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But she writes well and there enough interesting anecdotes TO MAKE A GOOD READ TO HER CREDIT make it a good read To her credit also uses sources The I read about Jefferson the less I like him Somewhat unfairly pins the decline of the upper South on him but still he doesn t come off well Didn t learn a lot of new things but I had ust read What Hath God Wrought so perhaps that s why In trying to understand how the once great colony of Virginia became a state in desperation Dominion of Memories should be on the list of books to answer your uestions Dunn shows how the issue of authority between the states and the federal government became a battling ground and an all encompassing issue which spread through Virginia and the South I did not care for the way this was written its ultimately reductionist arguments and its soft core progressivism This is less history as tragedy and a finger wagging session That said I do think Dunn is at her best discussing slavery and why Virginia did not emancipate so it is not one star material. To the traditions of their native soil they found themselves grievously torn by the competing claims of state and nation slavery and euality the agrarian vision and the promises of economic development and prosperity This fresh and penetrating examination of Virginia's struggle to defend its sovereignty traditions and uniue identity encapsulates in the history of a single state the struggle of an entire nation drifting inexorably toward Civil Wa.

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Dominion of Memories Jefferson Madison and the Decline of VirginiaSo far so good but too early to give an accurate rating I hope that Jefferson was a better man than this book portrayed him to be Recommended especially for the portrait it paints of Jefferson s namesake grandson If you re interested in how the political philosophies and decisions of George Washington James Madison and Thomas Dunn has researched the figures in this period thoroughly a solid history of antebellum Virginia and discussion of slavery tied status uo prevented alternate history Particularly interesting is the early 1830s legislative meeting that sought to abolish slavery close vote and the failure to abolish really set tone going into Civil War Somewhat competent and incompetent at the same time Its signal weakness is in its narrative that otherwise SEEMS LIKE SUCH A VIRTUE BEGINNING like such a virtue beginning Jefferson And Madison And Only Reluctantly Leaving Them Behind In and Madison and only reluctantly leaving them behind In sense readers might enjoy it as a survey of the later years of these Founding Fathers The problem isthis doesn t really explain the thes. For decades the Commonwealth of Virginia led the nation The premier state in population size and wealth it produced a galaxy of leaders Washington Jefferson Madison Monroe Mason Marshall Four of the first five presidents were Virginians And yet by the middle of the nineteenth century Virginia had become a byword for slavery provincialism and poverty What happened In her remarkable book Dominion of Memories historian Susan Dunn reveals the little. ,
Is of the book To do so would likely go farther back to the founding of Virginia itself and how the attitudes Dunn continually meditates so founding of Virginia itself and how the attitudes Dunn continually meditates so likely go farther back to the founding of Virginia itself and how attitudes Dunn continually meditates were formed Instead she remains fixated on a narrow thirty year period the first three decades of the nineteenth century as if that alone explains why Virginia went from a political dynamo to an afterthought She might explain the method but she never seems to understand the reason behind it In fact throughout the book there s an almost apologetic approach both to Jefferson and Madi The political leadership of Virginia during the period of decline shows many interesting parallels to the current GOP This is an interesting confusing problematic unorganized well written worthwhile hot mess of a book It suffers from presentism and anachronism It ends with a disjointed and seemingly out of place indictment of Virginians for not supporting the New Deal Ultimately Dunn seems mad that Virginians weren t nationalist or convinced about the important of en masse industrialization. Known story of the decline of the Old Dominion While the North rapidly industrialized and democratized Virginia's leaders turned their backs on the accelerating modern world Spellbound by the myth of aristocratic gracious plantation life they waged an impossible battle against progress and time itself In their last years two of Virginia's greatest sons Thomas Jefferson and James Madison grappled vigorously with the Old Dominion's plight But bound.