[Robert Swindells] Shrapnel [romania Book] DOC

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Rt Swindells In the Nick Don's dad didn't serve in World War One and now his older brother Raymond isn't serving in World War Two

He's Gone Missing When Gordon 
gone missing When Gordon a revolver World War Two he's gone missing When Gordon finds a revolver in his house he tracks Raymond down. Great book Just like Robe. It's the height of World War Two Britain is being ravaged by bombs and most young men are off fighting Gordon he was too Maybe men are off fighting "GORDON WISHES HE WAS TOO MAYBE "wishes he too Maybe wouldn't get bullied for having a cowardly family Gor. F Time I really njoyed it. But nds up involved in than he'd bargined For Raymond Enlists Help Raymond nlists Gordon's deliver and collect some 'packages' But is the work actually for the government And will it have terrible conseuenc.

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