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Forgotten Battlefronts Of The First World War fMmend this novelor a 1 Hinamatsuri 1 fewascinating hours of good reading This was a weird book good but sort of strangeAmerica in the second a weird book good but sort of strangeAmerica in the second of the 19th century A Tibetan nun kidnapped to work as a prostitute in an American brothel in a mining town A half white half Native American young man who is ascinated with music When Sun Moon and Asie meet the unlikely duo make their journey rom Utah to California always Widdershins Whyborne Amp Griffin 1 fleeingrom the threat of Sun Moon s irst customer who vowed to kill her after She Escaped By Hurting escaped by hurting badlyThe narration meandered like a river here and there or as Asie would say like the rabbit whose path he has to ollow I am still not sure if I know what the plot was which Alistair Macleans Unaco for some reason does not annoy me at all with this bookBoth Asie and Sun Moon have lost their self and are lookingor their heritage on the one hand and their belief and Ophiuchus faith on the otherOn their way they meet uite a lot ofamous and infamous personalities who are either helping them or putting obstacles in their pathIt is definitely a different type of story than what I usually read and different in a good way a different type of story than what I usually read and different in a good way characters sympathetic even the big villain in a way and likeable the location and the era are well researched in my opinion Sun Moon s thought processes I could not El Espa Los Amantes Proibidos N 1 follow at times as if she held herself aloof or tried torom the events unfolding around herI think this is one of those book you have to read a second time to The Fender Bass fully understand every little nuance of the protagonists interactions thought processes and dialoguesI would definitely recommend this book and I might like toind Top Secret Ultra from this author. Ockwell a Mormon known as the Destroying Angel he seeks out and kills enemies of the church wins Sun Moon he attempts to satisfy his lust isrustrated by his inability to do so and disfigures her The Hags Contract Birthright 4 face Having learned some English while storekeeping Sun Moonlees Tarim and alls in with Asie who decides to go in search of his origins and of the meaning of his Shoshone name Rock Child Meantime Rockwell is in pursuit of Sun Moon determined to kill her and anyone who gets in his way Tibetan speaking British explorertranslator Sir Richard Burton an opium addict of none too sound mind who's in Salt Lake City to persuade Brigham Young to orm a separate Western Confederacy saves Asie and Sun Moon The Genesis Creation Story from Rockwell and joins their uest For a while Brigham Young gives them sanctuaryrom Rockwell though Rockwell later University Of California Publications In Zoology Vol 9 follows the trio to San Francisco The climax would satisfy the Buddha himself as his teachings resoundingly bring the murderous Rockwell to heel Historical detail serves a charming treasure From Library Journal Blevins whose Stone Song Tor 1995ictionalized the life of the legendary Crazy Horse has stated his aim is to write mythic novels of the American Wes. Him in the groin and he slashes her in one eye with a knife and vows to get even with her and kill her in a and vows to get even with her and kill her in a way Everyone thought she d lose her eye but a doctor worked hard and saved the eye but it left a terrible scar on that side of her ace she meets a young man her ace She meets a young man is a half blood Native American named Asie who was raised by White oster parents when he was seven but no one knows what tribe of Indians his mother belonged to He has special abilities of hearing music in his mind and ears under unusual conditions Thus he earns music in his mind and ears under unusual conditions Thus he earns living playing a banjo and piano with a Black musician who through the years has made and saved money playing and has accumulated property here and there which no one knows They meet a amous British explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton who speaks many languages and he can speak to Sun Moon in her language He does have trouble with indulging often in too much liuor He knows Brigham Young and to escape Rockwell they run to Utah and stay with Young Solids Liquids And Gases for a while They know that eventually Rockwell willollow them there They run into Samuel Clemens who is also a writer but he doesn t want to tell the tales of his life to Burton who wants to write them down in a book Knowing that Rockwell is still after them they take off Report Of The Utility Review Committee To The 1985 General Assembly for Lake Tahoe where they can live with several different Indian tribes there Travelingrom Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe orces them to run together across the arid desolation of the Great Basin Death can come at any moment rom starvation thirst or Rockwell s bullets This plot leaps Annual Reports Of The Town Officers Of Hamilton Mass from one wild escapade to another and is uniue to say the least I reco. An “Win Blevins displays an antic imagination not only in mingling actual and invented characters but in melding gritty action adventure and metaphysical musings” Dale Wasserman Author of Man of La Mancha “Win Blevins’ Of Love and Demons is a risué And veritable romp through the history of the West Highly enjoyable reading” Clyde M Hall Shoshone Bannock lecturer of Western and Native American History From Kirkus Reviews A colorful novel set among the Mormons in 1862eaturing such real Paranormal Borderlands Of Science folks as Sam Clemens Sir Richard Burton Brigham Young and Porter Rockwell by the author of Stone Song 1995 an imaginary life of Crazy Horse Half Indian Asie Taylor a musical prodigy who has been accepted into the Church of the Latter day Saints drowns when his delivery wagon is overturned in alash lood has an out of body experience returns to life and is amazed to see hovering over him the scarred but beautiful ace of Sun Moon a Tibetan Buddhist nun who was kidnapped in Asia and shipped to America to be sold into prostitution There she ended up in Idaho where Tarim the local tavernkeeperwhoremaster who bought her expected to resell her or a hefty sum When Porter Excellent engrossing read with ideas to think about Good character development and very interesting plot characters I am curious as to why he made Burton a closet Sufi instead of his avowed atheistic beliefs It added nothing to the plot or story I recommend this book very highly It is my avorite kind of read It is essentially a character study of the three individuals who are central to the story With that however are enough plot lines I hesitated to say action since it is not an action story even if it was a page turner to keep me interested right up to the last page Though set in 1862 it deals with problems that we unfortunately grapple with yet I ll try additional books by this author Historically whimsical ictionIt took awhile to get into the narrator s voice but once I surrendered to his jimmyjoomy the story lowed nicely Loved the good guys and hated the bad guys THE ROCK CHILDBy Win Blevins4 starsThe old west as it was at timesThe author threw together individuals who once lived and made an interesting novel The story starts out slowly in 1862

and is a 
is a difficult to understand what is truly transpiring but then as it progresses the plot unfolds A Tibetan nun young and untouched named Sun Moon is kidnapped and brought to the United States to be orced into prostitution or a white man who purchases her Her owner intends to support himself through her labors but she insists she won t do it because she is a support himself through her labors but she insists she won t do it because she is a An infamously vicious Mormon assassin Porter Rockwell who particularly enjoys intercourse with helpless virgins pays or her to service hin She ights him eventually kicking. Originally published as 'The Rock Child' Filled with drama and humor the lore of American Indians and Tibetan Buddhists and unforgettable characters 'Of Love and Demons' is a moving human story Asie Taylor is a half blood Indian raised by Mormons a gifted musician and a sharp tongued philosopher Sun Moon is a Tibetan nun kidnapped and sold into prostitution in California Each is on the run Asie toward his heritage and the secret of his name Sun Moon rom her captors in particular the The Logical Structure Of The World And Pseudoproblems In Philosophy fanatical Destroying Angel of Mormondon Porter Rockwell Theate of these two innocents takes its strangest turn when they are thrown together with a man innocent of nothing the scar Jesenjin Celokupna Dela 2 faced Nile explorer Sir Richard Burton who in 1862 is making his leisurely way across the American West The journey of this remarkable trio theirootsteps dogged by the relentless Rockwell ranges rom Brigham Young's Salt Lake City through the mining camps of the Comstock Lode in Nevada where a reporter named Sam Clemens befriends them is a dazzling tour de orce adventure “Win Blevins has done it again with Of Love and Demons A wonderfully wild one which you don’t want to miss” – Tony Hillerm. .
Of Love and Demons

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