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Whats Become Of Screwloose And Other Inquiries lI was given a copy in exchange for a fair review Ioved #the book I was surprised This usually isn t the type of book #book I was surprised This usually isn t the type of book enjoy I Sourcery By Terry Pratchett Summary Amp Study Guide like fantasy yes but I have never ventured into this reform of magic and musical being I am glad that I did While the story to aittle but for me to get into once I got far enought into the story the next thing I knew the book was over i am alsocoming off of reading a few fluff books that we Oliver Cromwells Letters And Speeches With Elucidations By Thomas Carlyle light hearted romances This book had acompletely different feel to it There was action aittle romance fighting blood hot cars and some evil druid Oh and a drunken medicine man who is old #Very Very Old I Was Glad The #very old I was glad the pushed through the very beginning I will be getting the "next book I must find out what happens To me the story "book I must find out what happens To me the story off a The Shallows little slow But when it picked up it really took offJake is a senior in high school close to graduation when in the blink of an eye hisife goes from coming together to coming apart He has just realized his true feelings for his ong time best friend Hailey when he suddenly finds himself suspended from school for the ast 2 weeks eading up to graduation for fighting with Sean Parker a bully who has picked on him for no reason since they were young kidsA uick trip on the wrong road eads him to discover the disturbing truth about his Misteri Buku Harian Johanna life and theoss of his mother While it brings him closer to his dad it pulls the rest of his Past Lies life out from under himThe characters areikable and well written I really Wives Mothers And The Red Menace like Jake he s an all around GOOD GUY and the story is interesting What starts as a cute story uickly gives way to a dark dark endingI reallyiked this book and I am Junkyard Planet looking forward to reading the next to follow Jake on his uest to destroy the portal and free his family from their curseWas gifted this book by author SG Daniels in exchange for an honest review I bought this book over on notong after the release Being a foaming at the mouth kind of YA fan I was eager to read something that promised me druids and portals It was certainly a step away from vampires and I appreciated the different paranormal aspectFrom a Reader s PerspectiveI adored Jake s character He s such a sweet guy but messed up enough so he doesn t have that perfection aura surrounding him While he tries to do the right thing he sometimes ends up bungling the whole scenario All in all a guy I could really root for Hailey on the other hand was a His Angelic Mate Paranormal Protection Unit 7 little too perfect She could ve used aittle bit of bad girl or naivety to really round her out There were a few jarring places in the book where time skipped forward without The Ayurvedic Self Care Handbook letting me know what was going on I had to turn back and be sure I didn t miss something Pacing in the beginning of the book is slow but it picks up toward the end Speaking of the end there s a huge cliffhanger and an unexpected twist that kind ofeft me with my jaw dangling I won t ruin it for you you Bombay Gin 32 ll have to check it out on your own World building and descriptions were well done and the author rounded out the main character wellFrom an Editor s PerspectiveI m a huge stickler for pronoun usage There were so many pronoun errors in this book I became frustrated and put it down often I don t usually give examples in my review but this one calls for ateast one His dad started Wings Of Fire laughing so hard he had to bend over to grasp his knees It was contagious and he started toaugh right along with him and it ifted the oad off his shoulders Now the author means Jake in the second sentence up until the use of the word him then it should be Jake s dad and then Jake again when the word his is used There were other errors as well but I m not going to detail them all out here I mentioned above about the jarring time shiftsRating1 for giving me a well rounded main character I could root for1 for the twist at the end that Sacrificed To The Dragon Twins Bbw Dragon Paranormal Erotica left me aittle sad1 for an awesome cliffhanger that I didn t see coming5 for descriptions that were well done5 for jarring time shifts that Questions Kids Ask About Weather Questions Kids Ask 20 left me scratching my head a few times 1 for need for an editor to correct pronoun usage time shifts and otherittle thingsOverall 35 out of 5 stars But I round up not down Highly recommended if you want something to take you away from the world for a Station Ss9 little while and if you want a very different kind of paranormal read Vivid writing unpredictable twists and endearing characters Can t go wrongVivid writing brings the Arizona desert a small town filled with extraordinary personalities and believable paranormal elements toife in The Druid s Doorway No shallow characters here Jake Reese thinks he’s just a screwed up high school kid Pussy Worship living in a small town isolated in the Arizona desert Traumatized at an early age by his mother’s sudden death and believing he might have had something to do with it he’s allowed his guilt andack of self confidence to rule his Keep Your Love On lifeHailey is the fieryittle redhead that sees Jake as than just a go. ,
The Druids DoorwayE boy because hey that would suck so "bad we totally ove how his relationship with "We totally ove how his relationship with father turned out And of course it s not a great book with your BFF And there it is Every book needs a joker for a best friend who d always have your back and Kase is just the perfect example The book is well written but sometimes the dialogues are cut off in the middle so it s pretty confusing but don t worry because that only happened for a really few times All in all it s not that mainstream y written just about 5% or so35 stars Really really Liked It Go Get This it Go get this because I swear you won t regret it EVER The Druid s Doorway The Reese Brothers Series by SG Daniels is an intriguing YA paranormal story The story takes place in Arizona and involves a doorway to another realm that is guarded by a Druid But there is an evil entity trying to come through the doorway and claim the Reese brothers The story was a uniue and interesting concept and the plot had a Breaking News lot of surprising twists and turnsThe main character in the story is Jake Reese a high school student who is suddenly forced to deal with the paranormal world Jake is a complex and well developed character The book was filled with many secondary characters who were important to the story and to Jake Each character had hisher own personality and the author made sure that each character was developed and fit the storyIt s hard to comment on the storyline without giving spoilerssoet me just say that the story had components of good vs evil 200 Ways To Raise A Girls Self Esteem life and death romance family friendships and aot of actionI definitely recommend this book I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review nonononononononononono NO N O Don t do this to me Oh I am attached This is bad Where s the second book I need the second book I can t no please ugh READ THIS NOW READ THIS NOW READ THIS NOWI was only supposed to read halfway then continue it tomorrow but I ended up finishing it now because I can t stop okay Some parts were confusing especially the story unraveling part because bits of the dialogues were cut at the most wrong times which made the sentences end halfway through the thought and the next thing you know they re talking about another stuff then they will go back to the topic before But everything else A D O R A B L E It was a typical ove story but they re sweet altogether Actually the book is so sweet from the first page up to the ast Not that boy girl type of sweet but the complete package type of sweet That father son kind that just melts your heart and makes you want to have a husband and son just to see it for yourself And that BFF sweet That no matter what unbelievable shit you say heshe will still have your back and take the road with you I ove that Now I don t want to spoil you with anything just that it made my heart swell with emotions and feelings and yes I caught the Reese Virus BEWARE you have 90% chance of getting it too There not much action as in bloody gore y action just enough fantasy romance sparks flying but not too much that will make you gag dash of comedy in case ife gets tough and there are sure sufficient dramatic as in my heart is breaking I can t stop the tears kind of drama This actually sort of reminded me of Through The Ever Night because of Sean sort of And another book or maybe movie that I can t place a hand on because I swear I ve heard of these kinds of portals and these druids before Maybe I have maybe I haven tSo there READ IT NOW READ IT NOW READ IT NOW AND GIVE ME THE SECOND BOOK I M DYING FOR THE SECOND BOOK I was Dead City World At War Online 8 lucky enough to receive a fee copy of this book in exchange for a fair review When I first began this book I was excited and aittle nervous I had previously read another series about a modern druid and so my standards were set a ittle high Well I was happily convinced within the first few chapters that this was gonna be a great book It was different and not the type of story I was expecting The story is told from both Jake and Hailey s points of view which I iked because I m nosy and have ADD brain and it kept my brain interested The two of them have been great friends since forever and a day so when they realize that they have deeper feelings for each other it makes their bond and relationship much believable since it s not instaLOVE not that there is anything wrong with that There of course is a good amount of action and excitement dealing with evil druids ghosts possession All kinds of craziness that Jake faces with the help of his family and friends Which is. Longer is his memory of her the only thing that haunts him Something evil from her past has escaped through the portal and nothing will prevent it from trying to steal Jake’s futureCan Jake overcome his fears to keep Hailey safe Will the decisions he's forced to make destroy everyone he knows and The Perfect Husband lovesAnd ultimatelyis he strong enough toive with those choic. .

Ll well drawn with uniueness that makes "them interesting and yet so ordinary That I Identified With I identified with one I ve never read a "interesting and yet so ordinary that I identified with each one I ve never read a Adult novel uite A Second Loving Harlequin Romance 3099 like this one and found Jake and Hailey to be refreshingly normal teens I didn t see the twists and turns of the story coming As secrets are revealed the motivations that drive each character becomes heartbreakingly clear and each strives to defend theirives and families from unknowable foes A great story well worth your time Book Review originally published here is just another screwed up kid iving in just another boring small town Traumatized by his Mom s sudden death and crippled by guilt because he believes he had something to do with it he Mom s sudden death and crippled by guilt because he believes he had something to do with it he confidence and ove for himself His best friend Hailey starts to feel romantically toward him right when strange things start happening around town Jake discovers a portal outside of the down that reveals a secret about his mother and something evil from her past Jake has to The Pyramid Of Souls Magickeepers 2 learn to trust himself and his own instincts to keep his family and Hailey safeWriting in a clear distinctive style this was an uniue compelling read Hailey and Jake are both intriguing characters Jake being my favorite and they go through some immense character development throughout the book With too many plot twists to count a few surprises and an interesting antagonist this was a than enjoyable read Adapted from the review on my blog The Paisley ReaderThe Druid s Doorway had everything that Iook for in a premise so it was a no brainer that I jumped on the chance to read and review it Average teens realized to be special the discovery of a magical portal a cute potential relationship all of it things that I tear up the pages for Add in the Southwest setting that I don t see enough in books and I m sold It was different enough for sure that I didn t feel Excellence In Business Communication like I had read anything uiteike it beforeAt the beginning the book read as if it was trying to be complicated than it was However there was a spark that I saw in the characters that I had met so I continued onward and after the first few chapters this The Hilarious True Story Of One Mans Sexual Adventures In Bangkok lessened drasticallyIoved the scenes with Hailey and Jake They re so realistic and I could easily relate to them I found this to be one of Daniels strengths She creates characters that I easily found myself invested in Jake isn t some golden boy He s not mega popular He rides a Harley and struggles with his family relationships Hailey while a All Our Broken Pieces little on the perfect could do no wrong side has an insecurity streak that is super relatable from my standpoint She had conversations with herself that I have had with myself I alsoiked Jessie and Jake and Jessie s dad GavinIt took a while for the pacing of The Druid s Doorway to pick up It s not until 35% of the way through that things really get interesting when Jake s Wine life is first put in peril Once this happened I had a hard time putting the book down There was enough action of various types to keep me going Plus I needed toearn about what was happening to Jake and the bigger uestion of why about the Medicine Man guarding the portal and I needed to continue to watch the relationship between Jake and HaileyOverall I definitely enjoyed reading The Druid s Doorway and after the cliffhanger of an ending that s a warning for all of you who aren t into them and with things I did not see coming I Krlek Hur Fan Gr Man look forward to finding out what happens nextThank you to the author SG Daniels who provided me with an ecopy of The Druid s Doorway in exchange for an honest review READ OUR REVIEW ON OUR BLOG Who doesn tove a perfect combination of friends family and In De Schaduw Van Yavin Star Wars 2 lovers But that s not all it also comes with some fast paced action scenes This will surely satisfy a bibliophile s cravingThe story stretches itself from blaming yourself to friendship to anotherevel of friendship to family and when you think you know what s going to happen it will hit you right in the face and will command you to think againWe won t go into full details because if we do we might spill the beans and who wants to waste some delicious beansBut don t worry we won t Fucking Frankenstein leave you hanging out thereHere are some of the things that weoved the mostFirst off the romance It just simply tells everyone that there is a chance that you won t get stuck in the friendzone for the rest of your The Women On My Couch life Who knows maybe you are meant for each other Second family You may have noticed by now that if we can wel point this part of a book Yes We firmly believe that a book shouldn t be just about the girl and th. Od friend When she invites him as her date to a school function it brings down the walls he's built to protect his heart and sets off a series of events that threaten not only Jake’s ife but that of everyone around himThe discovery of a portal on the outskirts of town brings Jake face to face with death and reveals a closely guarded secret about his mother No.

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