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Rd not to love Check it outMy favorite uote DO YOU KNOW WHAT A MECHANICAL ENGINEER DOES UMYOU you know what a mechanical engineer does UmYou fix a lot of stuff His smile grew Oh sigh said the eggsThink of what we could do with his DNA Yes he said That s it Exactly You Understand How Things You understand how things built she said It sounded vaguely dirty Yes You know how toget things going His eyes dropped to her mouth Mm hm You e good with your hands He leaned forward Are you flirting with me Miss Holland he asked his voice lowOh crap Well she d been trying to Honor straightened up and put her hands in her lap No You don t need to stop he said mildly It was uite nice He leaned back in his chair For the ecord a mechanical engineer is Dr Ruths Encyclopedia Of Sex responsible for how just about anything is built We make sure any type of structure or vehicle oroadway is strong safe and will stay together Strong safe stay togetherMeow The Blue Heron is a series of omances set in the community of Blue Heron Each book showcases a different couple with cameos from pastfuture characters The series includes the following installments as of October 2017 1 The Best Man 2 The Perfect Match 3 Waiting on You 4 In Your Dreams 5 Anything for You Following a surprisingly dissatisfying eading experience it s always hard to distinguish how much to blame on a book s actual uality vs subjective eh it just wasn t my literary cup of tea preference I ve Elephant Dance read every book that Kristan Higgins has ever written so I obviously think she s a talented writer Her style has a uniue amount of warmth charm and wit albeit a tad too much cutesy trying too hard preciousness for my taste I also love how heavily she emphasizes familialelationships friendships hobbies etc Crush It rather than defining her characters based solely on the centralomanceShe does however have certain tendenci Seriously the guy in this book is THE dream guy well at least for me TOM BARLOW British THE ACCENT has a killer smile witty a college professor teaching mechanical engineering good at building stuff and also good with his hands licensed to fly airplanes loves his unofficial stepson unofficial meaning his dead ex fiancee s son a supporter of Manchester United a boxer ahem freakin hot bod makes dinners for you has big handsAND good in bed and probably on the kitchen table as well LOLSo Brains body and loaded with skills SERIOUSLYSo where can I find a Tom Barlow please. H a marriage of convenience and make her ex jealous in the process But juggling a fiancé hiding out from her former best friend and managing her job at the family vineyard isn't easy And as sparks start to fly between Honor and Tom they might discover that their pretend elationship is far too perfect to be anything but true love.

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Nd girls but NO I was wrong view spoilerShe had a crush when she was in high school and that crush Turns Into Love Now Honor into Love Now Honor thirty five and it s high time she had a baby so she proposed Brogan and got ejected The guy Brogan thought their Secrets Of The Heart Aincourts Hearts 3 relation is kinda friends with benefits type They lived in different cities so they didn t catch up lots but when they meet they sleep together The fact that when they are not meeting Brogan was sleeping with others and also had girlfriends here and there should have given Honor enough alarm that the guy was not into her But AlasAfter two months of theejection Brogan is engaged to Honor s best friend Then she decided to move on Enter Tom Tom needs the green card to stay in the states for his unofficial stepson I know I know the weird level is higher Tom was engaged to a single mom but she died before anything was official Tom adored his ex fianc s kid Charlie and want best for the child The child s father is out of the picture and the kid s grandparents are not so very welcoming so Tom decided to stay in the States but his working visa will be expiring in a few days Tom s Auntie and Honor grandma s set them up but the first date ended up very badly Then the story progressed Tom and Honor decided that they can have a marriage of convenience Tom will get a green card and they will see if their marriage worked The whole idea was Honor s who is desperate to have a child and is desperate to have a child and And I have to say the Blurb was kinda misleading Honor didn t propose marriage because she wanted to jealous Brogan she simply did it cause she thought maybe it was her last best option hide spoiler The Perfect Match is the second installment in Kristan Higgins s adult contemporary The Lore Of The Old Testament romance series titled Blue Heron Ieally enjoyed this particular story and its The Disambiguation Of Susan romance It was sweet with the slow burn and surprising complications that come with aelationship of convenience I loved the incorporation of the angsty teenager the conflict associated with one of the most horrid friendships I ve ead and the fun cultural element the too sexy hero brought to this town Our cute heroine feels her biological clock coming to a close so her eggs have uite a bit of internal dialogue which was obviously intended to be humorous but uickly became annoying to me personally but it hardly impacted my enjoyment This book is ha. T New York population 715 wasn't easier said than done Charming handsome British professor Tom Barlow just wants to do ight by his unofficial stepson Charlie but his visa is about to expire Now Tom must either get a green card or leave the States and leave Charlie behind In a moment of impulsiveness Honor agrees to help Tom wit. The Perfect Match45 Eggs with bifocals cheering madly starsThe second book in Kristan Higgins The Blue Heron series is An Hilarious Romantic And Utterly hilarious On Ritualism romantic and utterlyead The story starts with THE day Honor Grace Holland turned thirty five she did what she always did on her birthday She got a Pap smearAnd I was hooked I immediately had a sense of exactly who this heroine was and what type of life she d been living or not living so far In 20 words Kristan Higgins hooked me in and made sure I was fully invested in the main character I dont know how many authors can do that with such skill and efficiency Her ability to weave her characters through my imagination contiinued to astound me as she told the story of two people who both felt they were unning out of time I wasn t convinced that the hero of our story was actually in love with Honor but truly I was enjoying the story and the banter and the characters so much that I don t think I cared that much I m not sure I ve ever felt that way before m not sure I ve ever felt that way before I also ealised that this is a story about many different types of love and love affairs emphasising that not every love needs to be a sledgehammer of lust and obsession This story describes many couples each with a very different way of expressing their love for one another and each with their own personal motivations I think perhaps Honor and Tom had a chemistry that had to burn slowly in order to break through their individual walls and illusions And finally they found a love that suited them both The heroine was perhaps a little submissive than I usually like but she was also incredibly brave and very kind This was not at all how I pictured her in the first book so I was so pleased all how I pictured her in the first book so I was so pleased discover her depth in this story I loved so many things about this bookI loved ALL the characters view spoiler well apart from Dana Brogan Mitchell and Janice I Truly HATED Danaand kept discovering new layers of hate as the story progressed Brogan was an idiot in every scene He was so clueless and selfish and I hated how he used Honor over and over again Mitchell was scum And Janice was abhorence personified but totally believable as the unattached grandmother with a warped sense if obligation view spoiler hide spoiler Why all of the Holland girls are naive when it comes to love Damn In the previous book I thought Honor was the smart one among all three Holla. What if the perfect match is a perfect surprise Honor Holland has just been unceremoniously The Unknown Karl Marx rejected by her lifelong crush And now a mere three weeks later Mr Perfect is engaged to her best friend Butesilient Rising Frenzy Men Of Myth 2 reliable Honor is going to pick herself up dust herself off and get back out there or she would if dating in Manningspor.

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