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Deterring Democracy kThis is book 2 in the Alpine Woods Shifter series This is the story of Ethan and Gwen Ethan was a bachelor who didn t want a mate Gwen was a manager of a seaside resort for shifters After one night of passion Gwennew he was her mate Ethan on the other had was wanting to fight the truth to the end What will that cost him in the end He finds out when she hears him denounce their mating Her world has changed forever Chasing Paradise is a good steamy romance I liked the fact that it was hot and uick to read This story could most definitely be standalone from the first book but I do suggest going back to the first one if you just read this one I took a liking to Ethan from the start He is alpha and all male his male side shows up all male His male side shows up off the bat You now how they run their mouth and get themselves into trouble Well Ethan says something and Gwen hears it and well she takes him on a little chase Needless to say I was very glad this was a novella because she was getting on my last nerve by holding back because of it but hey I have to admit I could relate to Gwen because she did what most women would do lead them on a good chase Yep let the chase begin All in all I did like both characters and I really enjoyed the fact that Ethan went on the chase after Gwen and never gave up I liked how the family was brought into the picture and I would recommend this to someone that loves a short sweet romance story with some tension Gwen the Otter and Ethan the wolfNot sure about the world building Are shifters a secret I wolfNot sure about the world building Are shifters a secret I so but it seems like a very poorly ept one if soThe blurb is misleading Ethan does meet her on vacation while trying to get away from the females in his pack And he does flirt with the ladies there but only until he meets Gwen Then he s ind of in shock So when another lady comes on to him he leaves the room with her but he isn t interested and soon ditches her There is nobody after thatWhat the story is really about is the awful things he says about Gwen that she overhears He didn t mean what he said but was running scared about being mated Gwen is the opposite of the ind of shifter gal he usually goes for You now tall blond #Not An OtterGwen Is Short Dark Curvy And An OtterSo #an otterGwen is short dark curvy and an otterSo whole rest of the story was him trying to convince Gwen that he didn t mean what he said It was OK but it s only 91 pages and yet my mind ept wandering so I started to speed read I think it had a happy ending at least I hope so But I actually forget and can t be bothered to go back and checkSafety is fine view spoilerHe was a player until his brother got mated Now all the ladies want to mate him and he doesn t want to mate any of them Which doesn t really make any sense Why does that make him desirable as a mateShe has had lovers but not nearly as many as him hide spoiler 1 star Why Because it was too easy He hurt her horribly but she loved him and the sex was great so all s forgiven in about 10 pages NOT An hurt person especially a woman whos. He’ll do whatever it takes to earn back her trust A vacation is exactly what Ethan needs to escape the mate hungry females in his pack Determined to have fun he can’t think of a better way to start than sampling all the different flavors the shifter only resort has to offer and not the food variety But. Chasing ParadiseLiked the h though she was awesome and deserved a guy who wooed her and made her laugh not cry so much someone who treated her a guy who wooed her and made her laugh not cry so much someone who treated her the precious mate she was and was all in from the very firstRecommended for readers who like a grovelling H 3 stars This seuel to Arctic Winds is an excellent read Chasing Paradise is the story of Ethan and Gwen and how miscommunication leads to a lack of trust in a mated relationship I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I found I got to now the main characters really well and although the other Callahan family members were not involved in the story much nor the town of Alpine Woods you still got #a small insight into the pack matrix and how important family #small insight into the pack matrix and how important family loved ones are to them allSondrae Bennett s writing is easy to read and she provides plenty of heart warm felt moments as well as sexy scenes to eep the hot steamy level at a high Bennett writes from the point of view of both Ethan and Gwen which I love because as the reader you can see how they were totally misreading each other even though they wanted the same things This at times was uite amusingThe front cover of the book says He ll do whatever it takes to win her trust and does he Well Chasing Paradise is definitely worth a read to find out The Alphine Woods Shifters series follows a world where shifters exist in many different forms Not only do you have the predatory shifter animals but you also have a range of other shifter types I found the concept of an otter shifter to be charming Gwen is a beautiful curvy woman who has been looking forward to finding her mate for a long time but never imagined she would end up with an alpha wolf And Ethan who had run away for a holiday in the sun in order to avoid pressure to become mated never imaged he d end up well mated at all reallyThe whole premise of this book is whether it s possible to move on after someone you care about has said a silly hurtful thing not because they mean to hurt you but because of what s going on in their own liveshead at the time And it s beautifully handled with strong characters who are focussed on building a relationship The eual time spent on both Ethan and Gwen s POV means that what could have ended up an angst ridden he hurt me novel instead ends up as a tale about grown up relationships The novella length means you don t get sick of all the angst and you see enough of the secondary characters to eep interested in the series Even though this is the second book in a series it could be read as a stand alone book although Arctic Winds gives you the background of the town and how this pack is so differentFullyrevised review posted on my blog at wwwwanderinghueswordpresscom Chasing Paradise has all the usual tropes for this ind of story In this case though they are as simplified as they can be especially the soulmate one Unlike some people I find the soulmate theme comforting and I usually enjoy it a bit than this I liked the idea of otter shifters a lot They are cut. Irls at the resort Or worse crawl back unable to resist the mating pull but not really wanting her She needs to get away and her own vacation sounds like the perfect plan But she should have remembered what her mother always taught her never run from a predator unless you want them to chase you The hunt is. .
E feelings and hopes have been crushed that badly can carry rancor for ages Add to that that this idiot gives no thought to taking her from her family but simply states that she ll go live with his He should at least have had to work a little harder I mean having this whole predestined mate thing going on it s obvious that at some point she had to forgive him or the story would be over at page 20 but that s not the point They re half animal Fine An hurt animal lashes out She didn t She took all of this crying every other minute but otherwise very meekly And then out of the blue comes a friend of hers THAT TELLS HER DOES IT MATTER tells her Does it matter he doesn t love you Does it change how you feel about him WHAT KIND OF BULLT IS THAT and do forgive my frenchI HATE this Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy kind of thing Is even love really love if it s unreuited Honestly I don t think so Oh yes you can love someone who doesn t love you back but only to a point and after a while you just stop loving them it takes time and it hurts in the meanwhile but you can teep loving them It s like a plant without roots or leaves After a while it dies you can water and fertilize it all you like but it s still going to dieSo why do I have to The Mending Of Life keep reading that same exact phrase Spare me serioslyI gave this novel 1 star because it could have been that much better They could have struggled to overcome their problems especially him since it was his fault giving us heartbreak and love Instead it just gave me the strong instinct to throttle both of themKisses all around This is the second novella in Sondrae s Alpine Woods Shifters series and was just as steamy as the first one They are novellas so everything does happen a little uicker than it normally would but am still enjoying themI loved Ethan when we met him in the first book and was looking forward to seeing whatind of woman was going to eep his attention He is sarcastic and another alpha male who is used to getting his way His mouth does get him in trouble a couple of times but he is still very lovable I liked Gwen but I did not love her like I did Samantha I wanted her to fi Chasing Paradise is a short shifter romance that I stumbled upon in Scribd #It S Part Of A Series But #s part of a series but didn t read book 1 and didn t feel like I missed anything I thought this would be in the mates rejected trope but it really wasn t Wolf shifter Ethan attends an all shifter hook up resort looking to sow some wild oats when he catches a whiff of Otter shifter Gwen He s not looking for a mate actually his whole reason for the trip is to avoid the mate hungry she wolfs back in Colorado The couple hooks up Ethan freaks out and leaves while G s asleep vents to a bartender which she overhears view spoiler She isn t the ind of woman I d choose for my mate A jaguar or a coyote is a good mate for a wolf hide spoiler H was an azzhat and a horndog Honestly without the fated mate thing I believe H wouldn t have given the h a second look and would have happily continued whoring around. After he meets Gwen no one else holds any interest for him Ethan came on vacation to avoid mating There’s no way he’s going to give up his freedom without a fight Gwen is devastated when she hears her mate denying everything they are to each other She can’t sit by watching him fool around with other ,