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eY the way the book treated Dallas as a character That strength is present in this book as well as Galveston is such a rich setting clearly well loved by the author butverything lse overwhelms the good feelings that I want to have toward the book Gimenez s story is fairly simple two years after the vents in The Color OF LAW IF YOU DIDN T READ THAT ONE Law if you didn t read that one t worry this book covers Every Important Detail over and over A Scott Fenney is a poor lawyer doing principled work and somehow not able to pay for anything xcept a few months "OF BEACH HOUSE RENTAL FOR HIS WHOLE FAMILY AND "beach house rental for his whole family and whole law office and plane tickets all over Texas and basically anything lse he needs to advance the plot when Gimenez forgets that the guy is supposed to be poor His x wife wakes up next to her boyfriend with be poor His x wife wakes up next to her boyfriend with knife in his chest with his blood all over her in an otherwise The Byzantine Republic empty house and Gimenez makes me roll myyes than once by having his characters insist that this is somehow not probable cause for a murder charge until her prints turn up on the knife handle and Fenney goes down to defend her because apparently no other defense attorney is willing to take a high profile pro bono case for the publicity I m being a little sarcastic here You may forget from time to time that Fenney is defending his Adams Gene And The Mitochondrial Eve ex wife for the murder of the man she left him for but have no fear Gimenez is readyvery three or four pages to have a new character throw in the xact same line But you should be thankful because as bad as that one line is it s still better than most of what passes for dialogue in this book I got the distinct impression that Gimenez has never heard someone talking on a phone before or telling a joke before or speaking in court before or reporting a news story before although he actually does alright with tender parentchild momentsTo his credit Gimenez does try hard with some things His DA and defense attorney are both portrayed as honorable people who work very hard and honestly want to do the right thing Most legal thrillers tend to make one actor a hopeless villain and Gimenez really reaches toward something noble with Rex and Scott Also Gimenez seems to have done his homework on what the pro golf world is like and there are some curious insights into what golf fans will and won t tolerate For the most part though this book is a failure A well meaning richly set uick reading failure but a failure nonetheless Excellent storyRead this book than two years ago njoyed second time around Author is born and raised in Texas loved the very first book I read The Governor s Wife This book is about a murder of pro golfer he s young handsome rich narcissists sex addicted gambling cocaine user Scott Fenney s Brother Bullet ex wife left him for this guy Now he has to defend her because he still loves her and she s his daughter s mother Like Scott at prosecutor is honest person You ll learn a lot about Texas and Galveston historyJudge Buford taught me the most important lesson a lawyer can learn the lesson a lawyer must learn to be a good lawyer justice is not something you read about in law books It s something you live It is a lawyer s role in life It was Sam Buford s life He served justice one person at a timevery day of his lifeMr Gimenez writes Contemporary Hermeneutics excellent must read books. Ave her blood on his hands As he prepares to take the stand in the most dramatic courtroom appearance of his life Scott is forced to uestionverything he believes to get to the truth to save the life of the x wife he still loves. The 2nd book in the "Scott Fenney Series By Mark "Fenney series by Mark njoyed this fast paced court drama full of twists and Mark njoyed this fast paced court drama full of twists and Not uite up to the standards of the first novel but a good read all the same The beginning of the story moved slowly with seemingly unnecessary xplanations about verything Still I was fascinated by the plot and had to see how A Scott Fenney attorney would get his x wife off the murder charge of killing her lover The intricacies how A Scott Fenney attorney would get his O Mundo De Sofia ex wife off the murder charge of killing her lover The intricacies the defense were well thought out It lead to some tense moments and some hand wringing Thending was a stunner I do love good thrillers but this one was just obvious from beginning to Super Fabulous end And I found the device of saying the lawyer thought but the man thought was overused I really don t think he is the next Grisham The protagonist is a good man and I hope that this means the author knows people like A Scott because I like the idea of a world where men like him have a chance of managing things I will never look at the golf tour in the same way again Two pieces really This book came highly recommended so I may have started it with unfairxpectations I kept The Team That Jack Built expecting it to get better because of the recommendation but it never didFirst the characters are flat so flat that no matter how hard I tried I couldn t make myself care about any of them The main character A Scott Fenney was so perfect it was annoying He had no flaws and nothing to overcome As a matter of fact none of them didxcept his Pioneers Of Modern Typography ex wife who had so many I couldn t stand her I didn t care whether she spent one night in jail or her life in prisonWhich brings me to my next problem with the book no conflict I think Gimenez tried to build conflict on the fact that Scott was defending hisx wife who was accused of murdering the man she left him for He hadn t so much as heard from her for 22 months and 9 days I know this because it was repeated far too many times Frankly I don t find this to be very remarkable Ironic maybe but not surprising at all How could he The Best Ghost Stories Of H Russell Wakefield ever look at their 11 year old daughter if he didn tven try to keep her mother out of jail It could have been of a conflict had he at least been angry at her I know I would have been Poems Of Henry Lawson even if I was still in love with myx spouse Leaving your spouse and child for 22 months and 9 days and then having the guts to call and ask for my help would have infuriated me I would do my best for my daughter not for the lying cheating abandoning Arty The Smarty exProblem number threediting This book was over 400 pages but was so repetitive it could have asily been cut down to 300 Maybe if it would have been shorter I wouldn t be so annoyed for having wasted so much time on itThe biggest feeling I could muster in reading this book was being appalled at the unsubtle similarities to the classic To Kill a Mocking Bird I d laborate on this fact if it didn t irritate me so much to dwell on it Needless to say I will not be recommending this book to anyone First time reading this author Book kept my attention and twist to the Hatastrophe ending that I didn t see coming I reallynjoy the A Scott Fenny books thrilled there is a third in the series Now I just have to order itACCUSED was great Fenny has to defend his Mr Bennets Dutiful Daughter ex wife She is accused of murdering her boyfriend the man she left Fenny for Great trial Lots of. 'Scott it's Rebecca I need you'After years of silence Texan lawyer Scott Fenney receives a devastating phonecall from hisx wife She has been accused of murdering her boyfriend Trey the man she left Scott for and is being held in.

SUMMARY Accused by Mark Gimenez

Ooohs and Aaaahs Gimenez is uickly becoming one of my favorite authorsPhillip TomassoAuthor of the crime novel You Choose Lawyer Scott Feeney is struggling to make nds meet after he has been fired from his high flying gig as a Corporate Lawyer with a prestigious law firm This and several other terrible life altering vents took place in Book 1 Included in this was his wife running away with the golf pro at their country club She not only left Scott she left her daughter and and young girl that Scott had brought into his home to care for whilst her mum was on tria Another fun interesting read in this second of the A Scott Fenney series I think it could be read as a standalone but I d recommend reading the first book to better Chicken Little enjoy this one which takes up almost 2 years laterI like these books on several levels First there s the characters mostly likable but a few who areither detestable or changeable Leading the list are A Scott s 11 year old daughter and adopted daughter his daughter calls him A Scott Then there are his partners one a refugee from his old firm and the other a friend from arlier life His bodyguard
"A Brick Wall Named "
brick wall named who came with his adopted daughter from the dark side of town is a very likable friend and capable bodyguard who likes Scott a lot because he took in Pajamae the daughter of his last client who was a junkie accused of murder Lots of other characters keep things moving along at a fun paceAside from the characters there is the humor often dry apparently overlooked by many reviewers who think the story is too simple or one dimensional tc I personally think they are missing the bus on this book but maybe it s me Still while the story is interesting the characters make the book for me Taking it seriously is a mistake almost like saying The Hitchhiker s Guide is not believableSince the author is a lawyer the legal issues are interesting and believable giving us some real issues to think about behind the shenanigans I think underneath the money hungry fashion following beautiful women Aristotle everywhere is a look into issues women face in real life and how some of them feel forced to act in order to succeed in the man s worldI m glad I discovered this authorven though it was under false pretenses people are comparing him to Grisham an author I njoy a lot But I think the similarities are pretty superficial mainly "that they re both about the law But Grisham is much serious and realisticAnd about the audiobook "they re both about the law But Grisham is much serious and realisticAnd about the audiobook I read The narrator was Jeff Harding who narrates the Jack Reacher books I ve read I m not crazy about him and liked the narrator of the first book better Stephen Hoye Jeff Harding sound a bit too matter of fact to me and for some reason I find it a little annoying But it was OK My dad gave me this book because it is set in Galveston Texas an area that is like a home to me And the book does have plenty of nice local trivia and charming anecdotes about the history and culture of the island and Bolivar Peninsula and Houston Unfortunately the writing is so bad that this is the literary uivalent of someone filming porn or a season of MTV s The Real World in your hometown I read Gimenez s earlier book The Color of Law and while I recognized the lack of uality in its craftsmanship I didnjo. A police cell Now she is begging Scott to defend herScott is used to high stakes cases but this one is bigger than anything he has handled before If Rebecca is found guilty under Texan law she will be sentenced to death He will
Accused by Mark Gimenez

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