his way to get their attention On one hand they are made for each other on the otherwell I never thought I d say this in aomance but for one time just this once I was Slavery And Serfdom In The Middle Ages rooting for him to go hook up with someone else I know I know I usuallyail against that in a The Unknown Karl Marx romance but theomantic vibe here was just that lacking and I actually felt bad for the jerk after the way she treated him over the whole pre ejaculatory incident Or the fire drill that wasn t even his faultAnd the I mentally ooted for him to ditch Fireball and screw that wasn t even his faultAnd the I mentally ooted for him to ditch Fireball and screw else that was pleasant alongside growing bored over their golf game I Successful People Are Full Of C R A P realized it was time to throw in the towel on this one If you ve ever wondered how Mr and Mrs Neanderthal courted well then this might be one to give a whirl But if you prefer both your heroine and hero to have social skills advanced than a toddler this is one pass the puck on by I volunteered toeview this ARC All reviews written by Book Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions In the interest of providing unbiased bookeviews and to avoid misleading other Orisha readers it is the blog s policy not to withhold or delay anyeviews no matter the star ating To the best of my knowledge this title was presented to the blog without any conditions or stipulations 35 StarsReview to come. Do better But every time I think I’m finally on my way back into her pants she one ups and out balls me I should cut my losses lick my wounds and walk away But Zeus Berger doesn’t walk away from anything Especially when she's the only woman in the world who might be able to handle.

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