ePUB [My Husbands Lover cthulhu mythos] AUTHOR Kim Ashton – Book or eBook

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On she was glad it wasn t another woman Enjoy I di. T”Tom met Dave’s confused look and grinned then sauntered closer to Alice His eyes lingered on Dave for a moment hand rising from where it was perched on the other man’s shoulder to tangle in his hair as he leant into Alice Without another word his other hand cupped her chin and he kissed her gently his mouth soft against hers as he kept it relatively chaste but the hint of his tongue promising far if she wanted it She moaned before she could stop herself and pressed into him enjoying the way it felt different but similar to when Dave had kissed her earlier He withdrew the lust burning in his eyes tempered by a slightly serious note“Dave’s right – this never should have happened like this But now that it has and you knowwell what do you say to oining us what do you say to oining us having two sexy as hell men make it all better”. R husband with someone else Beside being returned. Ueezing it gently before bringing it up to his lips and letting them graze gently over it The butterflies in her stomach soared at that and she struggled to breathe evenly as she met the passion stomach soared at that and she struggled to breathe evenly as she met the passion his eyes God damn No wonder Dave was seduced by this guyHis playful nature took on a sombre tone for a moment keeping hold of her hand for a moment as he let her see some of the regret he shared with Dave“I’m sorry about all this love We never wanted to hurt you”Then taking Another Deliberate Glance At Her deliberate glance at her chest his sobriety disappeared to give way to a sensual invitation that made her knees go weak his voice DEEP AND LOW AND FULL OF and low and full of promise she could scarcely believe“But if you like – perhaps we could make it up to you”Dave’s eyes shot to him even as Alice’s heart starting beating faster“Uhh Tomwha. She s InterestedShe came home Early And Caught He. and caught he. can’t stay away from you” Ever since Dave discovered needs and desires he didn't understand he hasn't been able to stay away from the sexy mischievous Tom and his ability to satisfy every fantasy Dave can imagine He Knows It's Wrong He Hates it's wrong He hates he's doing to his marriage But he can't resist the power and strength in the other man's armsBut Alice is starting to suspect something and as she comes home unexpectedly one evening she's determined to find out only to walk in on a scene she'd never considered The sight of two hot men and the passion simmering between them takes her breath away and suddenly the things she was so afraid of seem full of exciting Possibilities And If She Can Forgive Her And if she can forgive her perhaps all three of them can find the fulfillment of everything they needtogether Excerpt Tom smiled at her


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My Husbands Lover