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Had a bit of a hard time with Cheyenne and her ornery ness but it was still a rollicking fun Western Author hard time with Cheyenne and her constant ornery ness it was still a rollicking fun Western Author CampPublished By Avon BooksAge Recommended AdultReview By Arlena Dean Rating 5ReviewCheyenne s Shadow by Deborah Camp was a very ood read that kept you interested This was one beautiful story told and with such wonderful fantastic characters This is my first novel by this author and I am sure it will not be the last I really enjoyed the mystery and twist that were all over this story featuring Etta Hollister and Johnny Cheyenne You can tell there was some When God Calls Me Blessed good research done by this author toive us a wonderful well written story The descriptions of the area characters were very well developed so real and alivemaking you feel like you are their in the story Here are a few that made this read a ood readEtta owner of the Flying H Ra I enjoyed this book Love Native American romance novels Good read Daring HeartsCheyenne s Shadow by Deborah Camp is book Three of the series A unfighter and a woman rancher fight injustice and fall in love A very spicy romance Cheyenne s Shadow is of a western than a Native American story but the hero is a full bloodied Native American so for all you fans of this Never Let You Go genre you will love this one Only. With little assistance and lots of determination feisty independent Etta Hollister has been running the Flying H ever since her father's death a year earlier But now she must seek a woundedunslinger's aid They

him Johnny Cheyenne a dark. ,
Cheyenne's ShadowFor us it doesn t The plot is fast paced and with many twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages This is one enjoyable read Thoroughly Captivating Western RomanceDeborah Camp has a knack for creating imperfect and emotionally scarred characters that make you want to hug and comfort them on one page and slap them upside their stubborn heads on the next page The passionate tug of war between Johnny Cheyenne And Etta Along and Etta along the exciting detaling of Fidel Castro gunfights a cattle drive and an emotionally devestating house fire all add up to an exceptional story by an extraordinary storyteller I hated to see this one end WonderfulWhat a wonderful book I love the head strong heroine in this book so full of spitfire but love always finds a way to tame even the most head strong This has long been one of my all time favorite western romances but it has been years since I last reread it I have to say this was areat reread I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to end What I hadn t remembered about it was how brilliant the dialogue is in this book It s so collouial and sassy I loved it I wanted to just write half of it down to remember for later because sometimes it was just downright clever I think probably my favourite thing about it and there were To own her But than probably my favourite thing about it and there were To own her But than alone awaits the olden haired beauty in Cheyenne's long shadow for a secret loving tenderness resides there as well and an irresistible healing passion that could join two proud lonely and yearning hearts forever.

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Thing is that in this story Johnny Cheyenne starts out as a unslinger and eventually turns his hand at ranching Not a bad cowboy by any means as it turns out Well our hero can do anything he puts his mind to as it were Yes even doctoring This one is an all round character that I lovedEtta Hollister is our heroine a strong spitfire who runs the Flying H ranch a little insecure at times but a very likeable young irl spitfire who runs the Flying H ranch a little insecure at times but a very likeable young irl thing about her I didn t like was that she was of a toughie than a LADY BUT MAYBE THAT S TO but maybe that s to expected considering that she s contending with villains who threaten her livelihood at every turn and who are sabotaging her interests in devious ways She s a cowboy through and throughThe villains are as mean as THE KEY CHARACTERS ARE FULL OF FIRE AND DARING key characters are full of fire and daring And in the end every one of them Broken The Divine 3 gets their comeuppance which suits me just fine And let us not forgetood old Whitey a secondary character who helps Etta run the ranch I did so like this one as wellDeborah Camp never fails to create characters that are realistic and solid This is one of the reasons why I so enjoy her novels If her story had to fall flat you can be sure that her characters would still inject all the spice you need for a Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume 1 good read that s how strong they are Luckily. Handsome and dangerous half breed with mysterious fire raging behind his dusky bedroom eyes His is the hand Etta needs to help her keep the struggling spreadoing and the protection she reuires against a powerful enemy who wants to break and. ,