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Y and it makes for an immersive read I M HONESTLY NOT REALLY SURE WHAT I JUST FINISHED honestly not really sure what I just finished were 3 different viewpoints of the story It was essentially the same story being retold from the 3 main characters perspectives so a lot of what was happening was already known and it left little to the imagination I did not like one single character in this book They were all pretty conceited in the way they thought about and treated othersThere was no love in this book It was just people using other people for sex And don t get me started on the sex There was so Much Emphasis On The Man emphasis on the man dominant over the woman and how she was supposed to be his slave Pardon my french but are ou fucking kidding me Men and women should be treated eually in a relationship and there were so many parts of this book where they were treated worse than a dog I also don t condone treating any animal poorly I realize that this may be used to build a nasty character but ho. Ach anyway As the star crossed lovers journey to investigate the inexplicable phenomenon they encounter a mysterious Hillary yet familiar third survivor that will force them into a fight for their livesRarity of the Century is a modern apocalyptic thriller told through different perspectives that begins as a coming of age story about a lonelyoung man looking for love but eventually turns into a complex narrative about solitude and the never ending search for connecti. .

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Wake up early for work I promised myself I had to absolutely stop reading it by 1100 pm so at 1101 I took my Ambien but kept reading until I starte This is one of the most fun and engaging books I ve ever read From the very first pages the dialogue is hilarious and tense and I felt an immediate connection to the From the very first pages the dialogue is hilarious and tense and I felt an immediate connection to the book is told from three perspectives and each time I found myself siding with the current protagonist and feeling like the other two characters were hopelessly selfish This really shows the author s skill in building a relatable cast and it s the ultimate high point of the bookThere is a lot of depth and Symbolism To The Book That I Think Is Best Not to the book that I think is best not talk about and that every reader deserves to experience alone but it s ever present and thrums in the backgroundI ve never spent time in Florida but after reading this I felt like I had Everything from the geography to racial tensions are touched on in an authentic and sensitive wa. Raz Zirel who first torments him via her unattainable beauty and then by ignoring himFrustrated with Shiraz Chucho decides to give up on love But when a Rapture event of unknown origins occurs over all of South Florida Chucho and Shiraz find that they are the sole survivors In fact Chucho realizes with new found excitement they may be the last two people on earthCan they be together Are they fated for love And what is that strange thing in the sky over South Be. ,

I like the use of three perspectives in telling the story each revealing new details I m not necessarily a fan of the post apocalyptic scenario It was an interesting dive into the immigrant culture of expat Miami Some pretty unsettling shit all in all Violent grim I liked it This is a low uality review that I will update later Alright this was fun as FUCK to read I talked to the author myself TOTALLY BRAGGING I KNOW WHATEVER and he said himself his goal was to not be boring Anyways a like Ted said it s the end of the world but it feels really natural with the way the narrator is so obsessed with girls or maybe love crazy would be a better term I mean doesn t always desire and love and lust always sort of seem tied to the end of the world in a way But it s so
fun with fawzy 
with Fawzy this book this book is just everything I remember that made me fall in love with reading in the first place Last night I had to tear myself away from this book because I had to. Chucho an aimless tramp of PalestinianLatino decent has reached a lull in his oung adult life that he surmises is directly linked to a long ago barely spoken of family tragedy that left him directly linked to a long ago barely spoken of family tragedy that left him orphanAfter a brief stint and stellar downfall in the fetish porn industry he is forced to move back home with his flamboyant uncle in South Beach and get a job at a Brazilian steak house Just as he is getting used to his new position in life he falls for the hostess Shi. ,

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