[Ray Locker] read Haig's Coup How Richard Nixon's Closest Aide Forced Him from Office epub

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The reality of the times in a way few other books portrayI specially like how the author is critical of Bob Woodward and supports Seymour Hersh After reading so many portrayI The Hebrides especially like how the author is critical of Bob Woodward and supports Seymour Hersh After reading so many on the Nixon time I have long been convinced Bob Woodward was much less less accurate and self serving than Hersh whose 1983 book The Price of Power is is the best account of thevents The author points out time and time again where Woodward is not accurate and clearly proves Haig was a major source of Woodward s stories While the author says this proves Haig was acting in his own interest the Haig I see in this book screams of a man who is politically and legally incompetent Haig s military background made him almost an incredibly poor predictor of how politics and the law would view some suggestions he made to Nixon To me what comes clear in this book is not Haig acting in his own interest but Haig acting with great political and legal incompetenceNixon s fault was he was so introverted he allowed his Chiefs of Staff far s fault was he was so introverted he allowed his Chiefs of Staff far much power and he allowed them to limit access to him both of which caused him disasterI may be the odd man out but I have never seen the central problem of Watergate as being something that should have Where Are You Going You Monkeys ended a presidency No one hasver showed any proof Nixon ordered or Christ In Celtic Christianity even knew of the break in before it happened and while he was wrong to order the CIA to obstruct the investigation there clearly were national security interests I have always thought the Joint Chiefs of Staff having a yeoman stealing documents from and spying on the Nixon White House to be the real crime but that got pushed aside by Watergate and how poorly Nixon handled the Watergate matter The harsh reality that the spying was a greater problem than the Waterate break in comes across strongly in this bookI have read so many books on Nixon and Watergate I rarely learn anything new but I did in this book A 1915 Supreme Court case Burdick V United States ruled that a person must accept a pardon and introduce it into court for it to be accepted by the court and only a guilty person would accept a pardon and Nixon knew of this decision when he accepted his pardonThis book s central idea isxaggerated but it is nonetheless a fascinating and useful addition to the books on the disastrous nd of the Nixon Administration Well worth a read for students of the debacle As someone who devoured during the seventies books and articles devoted to Watergate I was naturally intrigued to come across this well researched and fascinating account of someone who played a central role during the period but up to now has scaped largely intact from the opprobrium that was the fate of the other central players The fall of the Nixon presidency is a subject worthy of Shakespeare with its paranoia treachery intrigue and abuse of power and reading this book one saw parallels with what went on in the days of the Tudors or the Medici family This is to say the least a rather unflattering account of the duplicitous and scheming General Alexander M Haig Jr who s according to the central F staff But Haig’s goal was not to keep Nixon in office it was to remove himIn Haig’s Coup Ray Locker uses recently declassified documents to tell the true story of how Haig orchestrated Nixon’s demise resignation and subseuent pardon A story of intrigues cover ups and treachery this incisive history shows how Haig Atlas Of Operative Craniofacial Surgery engineered the “soft coup” thatnded our long national nightmare and brought Watergate to an nd.

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I need time to digest this Review later This is a well researched and very detailed account of President Nixon Review later This is a well researched and very detailed account of President Nixon last months in office when the people he thought were working in his best interests basically weren t General Alexander Al Haig was brought in as Nixon s Chief of Staff after he lost several key members due to the start of the Watergate scandal to steady the ship instead he took almost complete control over an increasingly unstable Nixon and in doing so took the opportunity to cover up his involvement in in doing so took the opportunity to cover up his involvement in spying ring at the xpense of the presidentThis isn t a uick read but the story flows very smoothly for a factually researched book that can often bog you down with notesAnyone interested in Watergate Nixon or just wanting a fascinating look at recent vents in history should read this Having read the books by Bernstein and Woodward many years ago I was intrigued by the summary of this biography of General Alexander M Haig Jr including newly declassified documentation I wasn t disappointed as this is a fascinating read showing a different perspective on the Watergate crisis and subseuent fallout The twisting and turning tale shows Haig as a man only out to protect one person in the top chelons of American politics namely himself and had no hesitation in sacrificing those who knew too much or had conceivably power than him I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to Netgalley and the publishers in xchange for an unbiased review and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Watergate scandal or broadly American 20th century history When Haig nters the scene all hell breaks loose and he s taking men down with himThis was a heck of a read The Horus Heresy especially for someone who was just born at the time all this went downRay Locker puts all the pieces together including the tapes and transcripts and behind the scenes actions to show just how crazy it was in the White House under Nixon s reignHe was basically forced to resign or face impeachment and the Watergate Scandal continued to live on in history booksSo much has been written but many may not recall Haldeman and Ehrlichman hadnforced the president s will and protected him from his rivals and his worst instincts for four years The play by play action in this is just incredibleThank you to Ray the publisher NetGalley and aldiko for this ARC in Celia And The Wolf exchange for this honest review A very detailed study of the last 16 month of the Nixon presidency At times the read was a slow go because Ray Locker providedndless The Byzantine Republic evidence that Al Haig was trying to push Nixon out the door to help cover up Haig s involvement in a Pentagon spy ring The book picked up when Agnew s dirty dealings werexposed Not too many come across looking too good in this read I kept thinking our leaders have too much time on their hands when they played the game Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive Obvious the author is a former reporter who writes for sensationalism He contradicts himself is attempting to prove how devious Gen Haig was during. When General Alexander M Haig Jr returned to the White House on May 3 1973 he found the Nixon administration in worse shape than he had imagined President Richard Nixon reelected in an overwhelming landslide just six months Adams Gene And The Mitochondrial Eve earlier had accepted the resignations of his top aides the chief of staff H R Haldeman and the domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman just three daysarlierHaldeman and Ehrlichman had nforced the pre. Nixon s last days Examples 1 Haig knew arlier than he admitted of Nixon s guilt of Watergate obstruction Ok so he knew should he run to Congress What
an mployee do 2 Haig Nixon out of office as part of his own plan well what was that plan to overthrow the government author that plan To overthrow the government Author said until near nd of book when written that Haig did not work to help President but wanted to save the Presidency Gosh is that not admirable in itself 3 Haig lied multiple times yes all the politicians lied to avoid indictments not just Haig 4 Haig was part of the military spy ring which spied on Nixon and Haig hid that from all for as long as he was in position well yes it was national security issues involved What is Russia found out that President and military joint chiefs were not in agreement would the nuclear peace treaty been signed Would China open its doors to Nixon Too many national security issues were involved to claim Haig was selfish 5 Author claims Haig pushed Agnew out of office for his own personal benefit What benefit Agnew was guilty of bribery and was indicted by grand jury Was it better for nation to have VP resign and leave Yes but author attempts to make it Haig s plan to oust Agnew Neve did understand Haig s plan Contemporary Hermeneutics except that author claims Haigngineered Ford into VP office Every few pages the author reminds the reader of Haig s lies his cover ups and selfish acts which did not aid Nixon but ushered Pres out of office Then author informs reader that Haig did try to save tapes and document for Nixon plus arrange a pardon from Ford after Nixon resigned Can t have it both ways This is so well researched that reader is confused as to who s who and what s what Cannot recommend I have read literally dozens of books on the disastrous Enter The Dragon end of the Nixon Administration and all of them conclude that General Alexander Haig Nixon s final Chief of Staff played a major role in persuading Nixon to resign for the good of the country I have not seen any books focused solely on Haig however so this book piued my interest and though I felt its central idea isxaggerated it is a valuable and interesting readThis book s idea and it tries too hard to argue the idea is that Haig pushed Nixon to resign merely to save himself from xposure in his involvement in the spy ring that involved a yeoman working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff to steal documents from White House I don t disagree that Haig certainly worked hard to protect himself as anyone would in that situation but it is ludicrous to believe Haig took the job of Chief of Staff simply to work to nd the Nixon Administration When Nixon resigned it reflected badly on all his staff and that included Haig I m sure Haig would have preferred to be the hero who saved Nixon but no one could save Nixon from himselfThe great value in this book though is that the author has spent a lot of time on the audio tapes that became available in recent years and uses them xtensively To the point this book is unclear and repetitive and confused it to me accurately and realistically depicts. Sident’s will and protected him from his rivals and his worst instincts for four years Without them Nixon stood alone backed by a staff that lacked gravitas and confidence as the Watergate scandal snowballed Nixon needed a savior someone who would lift his fortunes while keeping his White House from blowing apart He hoped that savior would be his deputy national security adviser Alexander Haig whom he appointed chief
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Haig's Coup How Richard Nixon's Closest Aide Forced Him from Office