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Slam Dunk Volume 4What I love the most about this manga series is its consistency in tone and characterization For a short while Takehiko Inoue can establish a character who he is what S His Goals What Makes his goals what makes tick Volume 4 is no exceptionAnd I haven t talked about the basketball action and humor Love this series In this volume the game is heating up between Shohoku and Ryonan s There is lots of basketball action in this volume but the art I loved and was laughing about s There is lots of basketball action in this volume but the art I loved and was laughing about Sakuragi antics This next art is somewhat of a spoiler but I am sure if you love this series it won t give anything away Since Sakuragi is not in the ga. The best selling series from Eisner nominated Takehiko Inoue one of Japan’s greatest manga creatorsWinning isn't everything in the game of basketball but who wants to come in second It takes dedication and discipline to be the best and the Shohoku High hoop. be the best and the Shohoku High hoop. ,

Me he keeps harassing the coach by asking to be ut in the game He can not sit still and he is got spying on the other team and at one The Island Of Hope point heokes the other teams coach in the The team and at one Illusions And Lies W I T C H 6 point heokes the teams coach in the butt The between Ryonan and Shohoku begins and Sakuragi can t wait to get in the game and show off how much he s learned Except he s not in the game He s on the bench Shohoku is saving their secret weapon Sakuragi for when he s needed most at least that s what they tell him while the rest of the team tries to best one of the strongest teams in the region Ryonan is like Shohoku but better with experience and better teamwork They S team wants to be just that They have one last year to make their captain's dream of reaching the finals come true will they do itShohoku's somewhat friendly game against Ryonan finally gets underway Old rivalries reignite with captain Akagi going toe to toe.


E got their own big and strong version of Akagi Their Skilled Prodigy Like Rukawa And Much Better Communication S skilled rodigy like Rukawa and much better communication S stars Finally the match of Shouhoku and Ryounan started I was so excited that which high school won this match Both high schools were too similar It means that both captain Uozumi and Akagi are rival and also Rukkawa and Akira Sendou However the main character in this manga Sakuragi did not come on this match At last he came on and he active in this game block assist rebound and so on Can you imagine that he come on this game in spite of an amateur I really wonder that he can score
In This Game. 
this game. Ryonan's center Uozumi Hanamichi has flat out declared that he will ersonally shut down Ryonan's ace Sendoh but will Kaede Rukawa take care of things before Hanamichi even gets a chance to hit the floor Either way this is bound to be a game to remember. .