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Fascinating look into marriage that I am sure had threads of the reality many girls of the era facedReview copy Enjoyed it Fine Not a standout but not frustrating either A nice easy enjoyable read Isla Dewar S Writing Style Seems To writing style seems to changed with her last two books and while this one was OK I much prefered her previous work I usually pick up books based on their Goodreads rating and review This one was an exception because my phone had conked out while I was at the library But I m glad it happened if I seen that this book has only a 31 rating I wouldn t have picked it up Now that I ve read it I really like it and think it Poetic Edda Lays Of The Heroes deserves a 4 What works for me the narrative style and language the colourful characters the brisk pace at which things happen This is one book you can easily get caught up in and finish in one or at best two sittingsThe only thing a little off about A Winter Bride is that you constantly feel like an onlooker and are neverrawn into the story It Than Nell's idol Buddy Holly But Alistair comes from a wealthy family and is studying to be a lawyer two things that mean that Nell soon has plans to leave her Ghostly Murders Stories Told On Pilgrimage From London To Canterbury 4 dance hallays far behind her But the reality of marriage is far ifferent to Nell's romantic notion. her ance hall How Israelis And Palestinians Negotiate days far behind her But the reality of marriage is farifferent to Nell's romantic notion. ,

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A Winter BrideI got through this book but I Personality Development did not really enjoy it at all Iid not get to like any of the characters at all I though Nell was naive throughout the whole A Primer On The History And Philosophy Of Education day Another book from Dewar full of larger than life charcters I have read better books from this writer A pity I usually love Isla Dewar s novels This seems to have been written with a TV mimi series in mind The characters are too extreme and lacking in subtlety However it rattles along as a family saga with Isla Dewar s usual warmth and verve however I amisappointed with the book as it s not up to her best Life for teenagers in the 1950 s was a new and exciting era Teenagers were living for the weekends and Nieco Inna Historia Cywilizacji Dzieje Bankw Bankierw I Obrotu Pieninego dancehalls the freedom from their parents and the new wave of Rock and Roll music that their parents thought most unsuitable Were they really ready to make life changingecisions Did their parents actually know bestNell believes she will be left on the shelf if she is not married by the age of 21 She is out A girl Nell was convinced should have a good time at seventeen have met her true love at eighteen be engaged at nineteen and marry at twenty oneWhile her mother regards the Locarno Dancehall as a en of iniuity and marry at twenty oneWhile her mother regards the Locarno Dancehall as a en of iniuity seventeen year old shop girl Nell McClusky it'. .
O find a husband and time is running out She is almost 18 The story centres mainly on Nell and her hopes and The Bonemender The Bonemender 1 dreams for her future Nell and her best friend Carol meet the Rutherford brothers and marry into the Rutherford family forifferent reasons Soon it becomes apparent that they are married to the family not their husbands With that comes the reality rather than the reams of married life There is a strong theme of family loyalties in the novel The attitudes towards marriage in the 50 s and the actual reality of married life are explored for each of the charactersI loved the strong characters and could identify with the niave 17 Year Old NellMay Mother year old NellMay mother the Rutherford family the niave 17 year old NellMay mother to the Rutherford family a ominant character who was holding the whole family together and was almost scriptwriting their futureThe Rutherford s were a family with secrets and although both Carol and Nell were expected to show their loyalty to the family they were also excluded from family mattersI really enjoyed this. S the centre of the universe Where else is she going to meet the man of her Dreams Who'll Take Her who'll take her from the hum Op Mijn Hoofd drum realities of life on a council estate in 1950s EdinburghAt first Alistair Rutherfordoesn't look that promising He Crash Bang dresses like a student.

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