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80 losers Griffiths 250 This work of "TRANSGRESSIVE FICTION IS DARKER THAN STUMP " Fiction is darker than Stump I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Stump We do meet Darren and Alastair again but there is no humor here Darren has committed a terrible violent crime and Alastair struggles to comes to rips with it As with Stump Niall Griffiths doesn t only tell a The Elusive Earl Wishing Well 1 gripping story he explores the dark and the light of human nature and what forcesuide our choices that we aren t even aware of Why are some people The Trees good and other seemingly devoid of simple humanity In Wreckage Griffithsoes even even aware of Why are some people The Little Book Of Mary good and other seemingly devoid of simple humanity In Wreckage Griffithsoes even into family histories historical and current events and cultural influences on the individualI highly recommend Wreckage and will be reading everything Niall Griffiths wrote This condensed slice of life criss crosses Wales and Liverpool as it follows the hopeless protagonists whilst also switching perspective to other characters and perspectives to create a full experience At first it Beyonce I Am Sasha Fierce Songbook gives the appearance of a crime caper but soon it becomes clear that the focus is lives and locations people and places and the way they shape each other However the crime committed does drive every action the fruits of the crime a cursed chalice that brings bad luck to each possessorThe scale of the dangers the protagonists face is both sinister and consciously bathetic While the novel includes its fair share of sliced and burnt faces disfigured with knives or irons or boots or hammers the fundamentalolden object being chased and causing all this wreckage is not some huge figure as in many crime capers Instead after hearing Fuckin rich Ally Fuckin brewstered lar Pure fuckin rich we are lad Pure fuckin loaded manwe find out it is a pathetic 4000 That life can be so cheap and characters have so little imagination does a huge amount to make concrete the reality of their existencesI have heard some people say that Niall s books can be difficult and depressing due to the collouial dialects and desperate subject matter However reading them breaks down that perception Taking this novel as an example you don t have to look far for humour poetry and reat turns of phrase that make me jealo. Wreckage is a really remarkable piece of work In the foreground is a caper story; in the background a poetically expressed apocalyptic history of Liverpool The Daily Telegraph That woman with the rey hair and the specs and the kind face and the accent all like his randmother his nain in hospital and when she can talk that is what she sounds like Don'thitmepleasedon'thitme These women falling sliding off this earth and not just from violence but the one com. Wreckage

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The two bad "guys perspective they never do catch the one armed uy so head back to scouse land " perspective they never do catch the one armed 1609 1909 The Dutch In New Netherland And The United States guy so head back to scouse land these dudes are mean and unconscionable and decide to knock over a post officebank typicalruesome niall Stones For Ibarra grifftiths prose he can describe whatoes on in the head of a drugdrink addled mind better n most any writer i have read experience Irvin Welsh 90 2000 4000 90 35 4 not as Hopeless Savages good asrits sheepshagger or stump but overall ok not the best summer reading or stump but overall ok not the best summer reading for sure Style Vernacular speech driven told by the everyone s viewpoint including passers by the rain the city ancestorsThemes Difficult to say there is a sense of aging throughout but mainly I believe that it is for entertainment and a voice for the dispossessed and criminal Violence and its after effects are unflinchingly toldHugely entertaining this book moves along at an alarming pace mainly through the short sections passed on different peoples viewpoints Everything is speech driven with few descriptions and everything is told in native languageThe story is simple Alistair and Darron are returning from the expedidition in Stump and Rob a post office Darron uses too much force and half kills the elderly propeitor They return to Liverpool with the swag alisatair tries to con darron and the money is stolen and then their bossess Tommy Maguire try to The Arms Of Hercules Book Of The Gods 3 get involved Alistair then manages toet hold of the money again and when trying to return it to the shop where they stole it My Friend Judas gets shot by the womans husband in an ending that feels a little tacked onOnce again Griffiths describes the low lifes and scumbags of Liverpool in this uncritical and unflinching manner What is particulary pleasing is the repeated nods to other books and other characters from other books Like Irvine Welsh he makes you feel part of a club when reading through and seeing how the world that he has created is inter relatedNo new territory here and you know exactly what you areoing to Greek Astronomy get but this isn t a problem Interesting premise for a story but too oversimplified for it to really work for me anyway Too neat and tidy Regardless it s a fast read and definitely takes the reader down an unusual pat. His conscience Darren has finallyone too farAs Alastair and Darren weave their way through the lowlife milieu of Liverpool we hear many voices the alky the crack addict the busman the whores the The Fortress Crete gangsters and Darren's many victims But we also hear the voices of their ancestorsoing back Fine Machine Sewing Revised Edition generations of unthinkablerief and povertyA fascinating seuel to Niall Griffiths' Stump which Irvine Welsh calls a magnificent novel of loss and obsession by a major tale. Us that I didn t come up with them first such as Litterfruited bushes p56 The "Poetry In Niall S Work " in Niall s work with the patois to prevent it being a Vomit Novel Litterfruited bushes p56 The poetry in Niall s work combines with the patois to prevent it being a Vomit Novel enre one of the peripheral characters is obsessed with though Niall is playful with the idea and does include vomit in one horrific sceneThe humour erupts amidst the carefully constructed chaos as freuently as the violence does For example on p53 a pensioner complains about the bad language used nowadays compared to the past along with drugs shootings and burglaries we had none of it back then oh no Things were much uieter peaceful during the War ClassicPolitics is also woven throughtout the novel Take this example from p17 People in this room in a hovering purple light The music is loud and a TV is on with the sound turned down some local news programme or something showing a concerned councillor in a yellow hard hat on a building site bulldozers and cranes around him and he besuited and whiskery Nothing comes from his mouth He talks but makes no noise The real people talking in the room lanceOne thought that came to me while reading was what has created these people these places It is one thing to show monsters but without knowing where they come from it is difficult to reconcile them with any hope The answer builds up throughout the novel often through digressions into the pasts of the characters until by the end it has the force of an argument The cause of this world one of exploitation and violence is History A cruel selfish mindlessly callous history a past of exploitation and violence for the benefit of those in power whether it be slave trading in Liverpool docks or the imperialism of the English in Ireland This is the "underlying angry force of the novelIn May 2011 Niall ood bloke that he is emailed me when "angry force of the novelIn May 2011 Niall ood bloke that he is emailed me when d read this review on my blog saying Lovely stuff Karl And perceptive apocalyptic history is behind it all Break up the title like this WreckAge or Wreck Age You ve First Aid Kit Girl got it mate We ve reallyot to make sure that we all try and build a future free from exploitation so that we don t create even problems further down the line a follow up to Stump but from. Monality that turns life to a wreck ageAfter their botched and brutal mission to punish a one armed man in a small Welsh village Darren and Alastair head back to Liverpool to report to their mob boss On the way home Darren robs a rural postal office in Wales that serves as a bank and needlessly cracks the skull of a little old postal lady Darren's eyes are full of fire We're rich Alastair But Alastair sees his own nain in this elderly woman and falls victim to.