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❴Ebook❵ ➨ Eat Pray Love Author Elizabeth Gilbert – Businesscurrency.co.uk A celebrated writer's irresistible candid and elouent account of her pursuit of worldly pleasure spiritual devotion and what she really wanted out of life Around the time Elizabeth Gilbert turned thirEbook Eat Pray Love Author Elizabeth Gilbert Businesscurrencycouk A celebrated writer's irresistible candid and elouent account of her pursuit of worldly pleasure spiritual devotion and what she really wanted out of life Around the time Elizabeth Gilbert turned thir A celebrated writer's irresistible candid and elouent account of her pursuit of worldly pleasure spiritual devotion and what she really wanted out of life Around Eat Pray Kindle the time Elizabeth Gilbert turned thirty she went through an early onslaught midlife crisis She had everything an educated ambitious American woman was supposed to want—a husband a house a successful career But instead of feeling happy and

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Fulfilled she was consumed with panic grief and confusion She went through a divorce a crushing depression another failed love and the eradication of everything she ever thought she was supposed to be To recover from all this Gilbert took a radical step In order to give herself the time and space to find out who she really was and what she really wanted she got rid of her belongings uit her job and undertook a yearlong journey around the world—all alone Eat Pray Love is the absorbing chronicle of that year Her aim was to visit three places where she could examine one aspect of her own nature set against the backdrop of a culture that has traditionally done that one thing very well In Rome she studied the art of pleasure learni

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Eat Pray LoveNg to speak Italian and gaining the twenty three happiest pounds of her life India was for the art of devotion and with the help of a native guru and a surprisingly wise cowboy from Texas she embarked on four uninterrupted months of spiritual exploration In Bali she studied the art of balance between worldly enjoyment and divine transcendence She became the pupil of an elderly medicine man and also fell in love the best way—unexpectedly An intensely articulate and moving memoir of self discovery Eat Pray Love is about what can happen when you claim responsibility for your own contentment and stop trying to live in imitation of society’s ideals It is certain to touch anyone who has ever woken up to the unrelenting need for chang

eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Elizabeth Gilbert is an award winning writer of both fiction and non fiction Her short story collection Pilgrims was a finalist for the PENHemingway award Eat Pray Kindle - and her novel Stern Men was a New York Times notable book Her book The Last American Man was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the National Book Critic’s Circle Award Her memoir Eat Pray Love spent weeks in the .

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  • Michalyn

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveWow this book took me on a roller coaster ride I couldn't decide if I loved it or hated it and it seemed like every few pages I'd go from thinking Gilbert was delightfully witty to thinking this was the most horribly self absorbed p

  • MelissaS

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveWHY? I cringe to think why so many women want to feel that this was a true spiritual journey It was a pre paid journey The woman starts off with telling us over and over about how painful her divorce was however she dismisses how it ever came to be that way Leaving her audience only to guess it was so horrible she had to leave and find herselfWhen asked in an interview if dumping her husband and pushing off wasn’t selfish

  • Feijoa

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveEat Pray Love is the monologue of a Neurotic American Princess Liz in her mid thirties The first few chapters background the rest of the book a confessional that tells how she came to find her 8 year marriage distasteful realised she wasn't keen on the next 'logical' step which is apparently to fill her expansive apartment with children and plunges into an impotent depression Without even getting drunkOne night whilst bawling on the bathroom floor a habit she has grown fond of she is struck by a flakey attack of twattery Being an American this experience manifests itself as finding some kind

  • Maria

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveDon't bother with this book It took me nearly a year to finish it I was so disgusted by the writer's apparent lack of awareness of her own privilege her trite observations and the unbelievably shallow way in which she represents a journey initiated by grief that I initially couldn't bear to read beyond Italy Like others who have written here I made myself pick the book up again because so many people have raved about it and I made myself finish it hoping all the while there would be some redemptive insight or at least some small kernel of originality or wisdom I was sorely disappointed Liz is so obsessed with male attention throughout the book in every section she expounds in great detail on her flirtations with men many of whom seem to ta

  • Cat

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveI am embarrassed to read this book in public The title and the flowery pasta y cover screams I'm a book that contains the relentless rants of a neurotic 34 year old womanSo I'm afraid that the strangers on the Metro will think I identify with herBut in the comfort of my own bed I am totally falling for this memoir Yes Gilbert is emotionally self indulgent are we supposed to feel bad that she lost both houses in the divorce? annoying she's just tickled when she gains 23 pounds after eating her way through Ital

  • Amy Kieffer

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveThis was one of those books I will read over and over again All those cynics out there who criticize Gilbert for writing a too cutesy memoir that seems beyond belief and who claim that she is selfish for leaving her responsibility are clearly missing the point First she did not write the book to inspire you She wrote it as her own memoir you can agree or disagree with how she went about her enlightenment but you cannot judge her for how she found happiness It is her memoir not yours You can achieve enlightement by whatever means you want Second to call her irresponsible for leaving responsibilities behind is absurd She was in an unhappy marriage You cannot force yourself to be happy I applaud her for doing som

  • Simone Ramone

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveI found this book unbelievably phoneyI hated this so much that I got up early this morning to finish it and gave my copy to the library and honestly I'm not too proud of thatTo me it just felt so insincere that there's no chance I would have made it past the second chapter had it not been for book club obligationsI enjoyed her writing style but I absolutely could not warm to her at all To be fair I do think she would be an excellent travel writerThe section on India was agony to read I have met enough people freshly returned from Indian ashrams to know that they often seem a tad self absorbed and I also suspect that they really only get

  • [Name Redacted]

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveShallow self indulgent and mired in the sort of liberal American obsession with oriental exoticism that is uniuely offensive because it is treated as enobling by its purveyors She treats the rest of the world as though it exists for the consumption of jaded rich white Americans and this book is a monument to that sort of arrogance and ignorance

  • (0v0)

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveWhat I'm about to say must be wrong because I couldn't get through this book I tried And I failed So I have NO BUSINESS WR

  • Tonya

    eBook ´ Eat Pray Love Read Eat Pray LoveOk I admit I still have about 30 pages to go which I will get around to reading soon need a break from the book though and which I highly doubt will prompt me to change my 2 star rating I know many people love this book for what I consider personal reasons therefore I tread lightly so as to not come off as critical of people's personal opinions rather just the book itself First I found the author not so likable I've read other readers' reviews in which she was described as 'so funny' and like 'a girl we'd all love to know' and have to tell you I didn't feel the love She came off to me as lofty self absorbed and needy I felt like she wanted to make herself a victim of h