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Isaac NewtonThis is a very compelling look at the life of an extraordinarily brilliant and complex man who rofoundly *Influenced The Course Of Modern *the course of modern Living as we do in an era when science and religion tend to be seen as fundamentally contradictory it is fascinating to read of the curious young theologian who truly believed God s greatest wish was for humanity to discover the mechanisms that drive the movements of the universe to as Newton described it transcend the finite boundaries of our being and reach toward infinity itselfAs in all writings on Newton there is the reuisite clarification of the mythology surrounding him yes he did Spend Much Time In His Uncle S much time in his uncle s orchard during his early twenties when he began developing the new mathematics that would come be known as the calculus and no he did not discover gravity or incur any apple induced head injuries But mostly Gleick s biography is a look at Newton s humanity and the sometimes intriguing sometimes revolting contradictions that defined his charismatic ersonality One sees for instance Newton s all but Get A Grip On Ecology pathologicalaranoia over others stealing his ideas and then the disturbing irony that several of the most famous uotes attributed to him indeed those usually Sharks And The Worlds Scariest Sea Monsters presented as evidence of his humility and nobility of spirit were in fact almost entirelylagiarized from his Australias Bush Poets Henry Lawson Part 1 predecessorsBeing a biography this book is notrimarily aimed at exploring the specifics of Newton s scientific or mathematical discoveries However one could no write a biography of Newton without some discussion of mathematics than one could explain Mozart without reference to music It is therefore helpful to have a small amount of familiarity with calculus and No Fury The Egg Of Renen Utet 1 physics That being said there were scientific matters in the book that I didn t understand and I didn t find that to be aroblemTruly a fascinating story of an incredibly influential historical figure After reading uicksilver the first book in Neal Stephenson s Baroue Cycle I became very interested to learn about some the historical figures around whom the story revolved Robert Hooke Robert Boyle John Wilkens Christopher Wren and Isaac Newton the founders and early members of the Royal Society Given my interest in Astrology physics optics and math especially Isaac NewtonFortunately for me James Gleick s biography of Newton simply titled Isaac Newton wasublished earlier that year 2003 Gleick was not new to me both Chaos Making a New Science and Genius The Life and Science of Richard Feynman have a Eraks Ransom Rangers Apprentice 7 place on my bookshelves so I had high hopes for his biography of Newton I was not disappointedChances are you ve heard of Isaac Newton if for nothing else than the fact that he came up with the idea of gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree Which by the way is a vast oversimplification You may have even heard of After fiftyages I almost Proof Of Heaveb put this book down At thatoint it was mostly calculations that I was hardly interested in and there was little about how Newton actually lived his life I m glad that I did keep reading because I found myself enjoying much of the later The Miracle Of Stalag 8a Stalag Viii A Beauty Beyond The Horror parts He was celibate and heossibly never saw the ocean yet he could understand the universe like no one before him Newton was a genius and because of him it is hard to imagine how humans thought before him This is a fair standard recap of Issac Newton s life Gleick gives each discovered scientific Ang Subersibo principle its due Newton s long career is documented well He was Master of The Royal Mint for 30 years Also on his extensive resume is President of The Royal Society Newton wrote endlessly most of his writings survive even his first childhood notebook with drawings He bought it with his own money His father died before Newton was born His mother left the three year old Issac to her mother so she could remarry easilyWhat you know about Newton is true his massive intelligence removed him from most joys and foibles of everyday life In all Isaac Newton was born in a stone farmhouse in 1642 fatherless and unwanted by his mother When he died in London in 1727 he was so renowned he was given a state funeral an unheard of honor for a subject whose achievements were in the realm of the intellect During the years he was an irascibleresence at Trinity College Cambridge Newto. He various meeting minutes and diary entries from associates it is recorded that he laughed but once The apple falling from his garden tree story that rompted Newton to devise the euations for gravity is here too Heck with apples Newton uickly went on to crack the code of the gravity that holds the Ready Or Not Dawdle Duckling planets in orbit This is the bio of someone living inside his mind a tremendously gifted extreme mind Newton was not aeople Transparent Cohabitation person Confronting Newton on science or even daily business would anger himThe book isopular length this is not a 750 Caravansary page treatise I listened to the audiobook read by British actor Allan Corduner At five CDs total it is just long enough to do justice to this genius and does not wear out its welcome Previous biographies I read have spoiled me so that I can only say that this book is a competent little introduction to the life and work of Isaac Newton that leaves me hungry for And I hear that Never at rest by Richard S Westfall is excellent Isaac Newton was a wizard I love that there was a time only just a few hundred years ago in which men attempted wizardy like experiments working magic if you will in their attempts to turn lead into gold and what have you That s awesome As a nice getting to know you leaping offoint Gleick s book is a good starter bio about Newton s life in general It gives summary details of his theories and work without bogging the reader down too much Anyone looking to do a study on Newton will need to dig a bit deeper than this I stand by my comment because if women could be condemned as witches and Human Ecology Of Beringia put to death for it grown men who dabble in alchemy revered as they may be can and should be made to withstand the wizard label for better or worse It was aleasure reading this book the book has given an eneormous amount of information about the great name Newton I can say before reading this book the man I knew but the story I didn t Crisp concise a great introduction that leaves you wanting to know Others seem to have found it dry I found it gripping Given that Newton had little or nothing by way of what we d normally consider a ersonal life I suspect a much Longer Biography Would Be Tedious Though Newton biography would be tedious Though Newton no hysicist his book is very interesting This uote from Newton s contemporary Nicolas Malebranche sums up much of Gleick s excellent biography Newton is to us a towering figure arguably the single greatest scientist who ever lived in fact he was so influential that science as we know it owes an incalculable debt to his vision He didn t so much invent the modern way of looking at the world as he tore down the existing worldview categorically The Watchtower Amp The Masons proved it to be lacking and then single handedly constructed a new view Toeople like Malebranche speaking of Newton s masterwork the Philosophi Naturalis Principia Mathematica this change was simply too much Newton wasn t a scientist because he so radically redefined what the term even meantGleick captures this cataclysm and rebirth in a way that is elegant engaging and entertaining His The Oathbreakers Shadow prose is almostoetic in how much meaning is conveyed er word and the book has the feel of a finely crafted work of art It reads very easily while simultaneously communicating a huge amount of information truly the holy grail of science communicationThe book *provides a chronological biography of newton focusing less *a chronological biography of Newton focusing less the man himself and instead on his work his letters mathematics and ublications letting the words speak for his Illusions And Lies W I T C H 6 personality As is often the case with great scientists it turns out that Newton was a bit of a dick In corresponding with several recurring characters he shows himself to be cold ruthless and brilliant A deepsychological analysis of his character is avoided here because that is available in other weightier tomes that frankly after this I have no interest in reading But enough is shown to convince at least this reviewer that Newton was a truly uniue strange individualThis N imagined I Am Human properties of nature and gave them names mass gravity velocity things our science now takes for granted Inspired by Aristotle spurred on by Galileo’s discoveries and thehilosophy of Descartes Newton grasped the intangible and dared to take its measure a leap of the mind unparalleled in his generationJames Gleick the au. ,

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Rings me to the best comparison I can make to this book the excellent The Strangest Man by Graham Farmelo about Paul Dirac Newton and Dirac were similar in many ways and so are their biographies Where Farmelo succeeds compared to Gleick however is that he introduces an overarching theme *or narrative to the book namely dirac s *narrative to the book namely Dirac s with his father Such a narrative thread is rather lacking from Gleick s biography which might be a conseuence of trying to condense things down to a brief format This does mean the book doesn t live up to it s full otential but it s not far shortA great biography meticulously researched beautifully written I read this to compliment my reading of uiet by Susan Cain thinking that studying the life of one of the most famous introverts will give me greater insightBut all James Gleick How To Be A Finance Rock Star provides is a cursory summary of Newton s work and hardly touches on hisersonal life and not at all on his character or The Portrait Of A Lady By Henry James Fiction Classics personality The book is also a history of the enlightenment age the growth of the Royal Society of the rivalries that drove its growth and the role theylayed in transmission of informationHow can one understand a man willing to fill millions of words worth of Szalony Statek Cz 2 Kupcy I Ich Ywostatki 2 pages with new and imaginative thrusts into the unknown with no intention toublish and only giving them away in reluctant small The Foreign Language Teachers Suggestopedic Manual portions a man who took 30 years toublish his greatest work Even after he became famous he resorted to Das House Buch Fr Hypochonderdie Behandlungsmethoden Im Reality Check publishing under the cloak of anonymity about his own works as well as his criticsNewton was told by his well wishers that this withholding of his work only helped in losing recognition for himself and benefit for others This was sadly illustrated when Leibnizublished his own version of Calculus this Unhas prompted Newton to finally bring out his own better and earlier version and start a fiery rivalry which overshadowed their achievements and constricted the growth of mathematics for almost a decade But one good thing did came out of this Newton started bringing out texts that he had kept hidden till thenHe was also a dedicatedursuer of biblical and ancient texts convinced that the ancients knew secrets hidden in these symbolisms Another strange fact was that Newton made money from being in charge of the In Chimley Corner public money minting office than from his scientific enuiries He was the one who standardized England s currency and made major contributions to economics andublic The Dream Carvers policy tooThe most intriguingart of the book is when Gleick details out Newton The Alchemist The Girl With The Sturgeon Tattoo probably the greatest of the esoteric order It was another of the various facets of his life and enuiry that he never madeublic and came to light only years after his death This was in fact the cause of his death the mercury Gundam Seed Destiny Volume 4 poisoning that resulted from his fascinated constant handling of uicksilver which he believed to be the essence of all metalsWhile I cannot say that the book was of much use in aiding an understanding of Newton the man or that it was a detailed history of his thoughts and works at the very least I will never talk about how modern science killed Newtonian Physics His vision of the universe was as metaphysical as the latest uantum advances even though the most critics he ever had in his life was for these very metaphysical elements in his Optics He was careful to onlyresent to the ublic those ideas which he could back up by experimentation but this does not mean that this owerful mind did not explore and Lille Petter Edderkopp push the same boundaries that we now grapple with in the vast eternities of his solitudeHe was a scientist alchemisthilosopher epistemologist economist
"a theologian and "
theologian and last of the magicians combining and distilling all of this vast knowledge into the simple truths that we all know today Newton was a great of the modern age not of a uaint age which we have surpassed as we like to imagine I would like to agree with Byron as he sang Man fell with apples and with apples rose. Thor of Chaos and Genius and one of the most acclaimed science writers of his generation brings the reader into Newton’s reclusive life and Acting Re Considered provides startlingly clear explanations of the concepts that changed forever ourerception of bodies rest and motion Ideas so basic to the twenty first century we literally take them for grante.