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Shattered The Amanda Project 3 yThis book was a bit disappointing I never really warmed to the characters and didn t feel the intensity of them or the story The supposed drama she left behind and his secret were very weak and the book was way too long so much pointless dialogue and I don t get the title Haze why that What is the relevance I unfortunately could not finish this story It was too wordy for me and became very distracting and confusing plus the dialogue did not seem realistic I gave it to 20% in hopes of it changing and grabbing my interest but it didn t But I will say what I always do just because it wasn t for me doesn t meanou won t like it so give it a try if it interests ou I m feeling very generous today hence the 2 star rating I really do not want to be mean but WTF was this storyI don t even feel like reviewing it It took me FOREVER to get through it and finish it and that s because I literally forced my selfI have nothing to say i loved it there were times when i wanted to strangle effie but then again show me a good book when ou dont want to seriously maim the main character at least once but it all turned out well i bought this on my nook and it was 795 pages and it uses just about every page so its a nice long read and luckily i didnt have to skip paragraphs and pages because of excessive detail like i usually do with books this long im a fast reader but i was reading like four other books at the same time so this one took me a little while but for a normal reader it should be a good few days read my favorite types of books are contemporary romance although i would never admit to it this is why no one is allowed near my nook evil laugh and this was *a good one i LOVE me some jack teller I started this book *good one i LOVE me some jack teller I started this book couple of times I wasn t sure if it was that I wasn t in the right mood or if I just couldn t get into it so I sat down esterday and decided that this was the day I was going to read it no matter what and I m glad that I did I thought the story was a good one but struggled with some parts of the book it seemed a bit all over the place for me Some parts I really enjoyed and there were definitely some steamy love scenes which kept my interest Usually if I can t get into a book I won t finish it but there was something about this one that kept me reading wanting to know what was going to happen next I really liked that she didn t leave the characters hanging at the end and included an epilogue When I read the Haze blurb the things I remember most were Set in New York City Hunky guy is a music producer his name is Jack Now I don t know if anyone here has read the Avoiding Series or not but it contains a very memorable character named Jack and is sort of set in New York Or I associated it this way just because that apparently is how my mind works That Jack made me "Feel Like Throwing My "like throwing my across the room pretty much in every scene he was in which I will say I am attached to that thing than sweetsbecause I truly love junk food so that says a lot but mostly want to kill him myself to save the girl some heartache In other words it surprised me that I didn T RUN AWAY KICKING AND SCREAMING IN THE OTHER run away kicking and screaming in the other from this again because of how my mind works I think what drew me back in from my crazy inner monologue was the music part I love rocker stories so I thought his profession as a producer was close enough Anyway I strugg. Freshly graduated from college and ready for a new start Effie Jacobs leaves small town Michigan and heads to New York City to work in accounting for a major record label the last thing she ever thought she'd be doing She's left a world of drama behind her eager to confront her new reality head on and make it on her ownAfter getting over the initial shock of NYC and her new job Effie's life starts to become manageable calmer simpler But all of that changes at once when HE steps into th. Me like this much than my original review I would recommend getting a sample to see if ou like her writing style before purchasingjust wasn t for meOh I did like the cover and liked that Jack was sweet and not with a bunch of crazy groupies or anger issues I also thought the ending redeemed the whole book a bit another reason to add a starOriginal review posted d 41913 Sorry got about 30% in and just could not go on even after Effie s ex s failed attempt to get her back and hearing Jack tell Effie about his first love I just did not care at all about these charactersMaybe I shouldn t be reviewing this since I couldn t finish it but i suffered through 500 pages of another book I didn t like because there was at least enough intrigue to keep me going so I feel like I should share why there was nothing compelling me to keep reading this Effie sounded like a middle schooler not a 24 ear old woman Actually most of the characters sounded like middle schoolers not adults in powerful business positions The thoughts and dialogue were relatively vanilla then BAM we have f bombs being dropped all over the place during sex scenesIt was also a little difficult to understand the attraction between these two after they spent all of 10 min together before all of a sudden something sexual happened The first meeting was business related too nothing personal but an exchange of names and some spilled coffee even transpired that first meetinggive me a breakThe number of italicized words used was ridiculous "Really was it necessary to have what seemed like every other word in italics Its like over using an exclamation point "was it necessary to have what seemed like every other word in italics Its like over using an exclamation point times I thought to myself that the book should have been in all CAPS to help convey the authors apparent enthusiasm or whatever the italics were supposed to mean Using something that often just is obnoxious and end up meaning nothing And at 30% I still had no clue what Effie looked like except she had a decent rack and what some of her clothes looked like Everyone else had physical characteristics explained except the person s thoughts we are readingSorry I rarely have unfinished books or rate them but this one was something I couldnt just let go without conveying my disappointment I also feel the author might need to know why she is getting low reviews and make some changes to her next book WHAT the girls name and make some changes to her next book WHAT the girls name Effie WTF What a weird name I just could not get into it Really it was Effie over analyzing everything I just didn t connect had to stop at 25% Wow I don t know where to start with this book I was absolutely bored out of my mind and was going to just stop reading it But I figured I paid for it and maybe it would get better Well literally the last chapter was the best *of the entire book and that wasn t even good I kept *the entire book and that wasn t even good I kept for something to happen but it just never didEffie is the female character and she is flimsy and boring The book is her deciding on every decision that she has to make and they are the stupidest decisions She has nothing really interesting about her whatsoeverJack was the male character 30ish rich and also boring There was no chemistry between the two of them and they fall for each other within like a week There was hardly any character development The story line was also boring and not at all captivating I ve never given really poor reviews but it took everything in me to finish this boo. F passion worried that she'll find herself in a cat and mouse game of steamy emotions Jack is full of surprises and she's not ready to give into him or herself so easilyThe only problem is when they're together it's like perfectionEven with the challengesEven with the secretsEven with the hurt from the pastCan Effie get past her powerful desire for independence and give herself to the one that wants her the most Maybe what Jack offers is the exactly thing she's been looking for all alo.

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Led a lot through the first part of the book I m not sure how far I got into Andrea s 100 page or die rule so I probably went past it but I was very happy with the second half The main problem I think was not feeling very connected to the characters at first Effie is a small town girl with big dreams who takes a job in New York "City After Her Long Time Boyfriend Gives Her An Ultimatum "after her long time boyfriend gives her an ultimatum he can stay close to his family with the job he wants I hate guys like that so I am glad she chose herself and just moved My husband worked out for the first couple of ears we were married but he never once let me put my dreams or chance to further myself aside *so if anything this showed me another example *if anything this showed me another example how awesome my husband is Hah Sorrythat isn t going to make ou wanna read this bookEffie is I think 23 and new to life in the big city as opposed to Jack who is 30 and hugely successful in the music business Once the story found it s rhythm I enjoyed reading about them a great deal The first parts of Jack and Effie s relationship was what was most rushed for me Speed of light start go stop hot cold I want it this way I want it that way oh sorry just kidding nonsense She didn t know what she wanted which Was Okay To A okay to a because she is discovering herself for the first time but she was so very wishy washy about it that I rolled my eyes a few times That particular story line is done a lot these days so I was glad that when it took off some of that was left behind too The second half seemed much developed and added a few outside elements that were exciting involving Effie s boss Sam I was grateful that all of the loose strings that I remember were tied up nicely in the end also so I wasn t left wondering about what people we were introduced to were doing I liked it and gave it 3 stars but is suited to those who don t mind a slow to boil read but might not work out for a hook in the first chapter type Updated review42113Okay since I sincerely hate not finishing a book and kinda felt bad about my negative review I decided to read the entire story I originally gave it 1 star but upped it to a 2 star rating Like a couple other reviewers said there was a decent premise here ultimately but I just could never become fully engaged in it and figured it out before it happenedWhile the dialogue used curse words outside of sex scenes after about 75% of the book I felt the cursing was used for the sake of using it It just had been so saccharine and oung ish sounding dialogue for so much of the book that the cursing seemed about as out of place as all the italicizes used Yes the italics at least a few a page continued for the remainder of the book making me cringe or roll my eyes freuently I guess ou could say I just wasn t that in to this authors writing styleThen the plot lines were somewhat thin here and there or things that were made to seem important didn t end up being all that important ExampleMaybe I missed it when I was kind of scan reading but I am still completely perplexed as to why Effie was estranged from her parents and why bringing them back into her life was so monumental at the end of the book I also found the incessant reflection over analysis and pages of internal dialogue to detract from rather than add to the story It just felt like she kept rehashing the same things over and over sorry reading the entire book did not make. E picture songwriterperformerproducer Jack TellerHe's enigmatic gorgeous and wealthy the glowing product of so many ears of hard work and limitless natural talent a man so fantastic that he can have literally any woman he wants And after a highly unexpected encounter Jack wants Effie and she can't understand why She can't believe that he could actually be serious about wanting a simple girl like herEffie's cautious et dangerously intrigued by his unremitting advances his flourishes .
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Haze by Andrea Wolfe