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Current state of mind too much at work too much writing on my part but I gave up on this book after the first section It was simply too much work for not a lot of gain Tippett has an interesting background and has interview Finally I finished this book Though to be truthful I scanned parts of it A class at church has been studying it and it is not meant to be a study book We have had some good discussions due mostly to the creativity of different facilitators The book is loaded with gems but the formatting made it difficult for me to read It has only five chapters which are sooooo long My advice listen to Krista Tippett s podcasts They are digestible I loved the content of this book podcasts They are digestible I loved the content of this book it did not fully work for me as a book rather work for me as a book rather as a collection of interviews from a podcast This worked much better for me when I switched to the audio and with that said I recommend ust sticking to the podcast You will get everything from it that this book has to offer which is not nothing Die Schchternheit Der Pflaume just that the book is superfluous IMO I am a huge fan of her podcast but I could only finish half this book and here s why Tippett writes excellent sentences and paragraphs but cohesively this was not an excellent book It s like when you ramble on through a bottle of wine on a Friday night with an incredibly elouent friend and sheust keeps showing you all these YouTube videos except here it s poems and you re like ugh Krista let s Outtakes Of A Walking Mistake just have a straightforward discussion Or maybe you enjoy that kind of stuff in that case you d give this 5 stars So maybe Iust needed a bottle of wine Perhaps like me you ve listened to On Being on your local NPR station or by podcast for years Perhaps you listen not only to the gracefully edited version of the program but also to the messier intimate unedited versions If so you will love this book Perhaps you ve never heard of the author or her program but like Solomon of old you yearn to be wise You too will find this book a refreshing stream in the desertKrista Tippett knows the power of a good first sentence She has commented on how arrested she was by John O Donohue s It s strange to be here Or Reinhold Niebuhr s Man is his own most vexing problemHer own first sentence reads I m a person who listens for a living She begins with I not with a distant ournalistic third person voice The felicitous phrase listens for a living refers to far than her ob It announces that she has a calling one that involves living itself and that she is seeking voices not shouting to be heardThe search for wisdom can t be separated from the search for self awareness The subject and the seeker are one in this case Like both of Tippett s other books this one is an example of what Michelle Herman calls stealth memoir It is An Inuiry as the subtitle states into Mystery and the Art of Living It is also an inuiry into a process of understanding ideas in relationship to human beings who explore them and at their best embody them The gerund Becoming like Being in the title of the radio program can t be separated from Krista Tippett herselfPursuing wisdom in public over the course of the last twelve years could be an overwhelming and confusing experience After interviewing hundreds of people reading not only their books but digesting other interviews and videos in preparation for conversation the author might be forgiven if she never stepped back long enough to look at the wholeHow does she make sense of all of it By choosing five themes words flesh love faith and hope Anyone with a passing knowledge of the Bible will hear echoes of the prologue to the Gospel of John The Word became flesh and the famous love chapter I Corinthians 13 However since these chapters are containers for people of many faiths and of no faith these words describe no narrow orthodoxy but expand capaciously to fit all of the aboveEach chapter includes large sections of interviews excerpted from the online transcripts of On Being interviews Again this could feel cumbersome or repetitive to readers What prevents that from happening however is the personal story of the author doing with her readers what she asks her subjects to do in radio interviews reflect on how they themselves make meaning starting with the

"very first uestion "
first uestion was the spiritual or religious background of your childhood I m a lover of the memoir genre uite aware of the accusations critics have made against it narcissism leading the way For that reason I love stealth memoir the kind that doesn. Mon life for this century marked by resilience and redemption with beauty as a core moral value and civility and love as muscular practice Krista Tippett's great gift in her work and in Becoming Wise is to avoid reductive simplifications but still find the golden threads that weave people and ideas together into a shimmering braid   One powerful common denominator of the lessons imparted to Tippett is the gift of presence of the exhilaration of engagement with life for its own sake not as a means to an end But presence does not mean passivity or acceptance of the status uo Indeed Tippett and her teachers are people whose work meets and often drives powerful forces of change alive in the world today In the end perhaps the greatest blessing conveyed by the lessons of spiritual genius Tippett harvests in  Becoming Wise is the strength to meet the world where it really is and then to make it bett. ,
Exual and yet passionate full bodied Because it is the best of which we are capable loving is also supremely exacting not always but again and again Love is something we only master in moments It crosses the chasms between us and likewise brings them into relief It is as captive to the human condition as anything we attemptOh and there s so much about compassion about allowing our hearts to be educated in relationship with others about paradise being right in front of us about mystery which lands in us as a humbling fullness of reality we cannot sum up or pin down About Befriending Reality In All befriending reality in all beauty and pain about hope and truthShe ends We are achingly pain about hope and truthShe ends We are so achingly and all at once in this adolescence of our species But I have seen that wisdom emerges precisely through those moments when we have to hold seemingly opposing realities in a creative tension and interplay power and frailty birth and death pain and hope beauty and brokenness mystery and conviction calm and buoyancy mine and yours The mystery and art of living are as grand as the sweep of a lifetime and the lifetime of a species And they are as close as beginning uietly to mine whatever grace and beauty whatever healing and attentiveness are possible in this moment and the next and the next one after that This review originally ran on Everyday eBookAfter the first season of the podcast Serial ended my social media feeds were filled with pleas for new amazing programs to listen to one of the most suggested was On Being hosted by Krista Tippett Tippett s podcast is a series of conversations usually between Tippett and one guest that explore what it means to be human Guests include theologians from a variety of faiths scientists of varied disciplines authors philosophers poets and activists In her new book Becoming Wise An Inuiry Into the Mystery and Art of Living Tippett distills some of what she has learned through her own life and through her numerous interviews and interactions into a guide on livingTippett s previous book Einstein s God Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit was a New York Times bestseller in it Tippett collected edited transcripts of conversations that were about science and religion Becoming Wise while including many snippets of her conversations follows of a narrative arc and captures Tippett s voice including her own life experiences and learning curve From her childhood in Oklahoma to her experiences as a David Garrick And The Mediation Of Celebrity journalist in the divided Berlin to her experiences as parent she gives her audience insight into how her own views have evolved and changed Becoming Wise is structured around five themes expressed with deceptively simple words Words Flesh Love Faith and Hope Accompanying each theme is a great exploration of how it affects us how we can use it effectively how it fits into our greater civilization This is not about wisdom as we learn in school facts and reason This is the wisdom of living in the world living a good life being present both physically and mentally At one point when addressing the uestion of what the commonality is among the wisest people she has met she says an embodied capacity to hold power and tenderness in a surprising creative interplay it is an experience of physical presence as much as consciousness and spiritThe conversations in Becoming Wise are a wonderful antidote to our current political climate Filled with potential and acceptance Tippett encourages civilized respectful debate kindness and forgiveness When presenting her with the National Medal of Honor President Obama praised her for thoughtfully delving into the mysteries of human existence Becoming Wise is indeed a thoughtful dive into the mysteries while also pulling together the amazement of what we can be and what we can do I almost regretted buying this when I read the acknowledgements and saw that Tippett is BFFs with Serene Jones the current and disastrous president of my old seminary I m glad I ignored my misgivings this is perhaps the best book I ve read in the last year maybe longer Tippett draws on intervi History always repeats itself until we honestly and searchingly know ourselvesKrista Tippett s Becoming Wise An Inuiry into the Mystery and Art of Living is a book as the title suggests about becoming wise The book is also about achieving and living with high moral standards You t too many adjectives such odd phrasing how does one interpret some of the margins that are in fact the heart beat of society perhaps it is my. Ersation in its many dimensions into a coherent narrativeourney over time and from mind to mind The book is a master class in living curated by Tippett and accompanied by a delightfully ecumenical dream team of teaching faculty   The open uestions and challenges of our time are intimate and civilizational all at once Tippett says – definitions of when life begins and when death happens of the meaning of community and family and identity of our relationships to technology and through technology The wisdom we seek emerges through the raw materials of the everyday And the enduring uestion of what it means to be human has now become inextricable from the uestion of who we are to each other   This book offers a grounded and fiercely hopeful vision of humanity for this century – of personal growth but also renewed public life and human spiritual evolution It insists on the possibility of a com. This book is exuisite It reads like sacred text I found Chapters On Words Love on Words Love Hope particularly wondrous Krista Tippett shares so generously and thoughtfully insights and wisdom from conversation partners over a period of 12 years This is a book I want to c It has taken me a while to read this book because I only ever wanted to take it in a bit at a time and then sit with the lessons Tippett host of the NPR show On Being offers up and savor them Which means that having now read through to the last page I feel I wouldn t be remiss to go back to page one and start over there is so much uiet profound wisdom in this bookIt is composed of six chapters Introduction The Age of Us Words The Poetry of Creatures Flesh the Body s Grace Love A Few Things I ve Learned Faith Evolution AND HOPE REIMAGINED IT SEEMED PARTICULARLY APPROPRIATE TO FINISH Hope Reimagined It seemed particularly appropriate to finish morning on hope given yesterday s tragedy in Orlando There is so much ignorance and hatred in this world and yet it is important imperative not to succumb but instead to nurture gratitude and hope and remain active to fight against the bigotry and arroganceTippett over the years has spoken with hundreds of wise men and women In this book she turns to those conversations and reproduces some of the pithiest exchanges Her uest feels very personal she is trying to make sense and heart of it all for herself But her uest also feels universal because don t we all want to make sense of this crazy thing called life The uestions she asks the thoughts she pursues are uestions and thoughts I might have if I paid these matters attention I thank her for doing it for meMy copy of the book is bristling with flags For this report I think I will Nathanael Greene just uote some of the lines and passages that struck meWhat does it mean to be human What matters in a life What matters in a death How to be of service to each other and the world These uestions are being reborn reframed in our age of interdependence with far flung strangers The uestion of what it means to be human is now inextricable from the uestion of who we are to each other We have riches of knowledge and insight of tools both tangible and spiritual to rise to this calling We watch our technologies becoming intelligent and speculate imaginatively about their potential to become conscious All the while we have it in us to become wise Wisdom leavens intelligences and ennobles consciousness and advances evolution itselfShe speaks of the inuiry into the nature of soul or spirit as leading organically along straight or meandering paths into the roots of the curiosity that becomes in adulthood passion and vocationIn one conversation she discusses generous listening which itself is powered by curiosity It involves a kind of vulnerability a willingness to be surprised to let go of assumptions and take in ambiguity Generous listening she says yields better uestions because contrary to what we learn in school there is such a thing as a bad uestion It s hard to meet a simplistic uestion with anything but a simplistic answer It s hard to transcend a combative uestion But it s hard to resist a generous uestion We all have it in us to formulate uestions that invite honesty dignity and revelation There is something redemptive and life giving about asking a better uestion Surely Tippett herself epitomizes generous listening When she needs to hold a uestion turn it over in her mind dwell on it she s not afraid to do soThe crack in the middle where people on both sides absolutely refuse to see the other as evil this is where I want to live and what I want to widenWe are matter kindred with ocean and tree and sky We are flesh and blood and bone To sink into that is a relief a homecoming Mind and spirit are as physical as they are mental The line we d drawn between them was whimsy borne of the limits of our understanding Emotions and memories from despair to gladness root in our bodies Our bodies are longing andoy and fear and a lifelong desire to be safe and loved incarnateIf we are stretching to live wiser and not The Fancy The Fancy Series 1 just smarter we will aspire to learn what love means how it arises and deepens how it withers and revives what it looks like as a private good but also a common good I long to make this word echo differently in hearts and ears not less complicated but differently so Love as muscular resilient Love as social notust about how we are intimately but how we are together in public I want to aspire to a carnal practical love eros become civic not “I’m a person who listens for a living  I listen for wisdom and beauty and for voices not shouting to be heard  This book chronicles some of what I’ve learned in what has become a conversation across time and generations across disciplines and denominations”   Peabody Award winning broadcaster and National Humanities Medalist Krista Tippett has interviewed the most extraordinary voices examining the great uestions of meaning for our time The heart of her work on her national public radio program and podcast  On Being has been to shine a light on people whose insights kindle in us a sense of wonder and courage Scientists in a variety of fields; theologians from an array of faiths; poets activists and many others have all opened themselves up to Tippett's compassionate yet searching conversation   In  Becoming Wise Tippett distills the insights she has gleaned from this luminous conv. ,

Becoming Wise An Inuiry into the Mystery and Art of Living