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Fistful of BenjaminsDidnt care for the second story Its two short stories love it I couldn t ut it down this book was off the these two authors stories love it I couldn t ut it down this book was off the these two authors together and inned a really good book the characters were so believe able the lots twist and will have you second guessing wish I could give this book ten stars First story was definitely better than the second St. National bestselling authors Kiki Swinson and De'nesha Diamond light it up with two devious tales of Hirschfeld players hustles and running out of timeSpecial Delivery Kiki SwinsonMail carrier Gabriella Vasuez is making stacks of sweetaper from the innocent looking ackages she delivers on her route And that much cocaine can buy a lot of the sweet LIFE AND EVEN OF HER SEXY PARTNER EDUARD. and even of her sexy artner Eduard. ,

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Ory 1 Special Delivery was about Gabriella who mas a mail carrier who ends up in yhe drug game simply because she was overwhelmingly attracted to Eduardo Story 2 Gun Play was a little on the unoriginal side Was almost lije a combination of every drug cartel movie you ve seen before The exception is the twist near the end That twist rescued the sto. O's undivided attention But when the Feds make her an offer she can't refuse can she lay Eduardo and his ruthless kingpin boss and surviveGun Play De'Nesha DiamondThe only thing Julian Smith remember is a beautiful woman's Anguished Face Still For A face Still a with no memory he suddenly has a lot of enemies Now he'll need all the lethal skills he didn't know he had to elude his u. ,

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Ry Wow Okay Special Delivery I didn expect that I was Not Thinking And thinking Eduardo and would do that but greed can make eople do the unthinkable And Luca shocked me with what he did Gun Play was my favorite of the two Carlos is a sick man and his brother the same I wonder if there s gonna be something after this to tell what he Duels Of The Mind plans to do next. Rsuers and uncover the truth But deep in the heart of the Caribbean underworld lies the one danger he'll never see coming in his merciless uest to get his life backKiki captures the heat of the streets Wahida ClarkDiamond is dead on with authentic slang The rawrose will burn itself in READERS' MINDS LEAVING THEM SCREAMING FOR minds leaving them screaming for next installment Library Journal on Street Diva.