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Timelines are included to assist in packing the bento before eaving The ingredients are easy to find easy to prepare and substitutions are provided I find this cookbook easier to utilize than other bento cookbooks the INGREDIENTS IN PARTICULAR ARE MUCH EASIER in particular are much easier obtain at a standard grocery store I appreciate the nod to not so traditional suggestions since we are using the bento style meal prep as a tool to improve our nutrution not necessarily as a method of exploring another culture This serves as a nice basis for planning and is a good source of inspiration I just started doing bento about 8 10 months ago I had been googling recipes in my free time and the Just Bento website kept coming up over and over with easy to make easy to supply recipes Soon after digging around in her website one afternoon I saw she made a cook book and immediately knew I needed it for a guideSo far it has ben extremely helpful giving me side ideas to add to my box and giving me inspiration to edit her recipes to my tastes It also has been a great guide for intro to bento for someone who wants to go for something that s healthy balanced pretty but doesn t have to be instagram crazy and tasty It even has some american taste friendly recipies for you to use The photos are gorgeous as well It s a great book for someone ooking for a great ideacook book for a bento beginner I m a fairly experienced and adventurous vegetarian cook who The Long Road Home loves Japanese food and prepares it uite often Iooked at uite a few bento books before purchasing this one most weren t vegetarian andor offered really mundane recipes This book has a ot of interesting and easy ways of enhancing rice veg tofu seeds and nuts in order to create really ovely combinations for the bento box It s exactly what I was hoping for and I m planning to buy copies as Christmas gifts for several friends who also Beatrix Potter love Japanese food but don t know how to start This book is perfect for those who are starting out with Bento boxes in Europe and western cultures that can t easily find unknown ingredients that are in abundance in Japan This book has another section for easier Bento boxes along with aoad of hints and tips of how to keep your ingredients fresh and deliciousI would totally recommend this book for recipes and tips as it was brilliant and easy to find all the ingredi. Bento fever has recently swept across the West fuelled not just by an interest in cute decorative food but by the desire for an economical healthy approach to eating in these times of recession A eading ight in the popularization of bento has been Makiko Itoh whose blog Just Bento boasts hundreds of thousands of subscribers all of whom ove her delicious recipes and practical bento making tipsNow for the first time Itoh's expertise has been packaged in book form The Just Bento Cookbook contains twenty five attractive bento menus andthan 150 recipe. ,

The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To GoS without the fu fu pictures and cutsy ness that you can find doing a Google search And the author is just so nice on her Facebook page and will answer any uestions you have My poor book is so dog eared from useage that I had to buy a 2nd copy Enclosed is my personal 1st bento Steak with sugar peapods and fresh fruit Next time I am going to make sure I put protein ike egg omelet Want to make great bentos with authentic Japanese food and a focus on vegetables This is your bookI use it every week have made about half the stuff in it and me and my 9 year old Dutch Painting In The Seventeenth Century love everything I ve made Our family is American bu This book it is great A good selection ofunch suggestions with easy to make recipesThis will take onger than making a sandwich but that is part of the point We aim to have a bento unch once a week and everyone always comments when I doThe book generally suggests making Art In Transit lunch in the morning but I don t have time so generally make it the night before but it has all been good I do have a bento box from Japan but often pack theunch into Tupperware depending on what it isI have tried uite a few of the Identity lunches now and my presentation is not always as good straightening prawns takes aong time and did not really work out for me but they have all tasted great and are healthy as well Each dish is very uick and easy but the idea is you have three or four things in each Whom The Gods Destroy lunchIf youike this book also check out the justbento website it is the same author and has hundreds of bento Four Faces Of A Leader lunch suggestionsI have a couple of other bentounch books but this is my favourite If you want Hawthorne lovelyunches and are happy to spend a ittle time to have them you will not regret this book Fantastic book Tried sushi for the first time using the recipe from not regret this book Fantastic book Tried sushi for the first time using the recipe from book and turned out really well first time Inspiring ittle recipes to How To Cure Backache Caused By Disc Problems liven up yourunchbox as sandwiches bore me to tears Author provides guidance for every recipe so if Your Not A Knowledgable Cook not a knowledgable cook myself you feel ike you re in safe hands Plus alternatives are provided if some of the ingredients don t match your tastesWould definitely recommend this Little Treasure To Anyone Who treasure to anyone who jananese food All ingredients are accessible to the Western buyer as i find many of my previous japanese cookery books reuire you to spend a fortune on specialist ingredients. Y A planning chart section is included showing readers how they might organize their weekly bento makingIn a market full of bento books that emphasize the cute and the decorative this book stands out for its emphasis on the health and economic benefits of the bento and for the very practical guidelines on how to ensure that a daily bento unch is something that can easily be incorporated into anyone's ifestyle This is the perfect book for the bento beginner but will also provide a wealth of new bento recipe ideas and tips for Just Bento aficionados.

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Ents in my The Hermetic Garden Of Daniel Stolcius local supermarket and it gave me idea s how to create my own bento boxes Also its a great way of reducing uneeded fatty carbs in the dietosing weight all the great way of reducing uneeded fatty carbs in the diet The Stolen Heart losing weight all the now This is a wonderful book for beginners It includes wonderful tips on how to safely and uickly pack a proper bento how to cook rice different types of Onigiri and rules for this such as salads and weightoss With 25 delicious recipes using multiple types of protein including chicken pork shrimp salmon and tofu this book offers great options for a I am new to bento and was ooking for a way to portion control and save money This book is full OF IDEAS AND WAYS TO MAKE IT FUN I ideas and ways to make it fun I forward to my unch now because I have put some effort into making it This book has a time guide so you know about how much time it takes to make the Hurricane lunch in the morning As the book tells you you are reuired to do some prep to meet that timeline the night before such as have some precooked rice set aside and cut up chickenI enjoy this book and the ideas it has put me on I do not always have all the ingredients or tools but my meals are nice and enjoyableThe picture is of my first attempt of the first recipes It just happens to be the book cover picture as well I think i did pretty good This is a very pretty book but it is about Japanese style food andess about using Bento Boxes for unches I enjoyed ooking through it but it is really not very useful for an average American taste I strongly recommend Beating the Lunchbox Blues by Hirsch which I bought at the same time since it is just full of ideas that fit easy Minutes Of The 56th Annual Session Of The New Hope Missionary Baptist Auxiliary Sunday School Convention Held With The Mount Zion Church And Sunday School Eight Miles Southwest Of Chapel Hill August 1 To 3 1933 lunches I bought this to bring some inspiration to myunches and also to help me and my husband eat healthier all those shop bought sandwiches are expensive and not all that good for you This book is easy to understand has been written with healthy in mine andhas everything you need to know to get started especially for a novice Hell like me Makiko s timeines are fantastic for helping to speed up making everything first thing in the morning She also has some really handy preparation tips too those are invaluable for time savingI would recommend this to anyone ooking to spice up their unchtime I personally cannot wait for unch now I know I have somet This is best of the best IMO of Bento books Colorful pictures easy to follow ingredient. S all of which have been specially created for this book and are divided into two main sections Japanese and Not so Japanese The Japanese section includes classic bento menus such as Salted Salmon Bento and Chicken Karaage Bento while the Not so Japanese section shows how Western food can be adapted to the bento concept with delicious menus such as Summer Vegetable Gratin Bento and Everyone Loves a Pie BentoIn addition to the recipes Itoh includes sections on bento making euipment bento staples to make and stock basic cooking techniues and a glossar.
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