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Point Click Love

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Axine s Claudia s situation elt the most realistic but I couldn t believe she was tumbling so ar down a rabbit hole without anyone to pull her out And I didn t A Sea Of Stars feel havingour main characters was a benefit I almost wish this had just been Katie s story
or maybe claudia 
maybe Claudia though she made me pretty mad Point Click Love is easily digestible and occasionally sparkles with Humor Shapiro Writes Well And I Enjoyed Her Turns Of Shapiro writes well and I enjoyed her turns of but her characters lacked the depth reuired to make me care about them The online dating theme took a backseat to run of the mill drama and I didn t eel like technology S Role In The Modern role in the modern world was explored in a satisfying way Fans of chick lit modern romance and vignettes might ind Shapiro s novel an easy breezy read When The Veil Drops for a summer afternoon Though Point Click Love didn t bowl me over I didinish it uickly and would take a peek at the author s Willie Apiata Vc future work Maybe with a bigger concentration on the online dating scene which was the most interesting part of this work whew wee Katie and her potential sugar daddies You know if the current situation doesn t work out My GoodReads First Reads FREE copy just arrived in the mail Can t wait to read it I think it s going to move up on my to read list Sounds VERY much like some of myriendsFULL REVIEW OK now I ve read it the book It was Prospectus Of The Quebec And Lake St John Railway fine Without reading the blurb on the back of the book I wouldn t have known that theour women were supposed to be Isabella Stewart Gardner And Fenway Court friends until the middle of the book There was nothing earth shattering about this book The basic gist of it is that technology can screw up your love life if you let it take over or you don t control it Also communication is important in relationships I m still not sure how theour women became Kibishiku Aishite friends and what the purpose of theirriendship is It could just as easily have been a story of 4 women in the same town who had never met each other I think that you can probably identify with one character than the others and you probably know people who it these profiles But that s not really a great reason to read the bookOverall it was a uick read but I would probably be irritated if I had spent 15 on it Likely that I wouldn t have bought it might have checked it out at the librar. Turns to celebrity gossip sites to distract herself rom her less than ideal marriage And Claudia tired of her husband’s obsession with Facebook Reckless finds herself irresistibly drawn to a handsome co worker As these women navigate the new highs and lows of the digital age they eachind that their wrong turns lead surprisingly to the right click and ultimately the connection they were seeki. O something different The Revolution Of Evelyn Serrano from all her who are now all crazy successful and has decided she is going to have a on her own But when the sperm donor she wants isn t giving the goods any she takes matters in her own hands Maxine has the perfect marriage or so everyone on the outside thinks She hasn t even shared with her bestriends that she and her husband have stopped having sex and she thinks he is having an affair She turns to gossip sites and immerses herself in the celebrity world until a wakeup call outside of Jennifer Aniston s "House Brings Her Back "brings her back her own reality And Claudia has become over the top angry with her husband who has seemed to lose any motivation to try to ind a job and is obsessed with sharing too many details of his life on acebook when a relationship with life on Facebook When a relationship with co worker goes too Der Social Media Manager far Claudia has to decide what she really wantsrom her marriageI thought this debut was Killing With Kindness fabulous I loved each character and reading about how they went through their troubles how they thought they couldix them and what their end results were I will say I didn t think of them as The Trophy Wife friends so much there was very little interaction between them but I enjoyed their stories none the less It was refreshing to have a novel set somewhere else than New York or LA and this was set in Kansas City which I loved Annie s story turned just a bit unbelievable with the sperm donor but I still can t give this any less than 5 stars A great read that showcases powerful women and a very modern tale about the times we live in now As much as I wanted to become invested in Molly Shapiro s Point Click Love I struggled I m an online dating alum myself and stories delving into the world of meeting potential mates through the Internet catch my interest That s what brought me to the novel an entertaining story that kept me reading even if I wasn t completely invested in the characters livesDespite heralding theour central women as best Theatrical Makeup friends we see very little interaction between them The book s third person narration shiftsocus between chapters Special Edition Using Filemaker 8 With Cdrom from one woman to the next That might have been my biggest hurdle to jump enjoyment wise just as I was getting into Annie s storyor example we were hopping over to They’re not in Kansas any Katie a divorced mother of two secretly seeks companionship through the Internet only to discover that the rules of the dating game have drastically changed Annie a high powered East Coast transplant longs Branded By Passion for a baby yet her online searchor a sperm donor is not as easy or anonymous as she anticipates Maxine a successful artist with a seemingly perfect husband. This one had a promising enough start and then IT DEVOLVED INTO BEWILDERING IDIOCY AT ABOUT THE MIDPOINT devolved into bewildering idiocy at about the midpoint chapters alternate between our different women in their 30s Author Molly Shapiro tells us that they re riends and occasionally throws us a scene or two where the women are chatting or two where the women are chatting each other drinking wine or coffee but they might as well be strangers Their A Tale Of Four Dervishes forced interaction adds nothing to the book because each woman has a tendency to isolate herselfrom her Love So Life Vol 6 Love So Life 6 friends so caught up in their own personal dramas and they never seem to really talk to each other when they re together they just rattle off their part of the story without much in the way of commentrom their peers Shapiro seems to want to make these women seem like the Sex and the City ladies but their riendships and personalities or the most part are completely devoid of chemistry and the kind of ribbing and analysis that usually marks bull sessions between women Nobody ever calls any other woman on her BS even when it s apparent that she s lying not telling the whole truth or doing something dangerous ridiculous or borderline illegal I elt like these women kind of hated each other to be honestThe ladies and their dramas are a I didn t read the blurb of PointClickLove properly before I started on the book so honestly I didn t know much about it when I started reading the book except that it s some kind of chick litI have to say I enjoyed this book I thought it was a little slow at irst and I had ass A new one The Strength Code for the Favorites list I adored Point Click Love the debutrom Molly Shapiro I started this book one night while curled up in my chair and after what Scenic Driving Indiana felt like ten minutes I decided it was timeor bed and realized I was 61% The Oak Leaves 1924 Vol 21 finished with the book This is an absolute gem and oneor your must read listThe story Shabbat Eve followsour Logan friends as they deal with some tough issues Katie is a divorced mother of two who uses the internet to get back in the dating game She has decided she is over relationships and love she just want some casual sex and companionship But it Kate really readyor the world of online dating and does she really in heart want to stay single Annie has come to Kansas City Spinoza from New York to get away and In Molly Shapiro’sun and sexy debut novel Miss Expatria four women try to sort through the wild and complicated world of text messaging status updates and other high speed connections    Bestriends and The Las Cruces Bushwhacker fellow midwesterners Katie Annie Maxine and Claudia are no strangers to dealing with love and relationships but with online dating and social networking now in the mix they all have theeeling.

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