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Nal so that he can turn a point in his life Through discussions and flashbacks to the past Honoree takes us on a wild glorious vocative and turbulent ride that was 1920s Chicago Through these revelations many answers both to uestions asked and those not Atlas Of Operative Craniofacial Surgery even considered are brought to the surface I was beyond impressed with the author s ability to weave together two fabulous tales into one sensational story I loved being right in the middle of the nightclub scene there was music drama love grit loss and I wasnthralled from the get go I also loved how the story wrapped up I loved this novel and highly recommend 55 starsThank you NetGalley and Kensington for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinionI am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my and BN accounts upon publication I received an ARC in The Dom With The Kink Monsters Badass Brats 4 exchange for an honest review Thank you Kensington and NetgalleyI reallynjoyed this book It was interesting witty and it had a thicker plot than I anticipated when I started reading it It takes place in the 1920s and we follow a 19 Year Old Dancer Called Honoree old dancer called Honoree she makes her way through club life in Chicago where there was a huge jazz scene at the time There are also some chapters that take place in 2015 when a film student interviews Honoree who is now 100 years old about her achievements in the 20s and uncovers some secrets about her pastThis book captures the craziness and the breeziness of 20s nightlife but it also shines a light on very important topics such as being a black person and being a woman and being both during these times that we often think about as fun and bubbly but that were also filled with racism and misogyny So if you are in the mood for flawed characters who are also fierce and determined to succeed in the crazy world of the 20s Chicago this book is definitely for you it has adventure romance black power girl power and a touch of crimemystery HOLY GUACAMOLE I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING While being an absolute UEEN at foreshadowing throughout this book Bryce delivers some devastating twists that sueezed my heart and boggled my mind Seriously though the foreshadowing kept me on the dge of My Seat Wondering What Is seat wondering what is happen THIS time Honoree Dalcour is a chorus girl dancing in the jazz scene of 1925 Chicago s Black Belt She s determined to make her own opportunities in life and achieve the fame which the world seems built to keep her from In the ra of Louis Armstrong and Al Capone Honoree is finally thrust into the life she s worked so hard for full of jazz celebrities and opportunity but also gangsters and gamblers as dangerous as it is alluring And then everything changes when her past shows up tall and handsome and she really has to decide who she can trust or she might loseverythingI simply loved getting to unravel Honoree s mystery partially through her own Eyes In 1925 And Partially Through Sawyer in 1925 and partially through Sawyer in 2015 Without a doubt the 1925 POV was my favorite and not just because I love historical fiction I adore Honoree as a character and I love that we can see her. Who probably smokes weedYou wanna hear about me You gotta tell me something about you To make this worth my while 1925 Chicago is the jazz capital of the world and the Dreamland Café is the ritziest black and tan club in town Honoree Dalcour is a sharecropper's daughter willing to work hard and dance very night on her way to the top Dreamland offers a path to the good life socializing with celebrities like Louis Armstrong and filmmaker Oscar Micheaux But Chicago is also awash in bootleg whiskey gambling and gangsters And a young woman driven by ambition might risk than she can stand to lose 2015 Film student Sawyer Hayes arrives at the bedside of 110 year old Honoree Dal. I was drawn to this book by the awesome title and the gorgeous cover and was not disappointed WIld Women and the the awesome title and the gorgeous cover and was not disappointed WIld Women and the focuses on Honoree Delacour a currently 110 year old woman being interviewed by Sawyer an aspiring filmmaker on the trail of a lost Oscar Micheaux film and the dancers featured in the footage he s found along with some documents from his grandmother This novel switches between 1925 Chicago and 2015 Sawyer is trying to get Honoree to retell the vents of 1925 but Honoree insists on giving tit for tat and Sawyer has to open up about the tragedies in his own life before Honoree will open up about hers Bryce s book really shines in the telling of 1925 Chicago and the lives of young black women trying to live their lives on their own terms You really get the The Horus Heresy exhaustion andxhilaration that a dancer s life can be as well as the danger of Prohibition ra Chicago was Sawyer s story in the present has less of an impact but he is

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given a complete line There were some interesting twists in the story line some that I didn t see coming I look forward to reading of Bryce s works in the future Wild Women and the Blues is a novel set in Chicago in two time frames the 1920s and 2015 The 1920s portion focuses on Honoree an African American showgirl who performed in Chicago speakeasies her roommate Bessie and Honoree s love interest Ezekiel In 2015 Sawyer a graduate student researching his thesis on 1920s filmmaker Oscar Micheaux is interviewing Honoree in her senior living facility because Sawyer believes that Honoree was featured in a lost film made by Micheaux For some reason unknown to Sawyer his grandmother Maggie has been paying for Honoree s stay in the senior living facility since 1985 adding to the unanswered uestions surrounding HonoreeI had a hard time reviewing this book Objectively it had all the ingredients to make it an interesting read the 1920s jazz scene in Chicago s version of Harlem speakeasies gangsters cameos by greats such as Louie Armstrong and Alberta Hunter and a mystery Also the book was clearly well researched Unfortunately despite this promising premise I found it difficult to njoy this book for several reasons First I found the writing style difficult to read as it consisted of short casual sentences that had a choppy rhythm This may have been a deliberate attempt to capture Honoree s personality but the prose style didn t work for me Second the scant descriptions failed to capture the feel of 1920s Chicago so that I never felt immersed in the novel That being said these reservations may be my own personal preference for flowery prose and other readers may The Byzantine Republic enjoy this novel for its take on 1920s Chicago Wild Women and the Blues by Denny S Bryce is anxcellent dual timeline historical fiction novel that weaves together ther present day 2015 Sawyer Hayes a film student dealing with his own turmoil and struggles and 1925 Honoree Dalcour in her prime smack dab in the middle of the stunning Chicago Jazz scene Sawyer goes to the feisty and Adams Gene And The Mitochondrial Eve elderly Honoree in hopes of completing research and to answer uestions both personal and professio. Ordinary People meets Chicago the musical as played out in the city's Black Belt Wild Women and the Blues is a mainstream historical fiction novel that weaves the stories of a grieving film student in 2015 and an ambitious chorus girl in 1925 in a tale of history love and secrets that only family can defineJazz age Chicago comes to vibrant life in Denny S Bryce'svocative novel that links the stories of an ambitious 1920's chorus girl and a modern day film student both coming to grips with loss forgiveness and the limitations and surprises of love Why would I talk to you about my life I don't know you and ven if I did I don't tell my story to just any boy with long hair. ,

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Strong will and her refusal to accept The Role She S Been Handed By role she s been handed by right from her first conversation with Bessie The romance was unrolled xuisitely The whole story was full of heartache fury and suspense but also touching moments and wonderful redemption I was in awe when the two storylines finally pieced together These characters are gonna hang around in my head for awhile that s for sureThank you to Kensington Books for this ARC in Brother Bullet exchange for an honest review I have received this ARC from NetGalley inxchange for an honest review Wild Women and the Blues was pretty interesting to dive into Even if things got a tad bit confusing towards the Contemporary Hermeneutics end for me In it you will meet Sawyer who will be the Present POV and Honoree who will be the Past POV These two were pretty interesting on their own but once they got together and he was interviewing her for a thesis things kind of got crazyFrom switching through the years 2015 back to 1920 Chicago seemedntertaining soulful and crazy back then Now I ve always wanted to go to this city and try all the amazing food there bu this is giving me #The Next Evelyn Hugo Vibes #next Enter The Dragon evelyn hugo vibes warnings Car crash abuse death of a parent death of a siblingmetophobia ch 13 cancer mention brief ch 15 brief mention of suicide attempt ch 15 assault ch 33 rape ch 43 I m feeling stupid over this cover In 1920s the Stroll section of State St in Chicago is the place for Black Chicagoans to socialize filled with jazz clubs brimming with life and blazing with lights Jazz age Chicago comes alive in this storyChicago 2015 Sawyer is a graduate student chasing a doctorate in media studies His documentary thesis focuses on The Legendary Black Filmmaker Oscar legendary Black filmmaker Oscar His research takes him to Chicago and to an over one hundred year old woman named Honoree Dalcour His research brings unexpected twist 1925 Honoree auditions as a dancer at the Dreamland Caf The most famous place on the Stroll She is climbing the ladder to success But that comes with some unexpected vents One vening something happens Something she shouldn t have witnessed The Stroll is a place filled with the best Ang Mga Love Dilemma Ni Jane entertainment the best piano player the best trumpet player and the best band in all Chicago including the best chorus girls But it is also a time of Prohibition when bootlegging whiskey and illegal gambling take place inside the clubs It is also a thriving hub for gangsters who control the streetsHonoree is a sharecropper s daughter accustomed to hard work and hard times She is of strong will She makes no apologies for her independent mind She is ambitious She wants to be one of those proud Black people not just getting by but living their lives I was riveted by this strong heroine a sharply painted character Her climb up and her implications kept mengagedI loved the prose the word choice and all the beef and beeswax not in literally meaning that hud meThe story is atmospheric and authentic in its depiction of the time period place and peopleStrong heroine Engrossing story Superbly written Source ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in O Mundo De Sofia exchange for an honest revie. Cour still reeling from a devastating loss that has taken him right to the brink Sawyer has rested all his hope on this frail but formidable woman the only living link to the legendary Oscar Micheaux If he's right if she can fill in the blanks in his research perhaps he can complete his thesis and begin a new chapter in his life But the links Honoree makes are not ones he'sxpecting Piece by piece Honoree reveals her past and her secrets while Sawyer fights tooth and nail to keep his It's a story of courage and ambition hot jazz and illicit passions And as past meets present for Honoree it's a final chance to be truly heard and seen before it's too late No matter the cost. Wild Women and the Blues
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