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E bookFor readers who are interested in a strong romantic element to their mystery books this may hold some appeal It is a pleasant cozy in that there is not a tremendous amount of anxiety producing activity My thanks to NetGalley and Midnight Ink for providing me an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review I finished the second book in the Very Cherry Mysteries this week and I loved it so charming In Darci Hannah s Cherry Scones and Broken Bones manager of the Cherry Orchard Inn Whitney Bloom finds herself on the suspect list when a prominent artist Is Murdered With One Of Whitney S Famous Cherry Scones murdered with one of Whitney s famous cherry scones a way to goAbout the BookThe Cherry Orchard Inn In Cherry Cove WI Is Struggling To Keep Inn in Cherry Cove WI is struggling to keep guestbook full after the unfortunate murder that occurred there But Whitney Bloom is determined to help her family out Serving up trays of her most delicious cherry baked goods is sure to keep the guests happyThat is until renowned artist Sylvia Lumiere shows up and starts terrorizing the staff Sylvia s talent as a painter is matched only by her nasty personality She belittles Whitney s staff refuses to pay for things and demands an extra room for free for her handsome man bun sporting assistantAnd if that weren t bad enough the people in Cherry Cove seem to adore what Sylvia brings to their humble town Whitney is ust about at her wits end when Sylvia is found dead one morning suffocated by a cherry scone and shoved down the staircase Now Whitney finds herself the prime suspect due to her known dislike of the artist But Whitney wasn t the only enemy Sylvia made There s a list of suspects growing longer by the dayWhitney now must hunt down the clues and find the killer herself before another guest dies or she finds herself behind barsReflectionThis cozy is fun refreshing and entertaining It s definitely on the lighter side of cozies and it is a perfect summer read It is the second book in the series but completely works as a standalone though I plan to go back and read the first since I loved the characters so muchWhitney is a delight to read as she suffers through the difficulties of a customer service ob a love triangle and being a suspect for murder In the last book we find out her boyfriend Tate has cheated on her while she was in Chicago She eventually moves back to Cherry Cove to was in Chicago She eventually moves back to Cherry Cove to out with the inn And there she becomes reacuainted with an old friend of hers and Tate s named Jack the local police officer turned hottie who ust so happens to be the one investigating the murderI really enjoyed the love triangle and it felt so realistic Whitney is confused She isn t totally over what Tate did but they are also still attracted to eachother Then she has Jack who she is interested in but she s unsure of his feelings for her Not to mention that Jack is forced to consider her as a suspect after the murder weapon is found to be Whitney s own backed goods I really liked both Tate and Jack in different ways though Tate is a total Don Juan and not to be trustedSylvia was a real piece of work I felt so infuriated on behalf of Whitney seeing how Sylvia treated her and the staff She is so mean spirited And as we will soon find out the staff at Cherry Orchard Inn aren t the only people she treated that way But I ll let you find out what that means when you read itThe mystery was well plotted and filled with suspects and interesting characters This was one where there were so many people that had a motive that it truly could have gone anywhere I liked following Whitney as she chased down leads and clues And the reveal at the end was surprising and a lot of fun Thank you to Midnight Ink and Kaye Publicity for my copy Opinions are my ow. Tney and her friends can see And ust as Whitney's baking skills and patience are pushed to their limits another death occurs at the inn With all fingers pointing at her Whitney realizes it will take all her cherry tastic talents to bake her way out of this oneIncludes recip.

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Cherry Scones Broken Bones A Very Cherry Mystery #2Cherry Scones Broken Bones is the second installment in the Very Cherry Mystery Series This was the first book in the series that I read and I am definitely looking forward to reading the first one Cherry Pies and Deadly LiesTainted by a recent murder the Cherry Orchard Inn is struggling to attract guests until celebrated portrait painter Silvia Lumiere books a room for the summer Whitney Bloom the inn s new manager can t believe her good luck Between her scrumpt After a recent murder Cherry Orchard Inn is trying to build their business back up A celebrated portrait painter comes to stay free for the summer While she is very talented she is also extremely rude and mean to everyone around here When Thank you Netgalley and the Publisher for the chance to read this bookI have read the first book so I wasn t completely lost when I started this one I was hopeful as to where the romance was headed and I was delighted to see it go right where I wanted I knew who was going to be the victim right form the beginning if no one likes a character then sure enough there s a huge pool of suspects and motives and yet again I was right It was a fun mystery to solve especially with everything happening in the backgroundMy main concern with this book was no anything to do with the writing and characters but with the format So many words were chopped up in my copy that I couldn t read them it was something to do with the letter F because words like coffee were coee and office was oce More often than not I was left scratching my head as to what a word actually was I ve never come across this issue in a kindle book beforeSo I enjoyed the story and imagine the format issue is long since solved Three stars A new author to me I m so happy to have given this series a chance I enjoyed CHERRY SCONES BROKEN BONES and I look forward to in this series Review coming soon This book was uite a bit better than the first one and I have to say I m over the moon about the triangle outcome It made for a very sweet ending In this case as opposed to the first one where a sweet older man that we never got to know was killed the person who was killed tended to probably deserve it at least in the fictional sense Silvia was a brilliant painter but everyone admitted that she was obnoxious and sometimes downright mean to people and used them mercilessly Whitney was the main suspect since she had been the primary target of Silvia s sharp tongue and criticism and one of her scones was used to kill the womanThere were a couple of great goat scenes If you haven t read the first the police chief inherited a couple of mischievous billy goats when he got the little cottage used for the police station I think the funnier scene that had me laughing out loud was the goat yoga Then there were infuriating relationship scenes where I felt like pounding someone but everything worked out the killer was brought to ustice and life at the inn got back to normal Aside from the uvenile sounding expletives that are used throughout the book it s otherwise very well written and I will keep reading the series I m hoping as the series progresses those annoying phrases and JC bombs will fade away because otherwise the characters can and do sound mature and professional most of the time Cherry Scones Broken Bones by Darci Hannah is the 2nd book in a very cherry mystery series and in A Very Cherry Mystery Series And Great Addition Whitney Bloom Was A Baker In and great addition Whitney Bloom was a baker in but she returns home to Door County Wisconsin Her parents own the Cherry Orchard Inn along with a cherry orchard and Whitney is now the Inn manager Unfortunately there was a murder at the Inn recently so she is working hard to attract guests Silvia Lumiere has agreed to st. At the Cherry Orchard Inn Cherry scones to die for turns out to be all too trueTainted by a recent murder the Cherry Orchard Inn is struggling to attract guests until celebrated portrait painter Silvia Lumiere books a room for the summer Whitney Bloom the inn's new manager Ay at the Inn all summer she is a famous portrait painter Soon the guests are rushing to the Inn until another murder occurs I loved this book and can t to the Inn until another murder occurs I loved this book and can t for the next book in the series I found this book to be a uick and fun read with a well developed plot and characters If you love fun cozy mysteries which are my favorite you will love this book and book one too Cherry Pies Deadly Lies Highly recommended I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Midnight Ink Publishing Thank you I received this book via Netgalley in return for an honest review I really enjoyed this cozy mystery set near the lakes in Wisconsin The owner of the Cherry Orchard Inn Whitney Bloom Wisconsin The owner of the Cherry Orchard Inn Whitney Bloom involved in a murder committed in her business At first she s the prime suspect but with the help of her friends she works to find the actual murderer All the characters were well developed and I really enjoyed the story This is the second book in the Very Cherry Murder series by Darci Hannah Although I did not read the first book in the series i had little trouble getting up to speed with this book The mystery stands alone and the relationships between Whitney the principal and the secondary characters were easily understoodWhitney s parents have given her the responsibility of running their BB in Wisconsin In addition she is an accomplished baker and in known for her signature cherry scones Both the existence of the BB and Whitney herself are put at risk when their most recent and most famous guest is murdered in the BB The victim is found at the foot of the main stairs one of Whitney s cherry scones stuffed in her mouth Suspicion uickly falls on Whitney as she has no alibi and had been driven to distraction by the guests unreasonable demands of her time and the BB itselfWhen Whitney is finally ruled out as the possible murderer she feels compelled to solve the mystery as the BB is suffering having been closed by the police as a crime scene It s the height of the tourist season and Whitney is worried they won t be able to recover from the loss of businessIt was difficult for me to develop any positive feeling toward Whitney Although she is close to thirty years old she behaves like a high schooler not knowing how to share her interest in her newest crush In addition she has extensive history with the young man s friend and Whitney becomes completely flustered when the two men discover she is interested in both of them and doesn t know how to move forward for fear she will ruin their friendship The men s reactions are no mature than Whitney s and it all reads as if you are reading a book better suited to teenagersThere are some potentially interesting secondary characters among Whitney s friends and relative It will be interesting to get to know these characters as the series continues As it stands at the moment these characters are not fully developed and are a bit too shallow to develop strong feelings toward themWhitney also has an irritating habit of repeatedly starting her comments with expletives such as Holy Cobbler which is used than once or twice and Holy Hand Grenades These pulled me out of the story as I was routinely reminded of the cartoons with Batman and Robin and Robin s Holy Batman expletivesThe mystery has good potential however there aren t as many clues and red herrings as I would like Instead the author depends on a big reveal at the end that relied on the unbalanced nature of the murderer For the reader who likes to have a level playing field with clues spread out and hopefully well hidden or disguised this style of writing may be a disappointment The actual identity of the murderer was a nice twist and one I had determined prior to the end of th. An't believe her good luck Between her scrumptious cherry scones and the painter's remarkable talent the inn swiftly becomes the center of the Cherry Cove art scene However all is not the bowl of cherries it appears There's a rotten core in the portrait painter that only Whi. ,