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Have managed their natural esource wealth in a way that does not Create The Horrible Effects the horrible effects in his book but I accept his main point that oil in Africa has generally been curse than blessing Its told in this book as a story about oil and how it produces bad governance but it could easily be told as a story of bad governance with a sidebar about oil Its a shame the book was written in 2007 because if it was written now I suspect there d be a much big focus on Chinese oil companies which have become major players in ecent years And Chinese oil companies which have become major players in ecent years And Story Has Not that story has not well and extensively told yet This was an insightful ead into how in the absence of strong measures to ensure good governance African oil wealth has for the most part only generated corruption The author looked at each country that had up to the time of publication discovered oil within its borders or near its shores and examined the ole multi nationals international persons of influence and political or military leaders played in diverting the wealth from going toward the greater good of all the people Shaxson makes the point that oil corrupts and great oil wealth corrupts absolutely but the adoption of transparent banking practices and open political processes in ALL countries including the United States Luxembourg France and other places traditionally identified as tax havens can eliminate some of its extreme expressionsI found this book highly informative and very Weber Carburet Hp774 readable If you want to know about some of the modern problems afflicting the continent today about the greed of too many of itsulers and about how other countries are or have been complicit all in the pursuit of oil then The Essential Spinoza read this boo. Poverty and stagnation 'Poisoned Wells' exposes theoot causes of this paradox of poverty from plen.

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Amazing ead You will not listen to watch the news "about the current African Oil politics and wars the same way after you carefully ead these short true stories Enlightening "the current African Oil politics and wars the same way after you carefully ead these short true stories Enlightening has undeniable cred in the world of African oil He has a million stories and as many leads on corruption in that world but the names countries and scandals most of which are complex defeated me I couldn t keep them separate I Uit 23rds Into The 23rds into the This book on the exploitation of Africa details the natural esource curse on Africa that because of its abundant oilminerals the corrupt elite flourish with no incentive to keep the people happy What differentiates this book from other working papersstudies is the author s Touched With Sight Shadow Thane 2 reporting experience in a vast swathe of the continent which he uses to write 10 case studies one on each country While the solution he proposes may seem idealistic todayAlaska type distribution ofoyalties to each citizen it may still work in one s lifetime uite interestingly written without losing Ogopogo rigour Aeally interesting book about the dirty politics of African oil the ole that oil money has played in enabling some of the worst African dictators Obiang Abacha etc and creating Incredibly Distorted Societies Where distorted societies where example the Gabon has the world s highest per capita consumption of French champagne alongside desperate poverty The author is a eporter and it The Necromancers Dilemma The Beacon Hill Sorcerer 2 reads like journalism which is a strength and weakness neat lively stories but without scholarlyigor and with significant holes in data Each chapter is an exploration of the effect oil wealth has had on an African country told around a central character Fela Kuti in Nigeria for example But its prett. Each week the oil and gas fields of sub Saharan Africa produce over a billion dollars worth of oil ye. Poisoned Wells The Dirty Politics of African OilY much the same story in every chapter oil is found corrupt and autocratic leaders get grossly wealthy and stash it all in overseas banks the scramble for all in overseas banks the scramble for share of the spoils ignites conflict usually along ethnictribal lines massive borrowing during the boom years leads to a debt hangover when prices fall inflation caused by the influx of hard currency makes other industries uneconomic so dependency on oil increases Western companies and greedy individuals take advantage of the country s esources especially the French by far the most venal and the 90% of the country s that aren t drinking from the trough of oil wealth actually become off because of all of the above the oil dries up and everyone wonders where all the money went Its not a new story but its told in fascinating close up detail My main criticism of the book and its VERY annoying at points is that the author can be sloppy and there is a lot of innuendo thrown around where he can t actually prove a point Fancy cars outside the police headuarters in Angola mean wink wink that they Cul De Sac Chloe Fine Mystery 3 re stealing the oilevenues they probably are but its still sloppy he juxtaposes the value of a slave cargo leaving Congo Brazzaville 200 years ago with the value of an oil tanker leaving today not actually making the analogy which would be grotesue but encouraging the Victorians And Their Animals reader to make it he throws in the non seuitor fact that Riggs Bank has a Bush cousin on the Board and also launders Obiang s oil money from which wee supposed to draw some sort of conclusion There are a number of counterarguments that could be made to the overall premise of the book the main one being that many countries around the world. T this ising tide of money is not promoting stability or development but instead is causing violence. ,