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Database Tuning jTo July With feisty woman who wind up in trouble and dominate men who knowust how to handle them. F Peggie Pie Lisa loves holidays until a new event planner turns her Easter Egg Hunt into a much bigger affair that almost gets Lisa arrested and gets her into hot water with her husband March and St Patrick’s Day The End Of The Rainbow Cathy dumps her wealthy fiancé uits her ob at a sleazy gossip tabloid magazine and heads to Ireland on little than a hunch hoping to track down a Pulitzer Prize winning Irish novelist who disappeared from the publishing radar twelve years earlier When she

Arrives On The Isolated Island 
on the isolated island She Expects To Corner she EXPECTS TO CORNER PREY THOUGH SHE to corner prey though she a lot than she was expecting a ob the self respect she’s never had and love on a lobster boat The only cost to Cathy for the long ourney to the end of her personal rainbow is some very sound spankings and a closet full of Jimmy Choo spike heels April The Last April Fool Callie learns the hard way that playing a silly April Fools’ prank on your beloved can very easily go awry and that the payback that follows can make it really hard to sit down for a day or two or three May and Cinco de Mayo Maxed out in Mexico City Carrie’s drop dead gorgeous tour guide takes her to. ,

Girls "JUST WANNA HAVE FUNNINE FUN SHORT "Wanna Have FunNine fun short covering several months and holiday from January. An anthology of holiday stories from April Hill Nine holidays nine hilarious tales of chaos and woe and spankings than a poor girl can shake a switch at Whether they're snowed in in a mountain cabin or simply trying to enjoy a peaceful Fourth of July on a hot sunny New England beach these nine ladies ust can't seem to get their acts together or their ducks in a row One by one each of the unlucky holiday heroines pays for the minor disruption or major catastrophe she's created by being taken across her beloved's knee and major catastrophe she's created by being taken across her beloved's knee and spanked January Snowbound Russ Warren refuses to be Lisa’s wilderness guide so she stows away in the back of his truck and ends up trapped for a long cold winter in a snowed in one room cabin with an easy going cowboy whose idea of taking life easy is making it extremely hard on her deserving backside February Red Roses For A Blue Lady When Emma tries to make the guy she wants to marry ealous by going to the yearly Valentine’s Dance and Truck Auction with a lecherous chiropractor what she gets for her trouble is some almost frostbitten toes a suashed cupcake and a badly overheated behind March and Easter The Tale ,

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Calendar Girls
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April Hill spins these fun tales with likeable characters witty dialogue bottom warming scene. Some fabulous places for Cinco de Mayo but when she scene. Some fabulous places for de Mayo but when she his travel recommendations gets lost in the desert nearly kidnapped and cruelly robbed of her brand spanking new overpriced Chinese souvenir he also provides at absolutely no additional cost a not so fabulous trip across his gorgeous manly knee May and Memorial Day All uiet Along The Potomac The Civil War may be over but on this very first Memorial Day things are still very uncivil between handsome Union officer Jed Canfield and the spoiled Southern belle he still officer Jed Canfield and the spoiled Southern belle he still and was once engaged to marry On the theory that all is fair in love and war Captain Canfield puts a uick incisive end to the hostilities with a surprise assault from the rear on the lady’s vulnerable and very attractive rear end that is June Bailing Out The Bride When June bride Karyn marries an easy going NYPD cop she learns that being arrested for past due traffic tickets less than an hour after the ceremony can lead to a bare bottomed walloping in a cheap motel room and a wedding night that isn’t exactly the bed of roses she was hoping for after the groom had to blow their honeymoon fund on bailing out the bride. .