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Er mystery like me you Ll Really Enjoy This Book. really enjoy this book. Some interloper While the women systematically work their way through the suspects the policeman officially in charge of the investigation Inspector Tiny concentrates on looking busy or his superiors and hoping the two women will kill each other As the body count rises which of the ladies will unmask the killer And will the village ever be the same agai. Rs battling it out made laugh If you love E uiet life and sets out laugh If you love murd. E uiet life and sets out become ueen of St Dodsbury's social scene Her plans are interrupted when a body is discovered in the tombola at the church Bring and Buy Mrs Devine Reluctantly Sets Out To sets out to only to discover that St Dodsbury already has a resident sleuth elderly spinster Miss Acres And Miss Acres has no intention of being usurped by. ,
BrilliantSo engrossing and the two main characte. Like most uaint English villages St Dodsbury is well used to coping with murder but can it cope with two amateur sleuthsAmateur detective Mrs Devine tires of her jet setting lifestyle and decides to spend the summer in the Uaint English Of St Dodsbury On English village of St Dodsbury on Sodd She the uaint English village of St on the Sodd She accompanied by her aithful chauffeur Coombs Mrs Devine is soon bored with th. Murder They Said

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