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Was a rich and varied Tapestry Of Mostly White Fairly of mostly white fairly off men The exceptions only seem to highlight their exceptionality but London is such a huge vibrant place and to capture it in this way strangely truncates it Women and communities of colour are hardly here at all so while I loved the book immediately I started growing impatient I wanted all of London s voices When I found them a handful of them they shone out to me You can read my contribution to this anthology here wide main column This book deals with disappearances of many kinds via death moments in time buildings urban legends eras even things that never were Essays poems fictional short stories excerpts from longer works and anecdotes are ALL INCLUDED IN THIS ANTHOLOGY WHICH included in this anthology which basically held together only by the theme of all these things disappearing from London Given the breadth of subjects and styles it s only natural that readers will find some bits interesting than others this was certainly true for me tho overall I found everything intriguing enough to read and some things that didn t at first appeal uickly became a new source of interest I don t think ou have to be crazy about London I m not to enjoy this book but it would be a great read for someone who is

It might also appeal to of my friends who are Alan Moore fans as one of the longer entries is written by him some contributions are excellent some are not On the whole full of interesting perspectives on London If ou love the city this is certainly a worthwhile read Lo doy por perdido a falta tan solo de 40 p ginas para terminarlo Es una nica estrella no porue sea un libro malo del ue deb is huir como de la peste sino porue no me ha interesado lo m s m nimo lo ue se cuenta en l una serie de an lisis psicogeogr ficos de Londres a trav s de diferentes ensayos Para m es excesivamente espeso demasiado cuajado de referencias ue desconozco tengo la sensaci n de ue no estoy entendiendo ni la mitad de la mitad Solo lleg a interesarme el ensayo sobre la Experiencia del Milenio pero es solo una gota en un mar de aburrimiento Obligatorio ir con un mapa de Londres en la otra man. S to remind us of the irascible uirkiness of its residents and we have Sinclair to thank for marshalling such a perverse and ultimately pleasurable exercise' Independent on Sunda. .
Of the best parts are biographical or historical and with that sort of thing its not going to blow our mind or anything best Alfredos Journey you can say is oh that was very interesting lol Very nice for psychogeographers Anglophiles particularly ifou know London or just love London Wonderful contributors include Michael Moorecock Patrick Keiller and Alan Moore An anthology of fragments and glimpses befitting it s subject Sinclair has collected myriad prose which captures the London I live in a place of ghosts absences and markers of what might have been Worth reading for De uincey s ode to his first opium dealer The Disappeared Pharmacist C2006 FWFTB anthology ode to his first opium dealer The Disappeared Pharmacist C2006 FWFTB anthology bibliomanes gazetteer hauntedThis one is definitely for armchair Londonophiles of which I am oneI didn t uite know what to expect when I ordered this book as there is not much blurb on the back of the book other than praise from the like of Peter Ackroyd for The Times and an unnamed reviewer from the Sunday Telegraph As with most anthologies some of the contributions are either a hit or a miss I particularly liked the piece titled Death of a Cleaner On the contributions are either a hit or a miss I particularly liked the piece titled Death of a Cleaner On whole though I found this uite a depressing book with the pages littered with recollections of dead people Certainly to me it started to read as of the deaths aka disappearances of people who happened to be famous to a certain extent in a particular sphere of I loved this book and I love this approach to trying to capture the meaning the feeling the experience of a city through a multiplicity of voices and words I can t think of a better way to do it actually and would love a whole series of volumes to sit alongside this theme of disappearance I loved the blend of fiction and fact storytelling and autobiography the wildly different styles and stories I mourned the 60s not the self indulgence of it so much though that comes across so strongly but the way that cheap flats and counter culture spaces opened up a place where very different people could and did meet That to me was the greatest disappearance Which I like but is also why it s not 5 stars That past world also somehow seemed to ensure that this. Nvoiced the mythical and the all but forgotten The perfect companion to the city 'Exhilarating truly wonderful a cavalcade of elouent writing London demands an anthology like thi. ,

A low 4 stars but still a 4 So Sinclair called up every writer he knows gave them the subjects London and every writer he knows gave them the subjects London and and asked them to send him something So this isn t some organized decisive breakdown of london through the ages its a random collection of personal anecdotes biography history poem short story essay and other odds and ends I doubt than a couple of pieces were written specifically for this collectionThe mix of writing styles uite cool although Oya your bound to find one or two can t stand Also if i was an english teacher grading these assignments a lot of people would be getting F s as many have very tenuous connections to the word Disappearance PThere is a lot to like here Literally a LOT this thing is really long I have an ebook but a hardcopy might be better its the sort of bookou leave lying around and randomly open and readBut i do have some gripes both to do with Sinclair s editing He s made two attempts to add some sort of structure to this mess First he s corralled the pieces into various groupings based on their geographic location in London not the worst idea However in effect this has led to a very uneven reading experience as some groups are heavy on fact or fiction history or biography long entries or short ones etcThe other attempt at structure is a piece of ligament called the Gazetteer of Disappearances and Deletions a recurring piece that appears in each grouping Having some sort of repeating section sounds good This is made up of short entries mostly by either Sarah Wise who does what seems to be well researched historical bits or Michael Moorcock who does bullshit You see Moorcocks entries here are all fiction but presented as fact Now this might make sense to Sinclair oh look at the thin line between fact and fiction But for me this felt insulting to the reader insulting to Sarah Wise insulting to history and even insulting to Moorcock Especially since these entries are not just fictional but are references to other Moorcock stories making him seem like an underhanded self promoterAnyway that was my biggest problem apart from that its interesting stuff I mean most. 'A book full of richness unexpected enticements short sharp shocks and breathtaking writing' Guardian Welcome to the real unauthorised London the disappeared the unapproved the ,

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