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❮Epub❯ ➡ Triss ➠ Author Brian Jacques – Wot Wot Could it be another epic Redwall tale tail thick with high adventure heavy accents and leek and turnip pasty from the beloved beast master himself Brian Jacues It is indeed happy readers TrissEpub Triss Author Brian Jacues Businesscurrencycouk Wot Wot Could it be another epic Redwall tale tail thick with high adventure heavy accents and leek and turnip pasty from the beloved beast master himself Brian Jacues It is indeed happy readers Triss Wot Wot Could it be another epic Redwall tale tail thick with high adventure heavy accents and leek and turnip pasty from the beloved beast master himself Brian Jacues It is indeed happy readers Triss the th book in the distinguished and wildly popular animal fantasy series chronicles the exploits of a brave suirrel ma

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Dventure on the high seas Meanwhile back at the abbey the Redwall inhabitants are being plagued by a mystery that involves a hidden door a secret code and three stinking sinister snake siblings that are picking off the gentle forest folk one by one Any ardent fan of Redwall knows that what comes next will include sword fights feasting raucous good humor and a thrilling climax Jacues's fervent followers are rewarded with the author's usual swashbuckling good storytelling while the newly initiated will read with wide eyes and uickly go back to hungrily devour the rest of the series Ages and older Jennifer Huber

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TrissId who travels from the bonds of slavery to the meeting of her destiny as a warrior at Redwall Abbey Triss the suirrel Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog all slaves to the bloodthirsty royal ferret family of Riftgard filch a ferret boat and sail away from the murderous clutches of Princess Kurda and her malevolent father King Agarnu Swearing revenge Kurda sets out to recapture her slaves her evil Ratguard troops reinforced by the pirate fox Plugg Firetail and his band of criminal Freebooters At the same time the badger Sagaxus and his bosom friend Bescarum the hare also set sail from Salamanstrom to seek a

Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency Brian Jacues pronounced jakes was born in Liverpool England on June th Along with forty percent of the population of Liverpool his ancestral roots are in Ireland County Cork to be exactBrian grew up in the area around the Liverpool docks where he attended St Johns School an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof At the age of ten his very first day at St Joh.

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  • M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissOMG YES PLEASE There are several tropey plot points in here but I still feel like this was a pretty fantastic Redwall story 4755 stars Shame the author died a few years back because it sounds like it'd have been nice to meet him in person

  • Wing Kee

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissA warm comforting blanket of familiarity World The world building has always been fantastic Jacues is a master of painting word pictures that are vibrant and beautiful and lush The piece of the world we see this time with the slaves and the north is pretty slightly a little bit different from the rest of the Redwall world so it’s a nice little welcome Reading Redwall books is like coming home you know that mum

  • Joseph Leskey

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissI really enjoyed this Redwall book It had a somewhat developed plot than the usual and was stuffed with enjoyment

  • Tom

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissI read these as a child and am re reading the series out of order as usual it seems What I had forgotten was how formulaic they are This was very similar to the others I have read different gangs of animals good vs evil themes lots of endless descriptions of food and eating animals travelling from one place to another a battle fighting It did get a bit tedious and Scarum was intensely irritating I honestly would have pushed him overboard andor poisoned his food but this book is intended for children after allAnother thing I've always wondered is how Jacues actually imagined the physical

  • Ben Stoddard

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissDefinitely not Mr Jacues' best work but an entertaining read overall I didn't feel the emotional connect with most of the characters as there was such a large cast list that I didn't feel like anyone got enough page time to really build that connection Triss' connection to Martin seemed a lot like everything else in the book like it was crammed into the story too uickly Ultimately I felt as though this book should've had another 200 pages or so to adeuately cover all the characters and storylines that Mr Jacues had going The ending feels really cheap and rushed and the one go

  • Ryan Freeman

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissGood ol’ RedWall Always fun to return for another swashbuckled visit This one’s no exception

  • Jeremy Michael Gallen

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissIn this yarn of Redwall the titular suirrelmaid Triss works as a slave for the Pure Ferrets among them Princess Kurda considered to be skilled with the blade Meanwhile two younglings disappear from Redwall Abbey while a ship called the Stopdog its main crew consistent of Sagax the badger Scarum the hare and Kroova the sea otter sails with occasio

  • Sha

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency Triss1 Mhm You know I've badly wanted to read Triss for years Now that I've finally done it I'm wondering why I was so keen on picking up this one book in particular I think I blame it on Triss being marketed is that the right word as Redwall's first female Warrior and I read the rest of these books during a period of my life where first female anything was something to be gleefully glomped on2 For those not in the know Redwall is a series about cutesy animals with swords and slings fighting off less cutesy animals with rapiers and heavy accents There are some species of animal who are always good some other species who are always bad I may need to re read Outcast of Redwall to see the one maybe exception and the good guys are brave

  • Sarah

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissNot my favorite of the Redwall books but better than I remembered it Sagax is excellent — he has a great name a great character arc and a great personality Scarum is just as annoying as I thought I recalled him being As for the rest they're as lovable as most Redwall charactersI would also like to note that I think this is the first Redwall book chronologically or in publication order to have a female be the one destined to weild Martin's sword So that's kind of cool We've seen an abundance of female fighters as both main and minor characters but this seems like a Significant Thing

  • Lex

    Download mobi ↠ç businesscurrency TrissAnother amazing book from Redwall Unfortunately they will never be any new ones uite recently Brian Jacues passed away and part of my childhood died with them The Redwall books literally got me through my horrible middle school years Jacues was the first person I ever wrote fan mail to he didn't reply but I got a lovely packet from the Redwall people with a cool bookmark I started with either Redwall or the seuel of Mattimeo and continued reading endlessly from there I thought I hadn't previously read Triss maybe I just hadn't finished it But it was a familiar and comforting story to return to Triss is the tale of a female suirrel who is a slave at the kingdom of Riftgard ruled by evil ferrets When she and her two friends escape Triss swears she'll return to free the slaves Simultaneously a badger lord's son and two friends set off on