[PDF/EBOOK] Broken Butterfly Author Cindy Patterson

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Broken ButterflyCindy Patterson is a master #Storyteller Who Wove A #who wove together a romance of
"love alongside the "
alongside the realities of growing up in an abusive family Her characters seemed to reach off the page to me and I found myself dreaming about them long after the book was over A must read story of hope and the power of love This book was AMAZING Made me crylaughcurse Could not put it down Mallory and Eric2lost souls Finding love can heal Beautiful StoryI don t remember ever reading books by this author until recently but I love her books and her style of writing I want to read Broken ButterflyA Paradise Novel Book 2This was such a well written book I loved all of the story s characters Please take time to read this lovely Mallory Scott trusts no one At twenty two she's in a battle for her life Living in a women's shelter after finally escaping an abusive relationship the only thing Mallory is focused on is staying safe But when he finds her again Mallory must flee the shelter in the middle of the night and rely on the kindness of a stranger to help her create a new life for herself in Paradise Pennsylvania far away. Tory It is difficult to believe that this novel is the author S Debut From An debut From an start the story flows on to reveal an intricate world with many fleshed out characters and settings keeping the reader captivated until the end What really stood out to me was the easy elouence which the writer appears to possess Even the best o This is a wonderful #sweet romance read Mallory s past experiences in a foster home and later in an abusive relationship have taught her #romance read Mallory s past experiences in a foster home and later in an abusive relationship have taught her trust no one until once again she is forced to flee from a women s shelter in the middle of the night This begins a Jupiter journey both physical and mentalemotional for MalloryIt is a tender and touching story about a young woman s struggle to overcome her fears an. From everything she knows Eric Matthews has what every man wants a successfulob and beautiful new girlfriend Unfortunately it seems he is living for everyone else but himself But when chance leads a mysterious woman to appear in his life his world is suddenly thrown off its axis Mallory wants nothing to do with him and he is determined to find out why Attracted to the one man she thinks she can. .