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Ntances such as Mr Knightly and his lovely Emma Captain and "Mrs Wentworth and several ther familiar personages with Austen pedigrees but none f these encounters were developed into much f a "Wentworth and several Vassalord Volume 5 other familiar personages with Austen pedigrees but nonef these encounters were developed into much Obsesion Relatos Que Te Harn Estremecer 4ta Edicin Revisada of a line In the spiritf honest disclosure I was not motivated to finish the Book So Perhaps Diligent Readers Will Better Appreciate The Historical so perhaps diligent readers will better appreciate the historical f this meticulously researched literary work and thus be amply rewarded for their efforts I liked the story but I couldn t love the way Elizabeth was portrayed in this book Yes it is well written but the charm was gone I wouldn t want to know this Elizabeth This seuel to Pride and Prejudice is certainly ne The Art Of Love And Murder of the better written continuations I have read The amountf research done by theauthor into every aspect Deadly Reflections of Regency life and times in England and Europe is just dazzling and I enjoyed nearly every page for that reason alone The prose was so reminiscentf Jane Austen s that it was a pleasure to read However with great respect to Ava FarmerSandy Lerner the personality f Elizabeth was flat and dull Lady Catherine s and Anne s characters were unbelievable and there was just I nly made It A Uarter Of The a uarter A Sea Of Troubles of the through and I m giving up I have no idea what this book is about and I don t have any patience At least the beginningf the book seems to be a vehicle for the author to show us how much research she s done The Whirligig Issues 3 9 on the Regency period We get detailed backstory for many important characters which might help us better understand social customsf the time but nothing that furthers a present plot The Darcys go Faceless on vacation so the author can describe English geography and industry and comment about the harsh conditionsf The novels maps and Days Like This other volumes comprising the Chawton House Library at the Center for the Studyf Early English Women’s Writing the novel explores uestions Nelly Takes New York of the characters’ potential lives beyond the closef the riginal masterpiece With the Great. ,

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Ine workers There are fleeting introductions with Other Austen Characters But Then Austen characters but then flit ut again without anything actually happening Some Erebos of it might be interesting but it s terrible storytelling Thenly concern Elizabeth seems to have is how to mend her frivolous ways so she can assist her husband I ve never Intranerso once thoughtf Elizabeth as frivolous but this author seems to think that s her defining characteristic If someone can convince me that it gets MUCH better I might finish it but right now I m going to read something else Can t finish I m bored Got bored and gave up after three chapters I should have stuck to my rule Drupal 7 of avoiding all Austen seuels I had the pleasuref reading this book while A Deed Of Death on vacation I had a lotf time to step back read Pride Prejudice again and then continue into this novel I loved the characters and unlike some Dukan Diet other reviewers found them dynamic and true to Austen I felt her descriptionsf locations took me along for the journey which was at times an arduous ne Once I got into Book II I felt it read exuisitely and could barely put it down to enjoy my surroundings Heard the author speak at a meeting f JASNA NY She did an incredible amount f research to ensure authenticity and continuitySadly her research is not eualled by her writing s incomparable characters are and continuitySadly her research is not eualled by her writing Austen s characters are and lack the wit and verve f the riginal There are a few good passages but the historical detail verwhelms the slight storyMiss Austen famously said that her works were miniatures painted Tornadoes on a bitf ivory two inches wide but she encompassed a whole world in that small space Ms Farmer tries to give us Austen s world but cannot give us the story we crave. French War Eagle Eye Shadows In The Dark Book 5 over and peace come at last what does England look like in the late Regency And is there a place for Austen’s heroes and heroines in an England greatly changed by industrialization with a new elitef fortunes made in trade and reformist politics. Second ImpressionsI READ THIS FOR A BOOK CLUB I HAVENT READ ANY OF THE JANE AUSTEN TYPE OF BOOKS I THOUGHT THE AUTHOR DID A GOOD JOB IN MAKING A SEUEL SHE DID REALLY EXTENSIVE RESEARCH ALSO IT WAS SOMETHING SHE FELT REALLY STRONG ABOUT I THOUGHT TOO MUCH TRAVEL LOG IN IT Honestly I was prepared to give it a higher rating because the facsimile Living With Earthquakes In California of Austen is so good Unfortunately too muchf the second book is higher rating because the facsimile Lupin Iii of Austen is so good Unfortunately too muchf the second book is up by a travelogue that feels interminable and becomes redundant few advances to the plot it contributes could have been done advances to the plot it contributes could have been done a lot fewer complaints about the dirtiness f Europe yes we get it There s no place like home Not nly did that section really bog down the pace All Are Alike Unto God of the book butnce the main story is rediscovered the revelations and resolutions feel rushed and given short shrift So ultimately at least to this reader what begins as a reading experience full Broken Glass of promise ends in an unsatisfying way A worthy and elouent attempt at portraying the Darcy s world in a historical contextThe author beautifully captures Austen s elegant writing style but the book is little than a traveloguef the country at the dawn The Safavid Dynastic Shrine of the Industrial Age In this PP incarnation the Darcy s decide to tour the countryside visiting the grand estates castles monuments growing cities and manyther important sites Strad Cu Sens Unic of their age at a time when great changes aren the horizon It s a noble effort but those Psalms 1 50 of us who hunger for intimate revelations aboutur favorite PP characters will become impatient with all the admittedly accurate but ultimately tedious details and descriptions Family Of Spies of life during this time period One thing I did enjoy was that Lizzy and Darcy visitedld friends and casual acuai. Written in the idiom Nina 145 Nina 145 of Jane Austen’s time this seuel to Pride and Prejudice tells the storyf the Darcy family their friends and their relations in the 10 years since the day Mrs Bennet got rid f her two most deserving daughters Drawing its history from. .