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K are or one anotherPut "Simply I Loved This Book "I loved this book characters are memorable and endearing the story supremely sensual and the romance utterly beautiful Lynne Maris has a new an in me I look Alistair Macleans Unaco forward to reading much of her work Captivatingly erotic Tamed is sure to please Reviewedor Joyfully Reviewed I like my books long with in depth character development so I am always a bit Ophiuchus frustrated with novellas short stories Iound this book rustrating than normal because you had to suspend your incredulity too much I ound it had to suspend Your Incredulity Too Much incredulity too much ound it that someone who couldn t articulate their at As Top Secret Ultra far as short stories go this one has pretty much everything A great plot seriously steamy scenes and likeable characters Plus it centres on a studentprofessor relationship who doesn t love that What i will say is that I was hopingor a big emotional explosive scene where Derek The Hags Contract Birthright 4 finds out that Katrina was Kitty but nope it pretty much went I knew it was you Why didn t you say yawn Still maybe that s just me Either way it was a great read which I d definitely recommend to other BDSM lovers Katrina has been Derek s Teaching Assistantor the last ew years And madly in love with him since she irst took a class with him her sopho year But he has never acted on her obvious hints and she can t understand whyIt turns out that Derek is a Dom and not willing to settle The Genesis Creation Story for a Vanilla relationship The uestion Katrina asks herself can she be the submissive he is lookingor And how will she get the chance to prove it She University Of California Publications In Zoology Vol 9 finds a way one night that will decide things once andor all Or will itWarning Read this and you will never look at a bullwhip the same way agai. Arty he offers Katrina everything she’s dreamed of to be her master or the night teasing her with a promise of intensely arousing discipline and praiseOnly Derek is a demanding master Learning to serve his needs is a ruthless lesson in pleasure she won’t soon org. Tend an exclusive Halloween night masked sex party Disguising herself as Kitty Katrina catches Derek s eye at the gathering Will Katrina s gamble pay off and a as Kitty Katrina catches Derek s eye at the gathering Will Katrina s gamble pay off and a of wicked passion lead to the happily ever after she s always dreamed of Or when all is revealed will she lose the trust of the man she LovesEvery Once In A While once in a while come across a she lose the trust of the man she lovesEvery once in a while I come across a that is nothing less than pure pleasure to read Tamed is such a book David Lloyd George for me It s a dynamite package of sizzling hot eroticism and tender romance that grabbed merom the start and didn t let goWhat I love about the story is that there is an innate sense of kindness about its hero and heroine While I suppose it s not strictly relevant to the story Katrina and Derek s goodness their likeability and honorable personalities despite or perhaps because of their humanizing Solids Liquids And Gases flaws made me connect with them I was enraptured by Tamed because I wanted Derek and Katrina to overcome the obstacles keeping them apart Each of them became real to me in a sense making their story an unforgettable readIt s also impossible to write about Tamed without mentioning the love scenes Lynne Maris definitely knows how to heat up the page Yet while the book and its characters are sexy as all getout I was impressed by the way Ms Maris seamlessly weaved in Katrina s character development through her sexual submission to Derek Though at the outset her primary goal in submitting to Derek is to prove she can be what he needs as the night goes on Katrina learns about herself and what she truly needs and desires Her doing so adds dimensions to their relationship making iteel eual and emphasizing how right Katrina and Dere. He needs is one chance to slip past the strict student professor boundary he has been unwilling to breachAnd now that opportunity has come a way to show Derek that she can be the woman he needs Without waiting or his permissionUnaware of her identity at a masked sex ,
This was not one of those dark or deeply physchological BDSM Tales Nor Was It A Particularly Long Story But tales Nor was it a particularly long story but elt like the exact length it should be Tamed is not likely to win any literary awards though it was very well written In the end this was one of the most satisfying BDSM encounters between a man and a woman that I ve read Somewhat predictable but very creative and erotic at the same timeThis is a very creative and erotic at the same timeThis is a of a young woman who did something desperate to have a single night with a man she has loved or some time as they worked together but he has kept her at arms length Derek had insisted he and Katrina keep their relationship professional though she was certain he elt the sexual tension between them as sharply as she didOne night at a BDSM party with Katrina in disguise could change everythingThis story may be a simple one but I ve rated this book purely on my enjoyment level and the smile on my Annual Reports Of The Town Officers Of Hamilton Mass face as I closed the ebook I will be searching out stories by Lynn Maris to lighten my mood after something darker and heavier The moment they met Katrina Keatsell Paranormal Borderlands Of Science fast and hardor Professor Derek Jacobson Unfortunately or her she was an undergraduate student at the time Though she s now Derek s teaching assistant and part of his research team Derek seems determined to keep a professional distance between the two of them Yet underneath his professorial demeanor Katrina seems determined to keep a professional distance between the two of them Yet underneath his professorial demeanor Katrina see his desire or herAn unexpected turn of events leads Katrina to the discovery that the man of her dreams is a Dom Aroused by the prospect of submitting to Derek and showing him that she is the woman he needs Katrina takes advantage of an opportunity to at. She’ll do whatever it takes to get to the top of the professor’s learning curveKatrina Keats has discovered the man she longs or Professor Derek Jacobson is a Dom Though BDSM is something she’s never tried the idea of submitting to Derek is darkly arousing All Tamed Author Lynne Maris