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A non fiction ecount of six Muslim students from modern day Iran who visited London in 1815 to learn about technology industry places of higher learning and English social etiuette in the time of Jane Austen Their first six months didn t go so well as there were misunderstanding about the funding of their venture but once a sponsor was found the six spread out into the fields of medicine black smithing weapons production and military planning industry and printing What I found very interesting was that the universities Cambridge and Oxford euired students to swear an oath to be studying to further the Christian faith which prevented the Muslim students from enrolling and that the formation of the Bible Society with the aim of distributing bibles to across the globe to India at that time spurred The Mass Production Methods Of Paper Manufacture mass production methods of paper manufacture printing presses to enable that to happen At that time there were only hand written books in Iran Newspapers were a new invention that excited the Muslim students the Dr Ruths Encyclopedia Of Sex relatively uick dissemination of informationThe book also discussed the surprises in store socially for the Muslim students men and women in mixed sex card playing houses dances and walking in the park The lowering of their own alcoholestrictions to enhance their ability to mix socially the differences between different Christian groups and the efforts "they go to to promote their denomination all very interesting Green s book explores the attempt by " go to to promote their denomination all very interesting Green s book explores the attempt by Iranian students to gain an education in the new sciences at England s 19th century universities and military schools When they eturn to Iran four years later however they bring with them than just medical procedures astrological discoveries and a printing pressUsing Jane Austen s England for context because let s face it when you think late 18th early 19th century England you immediately think of her characters the English countryside and clever conversations Green illustrates the co existence of scientific eason and early mechanization with an increasingly passionate Evangelical movement Far from a modern society free from Elephant Dance religious oversight England s various institutions including education were still heavily influenced by Christian do. In July 1815 six Iranian students arrived in London under the escort of their chaperone Captain Joseph D’Arcy Their mission was to master the modern sciences behind theapid ise of Europe Over the next four years they lived both the low life and high life of Regency London from being down and out after their abandonment by D’Arcy to charming their way into society and landing on the gossip pages The Love of Strangers tells the story of their search fo.

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These young men became very popular among several sections of the public in London and in some towns beyond They in turn came to love England despite a few unfortunate events I liked this book very much because the author wanted to show that intercultural communication is not only possible but it can lead to long lasting attachments One student even married an Englishwoman We have a plethora of books predicting clash of civilizations we have a xenophobic president and not only us here in America Muslims are under attack in Europe Russia India and elsewhere But there are plenty of examples of the opposite feeling in the world I suppose we are so inured to bad news that we expect academics to cater to our worst expectations The most impressive aspect of TLOS is the detailed esearch done by the author Faced with
dearth of first hand data still tracked down innumerable English inventors professors scientists eligious leaders and military officers and described how each of them probably met and influenced the young Persians He found the addresses where the students lived the inns where they stayed on travels out of London the stagecoach companies and presents a vast array of London Life In The life in the of Jane Austen who never met the men Green also talks about the eligious currents of the time and emphasizes the eligiosity of the English intellectuals then pointing out that our Persian students Could Not Attend Oxford not attend Oxford they adhered to the Church of England While the East India Company an two training colleges for their employees departing for India Oxford declined to show any interest in teaching Persian or Hindustani Their eyes were focused on training clergymen and hope for the conversion of the heathen I might say that the sections on Secrets Of The Heart Aincourts Hearts 3 religion drag somewhat and there s a fair bit ofedundancy but all in all it s a fascinating book presenting England of those times partially through the eyes of Iranians who came from a country where no printing press yet operated no newspaper had been seen Their common humanity their sympathetic curiosity their common love of cultural activity and the friendship between English and Persian is stressed In this lousy world of 2020 that is a most positive thing. Ctories that placed England at the forefront of the scientific The Lore Of The Old Testament revolution All the while Salih dreamed of becoming the first Muslim to study at Oxford The Love of Strangers chronicles the frustration and fellowship of six young men abroad to open a uniue window onto the transformative encounter between an Evangelical England and an Islamic Iran at the dawn of the modern age This is thatarest of books about the Middle East and the West a story of friendship. Ctrine and the growing desire to use England s imperial status to spread Christian teachingsPerhaps importantly Green eveals the ways which these Muslim s imperial to spread Christian teachingsPerhaps importantly Green eveals the ways in which these Muslim participated in and experienced these traditionally considered Western developments Not only did they learn the new sciences from the leading men of the period but they contributed in the creation of modern knowledge and brought it with them to IranThe story of these six men told from the perspective of Mizra Salih the lone journal keeper is occasionally hindered by Green s edundancy stating over and over again small details previously covered Moreover Green could have used a good editor Many times throughout the book there are sentence fragments unnecessary words and general grammatical confusion But that blames lies with the editor not Green Ultimately Green turns to the past to demonstrate how a love of strangers can overcome the seemingly love of strangers can overcome the seemingly cultural divide suggesting that the conflicts faced today between the Christian World and Muslim World are far from standard There was is and always will be opportunities for understanding cooperation and friendship between strangers Have you ever been seated at a family dinner next to a distant uncle or cousin and you e delighted to discover that he has similar interests only to have that On Ritualism relative How about some xenophilia for a changeIn 1815 five Persian students came to England from Iran to study the new sciences Another was already there They spent about three and a half years in England learning the English language English customs and manners English culture and some important technology that had not yeteached their homeland They even learned French and Latin Lonely and bewildered at first they slowly got accustomed to life in London As all but one were from the upper classes they mingled with similar people in England because in a way they were diplomatically supported by both Persian oyalty and the British Foreign Office One of them an intelligent man interested in history and languages as well as in the process of printing penned a diary over the whole time A lot of the basic information in Green s text comes from that document which had not been translated from Farsi before. R love and learning in Jane Austen’s EnglandDrawing on the Persian diary of the student Mirza Salih and the letters of his companions Nile Green vividly describes how these adaptable Muslim migrants learned to enjoy the opera and take the waters at Bath But there was than frivolity to their student years in London Burdened with acuiring the technology to defend Iran against Russia they talked their way into the observatories hospitals and steam powered fa. .
The Love of Strangers