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Om differed sharply from those The Other Major Hellenistic the other major With contributions from world specialists on Hellenistic history and coinage this book is the first full ength study to be dedicated to the political economy of the Attalid kingdom of Pergamon focusing in particular on its financial administration international relations and the functioning of the stat.

Attalid Asia Minor

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In the third century BC the Attalid dynasts of Pergamon in north western Asia Minor were relatively
Minor Players In Hellenistic 
players in Hellenistic power politics This all changed in 188
minor players in Hellenistic great power politics This all changed in 188 when under the Terms Of The Treaty of the treaty Apameia the Attalids were granted the greater share of the former Seleukid territories in western and inner Anatolia At a stroke the Attalids were elevated to th. E status of one of major powers of Mediterranean; but new found prominence came at a The vast expanse of Attalid Asia Minor had been not by conuest but through a pragmatic and humiliating grant by Roman commissioners As a result the ideological and bureaucratic structures through which the second century Attalid rulers administered their kingd. .