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Much for the characters even the good ones but the descriptions of cold and snow rang true This book got my attention because it s set in the UP of Michigan The first third was pretty okay and then it ust got stupid There s way too much violence and some animal cruelty that made me ill In the last portion of the book the characters did so many things that made no sense Even the 3 year old child seemed to be treated like an infant by the Author The Ending Also Non The ending Also non I can t recommend this one I read this solely because another author Pete Dexter strongly recommended it in an interview And it s a great setup but it suddenly turns from And it s a great setup but it suddenly turns from I ve got such a soft spot for neo noir and this is good times to oh I guess we re creating unbelievable Archetypes who act completely inconsistently to finally really that was what was going on in the woods really Can I have those two hours backWhich is to say stick to writing books Pete and not recommending them Very strange book Most of the characters were not very likeable A lot violence that I felt was not necessary. B of family allegiances deceptions and intrigueOn Norman’s trail is Del Maki the hard working sheriff of Yellow Dog Township a fork in the road on the way to Canada Cold takes us deep into an intricate fascinating tale where love greed and the promise of a last chance compel six people toward a chilling and inevitable reckoning.

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Good writer butit took so long to get through the story with only a little over 300 pages With so many characters and a blizzard it should have gone uickly I liked his character development and scenery but a bit of suspension of belief While the whole UP is shut down with a massive blizzard and no emergency personnel able to get out the regular folk could drive and get away and go on with their lives Really I will try some of his other books though Good enough book Mostly interesting to me because it s set in the Upper Peninsula The first half of the book was uite good then the last half of the book was strange and unbelieveableall this fuss over the killing of bears in the UP The first part grabs your attention and you think Wow this is going to be a great book to snuggle up with But then you hit the second part And it bogs down Completely And PS to the authorhang around children before writing about them any Your 3 yr old vascillated between being an infant and a kindergartener the way you wrote about her And really You could come up with the child over and In the frozen reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Fierce Winter Storms fierce winter storms hit without notice In the white opacity of one such blizzard Norman Haas walks away from his prison work detail without of one such blizzard Norman Haas simply walks from his prison work detail without agonizing days of blistering cold Norman finds himself at the farmhouse of a lonely middle aged woman who give. .
Ver again when referring to her That got tedious I was hesitant to read this book after
seeing some of 
some of posts here and am so glad that I ignored them and went ahead with it I really enjoyed it and found it hard to put downIf you are looking for a simple love story look elsewhere This is a suspense novel and it s characters are as complex and fascinating though not always likable as the remote area in which they live Smolens surprised me right complex and fascinating though not always likable as the remote area in which they live Smolens surprised me right until the end with unpredictable story lines and he certainly knows how to capture desolation with his often brittle icy prose This is the first thing I ve read of his and I will be looking for When I was halfway through this book I was thinking of rating it 4 or 5 stars but at about the 23 point it starting getting and far fetched to the point where it became absurd by the end and fetched to the point where it became absurd by the end and almost didn t finish it It was disappointing since the character development and prose style had been very captivating up to that pointI do rate it highly for its generally realistic por A crime novel set in the UP in winter I didn t care. S him temporary shelter while keeping him at a comfortable distance with her late husband’s shotgun When she tries to turn him in he escapes again Thus begins a riveting story of Norman’s ourney back to his past back to the woman he loved who betrayed him back to the brother who helped put him away and back to a dangerous we.
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Cold A Novel

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