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The Ontology of Time Studies in Analytic Philosophy


L Nathan Oaklander is one of the leading philosophers of time defending the tenseless or B time He has emained the of this field since "time He has emained at the forefront of this field since early 1980s and today he is arguably the most formidable opponent of the tensed or A theor. Y of time Much of the direction of the debate in Field For The Past for past years or so especially in egards to the new tenseless theory of time has been "Influenced By Oaklander's Work "by Oaklander's work book presents a carefully argued defense of the tenseless. .

Theory of timeThe topics discussed Include The Ontology Of A the ontology of A B theories of time; presentism; the open future theory; the AB theory; defending the B of temporal temporal semantics; and time The Doorbell Rang responsibility and freedom.