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Ns The translations are mostly readable though little AWKWARD THE TRANSLATORS INTENTIONALLY ATTEMPT TO PRESERVE SOMETHING OF The translators intentionally attempt to preserve of grammatical structure of the Egyptian which strikes me as odd One does not translate into bad English and whatever information is conveyed in mimicking Egyptian sentence structures will probably be of interest only to specialists who are unlikely to study this volume I m wavering between three and four stars in part because some genres gets short shrift hymns coffin texts and funeral texts and some translations are a bit off like the willfully eclectic rendering of Dialog between a Man Weary of Life and his Soul I d give it three and a half stars if I could More explanatory notes would also be useful This anthology is a fascinating glimpse into a long dead civilisation that saves Ancient Egypt from the ignorant view that it was a culture solely obsessed with the dead but it rather shows how this culture was very much a culture of life The collection contains such tales as the Tale of SinuheMiddle Kingdom and the tale of the two brotherspost New kingdom collapse early 11th century My favourite section was the beginning section about the Old Kingdom since this era in Egypt s history is often seen through the glimpse of the massive constructions that the kingdom achieved and the only literary source that is commonly remembered from that era is the pyramid texts The tales written in the Old kingdom in this anthology are mainly based around Khufu and his immediate successors and are very religious in nature as can be expected But the awesome part is that some of these stories predate the earliest tablets from the Epic of Gilgamesh by about 200 years Overall the anthology is a very good insight for anyone keenly interested in Egypt The penguin writings from ancient Egypt is also very good but is very centred on the New Kingdom this anthology is focused on its predecessorsmainly the Middle Kingdom though I think that wasn t by design but ust be a scarcity of sources in the old kingdo. Tchen Journal of Near Eastern Studies“A reliable rendering of the Egyptian text that can be useful to students of Egyptology and provide the layman with delightful reading material” Mordechai Gilula Cultura.

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I read the tale of the elouent Peasant It is a mixture of the parable of the widow in the New Testament who won t leave the Flappers judge alone and finally gets her remedyob and his multiplication of rewards after he has suffered and potentially Cinderella I like the concepts relating to the administration of ustice the role of the administration of ustice the role of udiciary and the warnings against the lack of an effective legal system 2040 1782 BCE The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor The second book of Egyptian writings I have read This had some of the same pieces but also some new onesMy favourites were the love poems they really humanised the ancient Egyptians and the love poems they really humanised the ancient Egyptians and how much like us they really were I also enjoyed the report of Wenamon for much the same reasons the very human dramas of the emissary as he attempted to fulfil her missionHonourable mention goes to the Contendings of Horus and Seth for being absolutely bizarre It all started because of Daniel Radcliffe and his I episode where he talked about the Westcar Papyrus It didn "t take long to read said papyrus which then led me to the Story of Sinuhe and then to "take long to read said papyrus which then led me to the Story of Sinuhe and then to myself from randomly clicking Wikipedia links I looked around for an anthology and found this book which I think is a pretty decent anthology of Ancient Egyptian literature I know nothing about Egyptology I ve seen the Brendan Fraser movies so I know that much so any anthology really would have served as a good introduction So thank you Daniel Radcliffe It s really a tragedy you would think that three millennia of Egyptian culture would produce hundreds of volumes of great poetry epics histories etc This is certainly the case for Chinese culture eg there are dozens of world class writers in every genre going back to roughly 1000 BC But for Egyptian writing across all genres this Yale anthology essentially covers it ust a few hundred pages For whatever reason this was not a culture that valued the written word Anyway with that said it s still a tantalizing glimpse into a fascinating culture The reading material is som. The latest edition of this highly praised anthology of ancient Egyptian literature offers fresh translations of all the texts as well as some twenty five new entries including writings from the late literature. Ewhat dry fragmentary bits of Psalm esue didactic poems brief accounts of whichever pharaoh won whichever battle against whoever some funerarymortuary texts religious invocations but I think worth reading An excellent that may shed light religious but I think worth reading An excellent anthology that may shed light Egyptian Coffin Texts Ritual Spells Egyptian Religious Studies Faulkner never fails when it comes to in depth understanding of Egyptian Civilization One may commiserate with the Man who was tired of living penetrate the woes of one the twelve great sages of Egypt read superb love poetry to Hathor read how Horus won the seat at the Council of the Gods Ennead and much Between myth and magic one takes one s lifeblood and makes the myth alive and like the eternal Atum Lotos and Aten shine again with great splendor Astarte the wife of Seth and the insatiable sea of wonder awaits Loved the narratives and am fascinated by the tales within this anthology The monumental inscriptions and didactic instructions were uite tough to digest thoughOverall an amazing resource for the general reader interested in exploring one of the oldest literary traditions in the world I am obsessed with Kemetic literature with Ancient African literature
itself but when you get glimpses of the stories that were told the ancient past truly seems to wash over me and take me back to the place these stories were spoken Sadly some parts are no longer with us some lost or have fallen apart due to aging and weather but the majority of this astonishing compilation of ancient african literature is in tact and if you love ancient Africa if you love Kemet the spirituality and or the histories you will not be able to put it downI know I ll be re reading this many times even though I have many to complete Brilliant and highly recommended This is an adeuate survey of translations of material from ancient Egypt and a useful umping off point for interested readers There is not much in the corpus of Egyptian writing remotely approaching the uality of the Greeks or Semitic tribes or the Babylonia. Of the Demotic period at the end of classical Egyptian history The book also includes an extensive bibliography Praise for the earlier editions“An elegant easily readable and most serviceable volume” K A Ki. ,
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The Literature of Ancient Egypt

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