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Spook Science Tackles the AfterlifeSoul but they felt long winded and repetitive With Stiff Roach s research is scientific and factual whereas with Spook it s a lot of interviews with folks who are speaking about belief systems and faith I m not trying to knock organized religion or anything it just didn t hold my attention as much as Stiff or ven Packing for MarsIf anything seek out the chapters about her The Nag Hammadi Library enrollment andxperience in medium school I m not the biggest fan of that profession and while she goes on record in detailing her personal skepticism I found that she provided a fair and balanced approach regarding the students and professorsI d be interested to hear thoughts from someone who carries a firm belief in the afterlife and what if anything this book did for them I consider it a fault of mine to be unable to shut off the voice in my head screaming You re lying None of this is possible when Mary is interviewing someone If I could I m sure I would have Research On Written Composition enjoyed it a lot This is a book that tries too hard to be cutesy From page one we re dumped with tons of cute little footnoted anecdotes about uaint pseudo scientific afterlife related topics many of her anecdotes tend to veer far off topic but nothing meaningful orven slightly memorable Further Roach s humor comes across not as funny but as smug The Parables even mean spirited and as a firm non believer I was predisposed to agree with her point of view anywayHer research and organization were both terrible She seemed to jump into topics haphazardly with no segues between them and with no reasonxcept to poke gleeful fun at the topic she s investigating Look at me I managed to get into the highly xclusive Cambridge Library Manuscript Room *First Library Manuscript Room *First ll make a joke about all the nerds doing research in the room and what mind *I ll make a joke about all the nerds doing research in the room and what mind boring topics they re studying Then I ll discuss at length how mbarrassed I am to be studying such a silly subject Then after summarizing the articles I read in boring detail I ll have a good long laugh about the ridiculous shenanigans people got up to in olden times and how funny their beliefs sound today Long story short her investigations into phenomena are cursory at best This is a book that claims to speak for sciencebut true scientific research is never this shallow The only chapter that I really found That feel like What will I do all day Is there a place to plug in my lap top In an attempt to find out Mary Roach brings her tireless curiosity to bear on. .

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Nteresting was the one on *ghostsghost sightings However I was put off by Roach s presentation for xample she investigates *sightings #however i was put off by roach s # I was put off by Roach s for xample she investigates some detail a case in which a farmer claimed to see the ghost of his deceased father the ghost directed the farmer to a hidden copy of his will a will which just so happened to give the farmer a greater share in his late father s The Dominicans estate No surprise here First Roach investigates the ghost sighting claim then feels the surely noble need to tell the farmer s grandchildren that their ancestor was likely involved in some sort of scamven though they previously had held no doubts about their grandfather s story and didn t seem to want to hear any of her arguments Blah blah blah Nearly none of this book is clever or particularly Will Haunt You engaging When it s not trying to be humorous it just feels like a long list of names and dates and titles of research studies Most inexcusable this book is boring I m one who actually watches those terrifically bad Discovery Channel shows about hauntings the ones with dramatic renactments complete with computer generated ghosts and spooky noises soundtrack I shouldn t have found this book boring I should have devoured it Instead I was bored out of my mind and desperately wished Teacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development each page was the last Roach is the author of Stiff a raucous romp through the wonderful land of death It is only natural that she might continue thatscapade with a look past the curtain Are there ghosts Is there life after death She Gods Crucible examines a host of topics under her conceptual umbrella looking at reincarnation the hunt for the seat of the soul the notion that the soul weighs 21 gramsctoplasm the Swift effectiveness of mediums including her stint in medium school she outgrew small but was not yet advancednough for large school EVP and As with Stiff it is a bit hazardous reading this in public as one is apt to burst out into laughter The Militant Messiah every now and then victimized by the snide commentary that makes this book great fun to read I particularlynjoyed the section on the possibility that infrasound that is sound at or about 18 20 decibels might account for a wide range of supposedly psychic The Return To Camelot experience Spook hasnough payload to justify the trip and the humor makes it a very spirited rideOther Mary Roach works Stiff Packing for Mars Gulp Grun. An array of contemporary and historical soul searchers scientists schemers ngineers mediums all trying to prove or disprove that life goes on after we
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A trip through various scientific and not so scientific attempts to ascertain whether or not the human soul
consciousness personality or 
personality or survives the death of the body Looks at reincarnation mediums ctoplasms attempts to measure or weigh the soul anatomical searches for the seat of the "soul within the body Mst125 Essential Mathematics electromagnetic haunting uantum physics theories of consciousness ghost huntinglectronic voice phenomena and near "within the body Summer electromagnetic haunting uantum physics theories of consciousness ghost huntinglectronic voice phenomena and near Silver Eyes experiences Not at all a scholarly work and written in a tongue firmly in cheek fashion I ll allow there were some funny moments I m still chuckling over the chapter on reincarnationntitled You Again but unfortunately it s not as Biblical Hermeneutics entertaining as the diverse and bizarre subject matter might suggest The tone of the whole thing is smug and self involvednad of its own clever little turns of phrase like an My Life And Work endless NPR personalssay or a saloncom articleCould be good amusing food for thought if you re interested in this kind of thing but for some reason it seems to drag a little bit It s almost boringHow can anything be boring when it includes people killing themselves out of curiousity about the afterlife mediums hiding cheesecloth and animal parts in their vaginas A Light In The Storm electromagnetic impulses being sent into *the right lobe of the brain to simulate thexperience of being haunted and a man mowing his lawn in a *right lobe of the brain to simulate the The Battles Of New Hope Church experience of being haunted and a man mowing his lawn in a piece suit Don t ask me but it isIncidentally I actually listened to this on audiobook whatever you do don t do that The reader is terrible and manages to step on the punchline of nearlyvery joke I also didn t need the Blood Amp Shadows Book 1 4 exaggerat Want to know what happens when we die You andveryone Focus On Curves And Surfaces else apparently Many people believe in some sort of continuation be it an afterlife reincarnation or maybe that your soul sticks around and haunts old abandoned mansions Unfortunately no one really knows for sure With Spook Mary Roach isn t going to provide you with a concrete answer but rather anxploration of several beliefs and possibilitiesI didn t Justice enjoy this one nearly as much as Stiff It s not to say it s a poorly written book I just found my interest waning at certain points That being said there are some interesting chapters detailing EVPlectronic voice phenomenon reincarnation ctoplasm and the ongoing search for the human. What happens when we die Does the light just go out and that's that the million year nap Or will some part of my personality my me ness persist What will. .