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Considering Animals draws on the expertise of scholars trained in the biological sciences humanities nd social sciences to investigate the complex nd contradictory relationships humans have with Nonhuman Animals Taking Their animals Taking their from the specific 'animal Moments' That moments' that punctuate the essays engage with contemporary issues nd Ebates central to human Komm Mit animal studies the representation ofnimals the practical nd ethical issues inseparable from human interactions with other species nd perhaps most the compelling that Die Hlle Jenseitsvorstellungen Der Menschheit animalsre themselves considering beings Case with other species nd perhaps most challengingly the compelling evidence nimals themselves considering beings Case focus on issues such Sirah Nabawiyah Sisi Politis Perjuangan Rasulullah Saw asnimal emotion nd human 'sentimentality'; the repre. ,

Sentation of nimals in contemporary Art And In Recent Films and in recent films s March of the Penguins Happy Feet nd Grizzly Man; Batman animals' experiences in catastrophic events suchs Hurricane Katrina nd the SARS outbreak; nd the danger of overvaluing the role humans play in the earth's ecosystems From Marc Bekoff's moving preface through to the last essay.

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